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Subject: Re: Do you believe in Destiny or coincidence?

Forum: Do you believe in Destiny or coincidence?
I agree with Gleb. I my Nana or grandma always told me that things happen for a reason. I personally have always felt that destiny played a role in my life. Too many odd, and very coincidental things have happened over the past year or so, leading me to believe their has to be a bigger plan to all this hub bub.

For example, I have almost been killed so many times. I stepped out in front of a car while distracted by my phone and was pulled out of the way in the nick of time by my mom. I got lost in the subway without my phone and my parents were able to find me by some miracle. Many people would say that these actions are just the work of a clumsy person and that this is just coincidental and they are right about the first part. I am extremely clumsy and distracted easily which leads me to think that a higher big wants me alive because I will impact someone in a massive way.

Subject: Re: end of quarter mail

Forum: end of quarter mail
Thanks Aurora. This was an extremely helpful post. I was worried about when I was going to get my email about my ID code for accepting my money. I haven't gotten one yet about acknowledging I won the money. The disburmwnt code hasn't come through. Will it be here by the end of the month? I won early in the January and the email said I had a 30 days to claim it otherwise I would lose it. Should I be worried?

Subject: Re: Collectables......

Forum: Collectables......
Since I travel a ton, I collect snow globes! I have tons and tons of snow globes now since I have been collecting since I was 6. My favorite one is my first snow globe from Niagara falls!
I, too, use to collect stuffed animals like Emily Hata. I kind of fell out of love with them, and I recently sold them all because I needed money for college.

Subject: Re: PC or MAC?

Forum: PC or MAC?
I am a major Windows girl. I grew up on windows and find it much simpler and easier to navigate than Macs. Macs feel like Apple is trying to merge their laptop and smart phone into one with all the finger commands you can to on the mouse pad. I personally hate that. I am also a huge gamer and Macs are definitely not open to gamers, as they are very unresponsive and uncooperative when it comes to downloading and running software for games.

A couple years ago my aunt got a Mac and had no idea how to use it. She asked me to come over and try and set it up for her, which I did after many hours sitting in front of the thing Googling questions and scratching my head. After that, it was a slippery slope into becoming Tech Services for her every time she had a problem. I still have some idea of how to work it but I mostly remember being frustrated over how complicated things seemed on the Macs.

Subject: Re: types of contraception

Forum: types of contraception
I think extra uses for contraception are very interesting, especially birth control pills. For example, my best friend takes the birth control to help control her period. Before she took the pill, her periods would be long and very heavy, so much so that she would become Anemic and have to be hospitalized. My other friend takes the pill to help control her acne. Before she was on the pill, she had horrible, horrible acne that would leave her face scarred and really red. Now, her face has cleared up a lot due to the birth control pill balancing her hormones.

Its also really cool how big a condom can get before breaking. I once saw a person sick her whole arm in a condom. She also stuck her entire foot into a condom, too.

I personally am still a virgin. Lately, I feel their is a ton of pressure on me to get a partner and get laid. My aunts and older cousins always ask me if I have a someone or if I have my eye on someone, and when I say no, they sort of give off the feeling that I won't be considered an adult until I find a significant other. I have no real intention of doing so because of the amount of time a relationship needs and right now I am focused on school.

Subject: Re: Lasts....

Forum: Lasts....
It was a pleasure speaking with you dedee! I always loved reading your posts on forums.
The last person I saw was my best friend from middle school after we went out for a fun day of lazer tag and arcade games together
The last person I talked to was my little cousin who isn't so little anymore to wish him a happy birthday.
The last person I received a text from is my friends from school talking about meeting up because tomorrow is my first day back.
The last book I read was the very first Harry Potter because I am rereading the series, as it was a childhood favorite of mine.
The last movies I saw was the entire Harry Potter series I watched with my brother in honor of Alan Rickman's death.
The last TV show I watched was the Goldbergs, a hilarious show that reminds me a little too much of my own family and mother.
My last forum was "Expectations from life in the US?" by Mi243.
My last name is Pawlush.
My last trip was to NYC. My last love was a crush on a boy named Colin.

Subject: Re: Expectations from life in the U.S.?

Forum: Expectations from life in the U.S.?
My family always and still do, push me to become well educated. My Grandpapa always said that knowledge is the one thing people can't take from you. My family always told me that once I had my education and if I continued to work hard, I could go and do anything I wanted. I feel that now, education is definitely not enough. Sure, its a component to success, but its not he whole enchilada. I feel now that how much money you have and who you and your family knows speaks louder than you hard work and Degree. If Daddy's rich, then you can pretty much get anything you want, and in the process, knock anyone who actually deserves the job, out of the way.

I had a discussion about this in my sociology class. We were discussing whether the American Dream is still applicable to this day. I argued no. The American Dream said that anyone of any social class could make it big if they worked hard all their life. My Grandma worked for GE off and on her entire life. She was lower middle class and the wife to a potato and onion farmer immigrant. She would get up at 5 in the morning make breakfast, get the kids ready for school, go to work at the factory, and get home at 6 and still make dinner for herself and her family. She was recently screwed out of her pension because GE moved their work force over sea. Her hard work did not pay off. She now lives with my Aunt who helps support her because my Nana couldn't on her own. She didn't make huge money, even though she worked extremely hard at a blue collar job.

I grew up thinking that to be truly happy when I grew up I would need a husband, some kids and a dog in the front yard. I realize now that my happiness isn't so materialistic. It's how I make it. Family and friends determine my happiness now, not some distant man in the future and the hopeful promise of kids.

Lots of love,
(P.S. MI243, your post about thoughtful conversation was very inspiring and thought provoking. I really appreciated it.)

Subject: Re: Flying: Aisle, window, or whatever?

Forum: Flying: Aisle, window, or whatever?
I, too, love the window seat because it lets me look out of the flight at all town's and scenes below. I alyas and up leaving forehead and nose smudges on the airplane window because I'm give years old inside.
I normally listen to music when I fly, so I must look super deep and thoughtfull leaning against the window while gazing out with my ear buds in. Lol

Lots of love,

Subject: Re: College attendance rules.

Forum: College attendance rules.
For my college, it's whatever the professor's policy is, which is insane! The penalties for The missed days is completely different from class to class, as well! This means that if I need to miss a day of classes, I have to consult each professor's syllabus is to see how many days he or she allows me to miss without it effecting my grade. Some professor's don't count attendance at all while others say I can only miss 3 days before my grade is dropped and entire letter. It honestly makes my head to a 360 spin sometimes.

Lots of love,

Subject: Re: Cross Words or Word Finds?

Forum: Cross Words or Word Finds?
I love word finds. I, as a child, would alway carry around word find books my mom would buy at the dollar store to work on when I got bored. At my old middle school, I won an award for top word find champion because I could find the word so fast. I look so proud of myself in the picture my teacher took of the winners, with my gap-tooth smile.
Lately, I haven't really had the time to complete a word find. I think that's what I'll go do now! Thanks Kasey!

Lots of love,

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