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Subject: Re: Psychics! Believe or not?

Forum: Psychics! Believe or not?
I too am skeptical about psychics. My friend Carol hard core believes in them and even went to one once. She said he knew a lot about herself and her personal life. I'm still skeptical though and I'm not really a skeptic in general.

Cool topic!
Lots of love,

Subject: Re: Survey Time......

Forum: Survey Time......
So much fun!
1. Super single
2. Beach
3. I love both Kisses and hugs!
4. Pepsi all the way. Cole just tastes really weird to me. Blah
6. Books. I love reading.
7. Knowledge. Though knowledge isn't really worth anything if you don't have the imagination and creativity to channel it into something.
8. Roller coaster all the way. I love the adrenaline rush that comes from it. I always pick the biggest, scarriest coaster or ride in the park and ride it.
9. Fruits. Vegtables are okay, too. *shrug*
10. I have never been water skiing so I'll have to go with snow skiing by default.

Lots of love,

Subject: Re: Would you go to CNET meet up?

Forum: Would you go to CNET meet up?
I would totally go! I really want to meet a lot of you in person! I have started to talk about my conversation on here with my family and I always refer to you guys as if we are all in the same room, face to face talking. I think it would be a great experience to bonds between CNetters and perhaps make new ones. On the other hand, Maygan has a great point.

Lots of love,

Subject: Re: Driverless Cars

Forum: Driverless Cars
I don't really understand what the purpose of these cars are, currently. Are they being marketed to the general public or to businesses? Are they just for domestic use or can coorperations use them? I know that Google did have a few driverless cars in their Goole Street view program to map out city streets.
I think this is a great investment to start the move towards safer roads if, and only if these cars are being marketed the correct way and the technology behind them is can safetly interact with other human drivers and sriverless cars. Of not, I think this will be a major flop.
Cool forum!
Lots of love,

Subject: Re: Man vs Animal

Forum: Man vs Animal
These stories are really suprising and kind of up lifting separately, but together, I am really horrified. The amount of money spentto save a snapping turtle, which I have learned through personal experience (being chased around the front yard by one while screaming and trying to fight it off with a broom), are nasty and mean animals, is preposterous. That is a wild animal, and wild animals live and die by how strong and healthy that are. That is Mother Nature speaking, not me. I can't believe money was allocated to that instead of providing it to people who could really use it.

At the same time, I see how people tend to donate and be kinder to animals rather than other humans. Animals tend to either look or feel more innocent and sweet to us. When we see another human, especially those in poverty, we tend to assume the worse about them. That they deserve to be that way and we shouldn't give them any money because they will just spend it on booze and drugs.

Anyway, very interesting topic. You earned my vote and I look forward to reading more of your forums!
Lots of love,

Subject: Re: What's healing for you?

Forum: What's healing for you?
I'm so glad you were able to help your wife before it was too late. You sound like an increadibly husband.
When I panic, I panic hard. I just breakdown and cry on the floor. At that point, laughter really helps me so I will watch a funny video on YouTube or play a funny video game. I find that laughing, or even just smiling automatically makes me feel happier and lighter.
Another thing that helps me is anything really that requires strategy to take my mind off my melt down at that moment. This includes video games, card games, and especially chess. Chess really helps me ground myself and I focus on what I can control, rather than what I can't.

Again, I'm glad your wife is feeling better!
Lots of love, SC

Subject: Re: Facing Our Death

Forum: Facing Our Death
Hey AZDICT. For me, what's scary is that I would die and leave my loved ones hurting and in pain. I don't really care what happens to me in the afterlife, but I am extremely passionate about my family and friends. I sometimes imagine having children and I pass away, causing them to mourn and be in this extreme emotional agony, and it breaks my heart.
Lots of love,

Subject: Re: where do you consider a romantic spot ?

Forum: where do you consider a romantic spot ?
It really depends on the man. To me, though, that sounds increadibly fun and a beautiful evening. I personally think going out to a mountain over look in a car that has a giant moon roof so that you and you significant other can just lean your seat back and look out it at the stars sound like a really romantic time. I recomend coming to the Catskills which are really beautiful right now!

Lots of love SC

Subject: Re: Let's Try This Again

Forum: Let's Try This Again
Hi Mince! I'm part of the new people wave to CNet.
I am a high school student attending college to complete both my home school requirements and my first 2 years of college at the same time. I am 16 next month and I am really looking foreword to starting to drive. I love animals, especially dogs, of which I have 2. I also travel quite a bit because my mom loves to travel. I have traveled over seas and across country. I have never really dated anyone, but congrats on finding someone interesting enough to spend a lot of time with!
Anyway, lots of love,

Subject: A Little, Lonely Stop Sign

Forum: A Little, Lonely Stop Sign
Hi all. Sorry I haven't really been that active. The Spring semester just started up and I needed to focus on that for a little bit. This semester is focused mostly on business courses because I needed some electives for my high school education. So far, it has been very interesting and fun. One of the courses I am taking is Legal and Ethical Environment of Business.

The professor, Professor Sandy, starts out the class by asking us what is the definition of law and what purpose does the law serve. We, the students give her a wide variety of answers like the law is to protect civilians and businesses, to provide structure to a civilized society etc. Professor Sandy writes all of these answers up on the chalk board (while getting chalk all over her black shirt), and then turns to us and begins to paint a mental picture.

She said that we are driving along on a straight road in a wide open plain, much like Texas's environment. Its clear for as far as the eye can see, not a soul in front of you or behind you. All of a sudden you come upon a stop sign. No one is around, no hidden cops. Do we stop for the stop sign? Only two people including me in the entire class said that they'd stop. Two, in a 30 something large class. After this talk of how important the law is and what it does, only two people wouldn't break the law in this scenario.

So this conversation got me thinking. What does the law mean to you? Is it the government controlling us and limiting our freedoms or is it a creator of order and peace in society? Would you CNetters stop for this lonely little stop sign? Why would or wouldn't you stop? Would your moral compass be wounded if you didn't stop?

I look forward to reading and responding to your answers! I'm hoping we can get a little discussion going!

Lots of love,

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