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Subject: Re: Do One Thing Before You Leave

Forum: Do One Thing Before You Leave
Hi gang,
I like what I'm reading. Looks like we've all got pretty good hearts. I wish that everyone gets a chance to do what they want before it's over.

I'm hoping to change those around me, in some positive way. Be it through example, or through sharing a perspective. So many times we end up learning things from others, without always being aware of it. For many years, I strove to avoid influencing others. In hindsight, I should have tried to stop the tide from coming in, I'd have had better success. It's inevitable that we touch those around us. I want to not be afraid to do that anymore. :)


Subject: Re: Are you independent?

Forum: Are you independent?
Hi Abbiey,
Here's a bit of feedback to your question...congrats by the way on getting settled in at college. It can be a rough transition. Keep your chin up!

Do you consider yourself independent ?

Yes - very much so. Keep in mind, I'm not the typical college student either. I'm 46, and working on my 2nd (3rd?) career. I live with my wife in our condo, and while I have friends from high school and college that I keep in touch with, life has me pretty much on my own.

I work one shift a week at a local hospital, while studying to become a nurse. My wife is a full time, registered nurse and because our schedules are in constant change...it's somewhat tough to get into habits, like going out on date nights on Saturdays. We both typically work Sundays, for example.

So...lots of things pulling me in a variety of directions, so being social, unless it's a study group...not happening very much. I've got about 15 months left to get my degree and I suspect I won't get into any patterns or socializing until after it's over.


Subject: Do One Thing Before You Leave

Forum: Do One Thing Before You Leave
Hi gang,
I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I had a moment so I wanted to toss this topic out there:

If there was one thing you could do before you leave...cnet, or your school, or your job, etc. what would it be?

One of my instructors reminds us that when thinking about caring for someone and what is the most important...break it down to this question...if you could only do one thing before you leave...what would it be?

So...only one thing you could do...what would it be?

Subject: One For The Road

Forum: One For The Road
Hi gang,
Looks like I'm a graduate! Thank you for all the support over the past 10 months. I wish you good luck in all of your future endeavors.

Feel free to use this forum to say anything and everything you feel like getting off your chest at the moment.


Subject: Re: What Scares Me

Forum: What Scares Me
Hi gang,
Thanks for the continued posts on the forum. I'm enjoying reading what gives you the creeps or scares you. I just noticed that one of my classes actually scares the hell out of me. I should have put Adult Health and Wellness II on my list. Happy Halloween and thanks for the all the support and votes.


Subject: Re: What do you guys drink a lot of?

Forum: What do you guys drink a lot of?
Hi Kyle,
I'm all about coffee and vitawater most of the time. Occasionally I'll have some soda. Coffee to get me going in the morning and then vitawater to keep me going. Typically it'll be the zero calorie version. Then, I'll grab a soda with dinner at a restaurant if I'm going out. I don't drink alcohol, so I'll be the DD in those situations. That's pretty much it for me.

The coffee I drink...Dunkin' Donuts. The Vitawater is from Costco. The soda will be, Coke Zero, if at all possible.


Subject: Re: Cuddles for money$$!!!!

Forum: Cuddles for money$$!!!!
Hi Celii,
I can understand your point of view. The idea of cuddling with someone I don't know is odd. At the same time, getting a lap dance from a stranger in a strip club is a bit odd too, yet that's being done all the time across the country and the world. Seems that times are changing. :)


Subject: Re: Thank You

Forum: Thank You
Congrats Aurora,
Seems we're in the same boat. I graduated as well. Thanks for all the thought provoking forums and your encouragement and laughs along the way. Good luck in your future endeavors.


Subject: Re: Send a a hurricane joke-MIAMIAN SCARED!!lol

Forum: Send a a hurricane joke-MIAMIAN SCARED!!lol
Hi NaMo,
Here's a joke in the form of tune. :)



Subject: Re: Is it okay to be lazy??

Forum: Is it okay to be lazy??
Hi Alexis,

Since I'm feeling lazy...I thought I would chime in on your forum. Here's some feedback:

Is being lazy sometimes okay?? Yes, absolutely. I try to do it as often as possible. Unless I'm being paid. ;P

Can you think of a situation in which being lazy was beneficial? Yes. There were a few times when I had instructors change assignments at the beginning of the semester for various reasons. So in those situations, being early or quick to get work done would have been a waste of time, because of the changes.

How often do you get into a lazy mood? Multiple times per day, most of the time during the semester.

Can it be a bad thing? Absolutely. Anything taken to excess can be bad for you.


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