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Subject: Re: What was your first job?

Forum: What was your first job?
Hey :)
My first job was at Mariposa in the Spokane Valley Mall, it was mainly for dress's for any kind of even prom, school, work, etc. They also, had plenty of cloths for any occasion as well. I loved it, I stayed busy learned a lot and the people I worked with were a lot of fun. The company went out of business, which is really sad to see because, of how clean and nice everyone was but, stuff happens.

Have a great night everyone!!!

Subject: Favorite Fast Food?

Forum: Favorite Fast Food?
If you could choose any where to go and eat real quick but, it had to be fast food, where would you go?

I would definitely pick Arbys :) It is my favorite fast food and I love there, Classic cheddar roast beefs, mozzarella sticks, as well as Jal. Poppers.

Hope everyone's had a great break!!!

Subject: Re: What is your favorite genre of music?

Forum: What is your favorite genre of music?
I like listening to rap, hip-hop, r&b, as well as classic rock and some country. I like it almost all mostly the older stuff though.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Subject: Re: Are you ready to go back to school/work?

Forum: Are you ready to go back to school/work?
Yes I am most definitely ready to start this quarter. I love staying busy and especially look forward to getting closer to finishing and graduating :)

Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

Subject: Re: How Do You Deal With Stress?

Forum: How Do You Deal With Stress?
Listening to music helps me a lot when I'm stressed out. But if I'm some where I can't do that, I zone out to my own world and try and think of positive things.

Hope everyone had a great New Years!!!

Subject: Re: What do you do in a power outage?

Forum: What do you do in a power outage?
I love lighting candles a fire and just hanging out, reading, playing games. Even when the power doesn't go out I'm at home with all the lights out, candles lit, fireplace going, laying down watching a movie.

Subject: Re: Favorite Memory of 2015?

Forum: Favorite Memory of 2015?
Hey glad to hear the weather is getting better for you :) We just got a ton of snow here in Spokane! My favorite memory from 2015 would have to be my Birthday July 30th and or July 4th! I spent both days out at Cd. Alene Lake hanging out with my mom and boyfriend, jet-skiing, laying on the dock and boat watching fire-workers, swimming, as well as having a big BQ. I love hanging out at the lake in the summer especially, with my family and friends.

Subject: Re: Purpose of a college education??

Forum: Purpose of a college education??
Hey :)
My primary goal for going to school is to not only better my education but, to make myself more educated and giving myself a better chance at succeeding. As well as, being the best role model I can for my Baby girl as well as sibling and anyone else. I need and use my scholarship money to pay up on my tuition or any charges at school, get needed books or supplies, and helping me with living cost. I believe I deserve to win this scholarship because, I am very driven and determined to stay in school no matter how far I'm going into debt from it. So I can better myself as well as my education and chances to make it some where big. I am going to be a new mom in May which I'm extremely excited for but, nerves as well. I just want to get my school debt paid to the point I'm not behind at least or scraping by to get supplies or even going with out books because, of my finical struggle. My career goals as well as, academic are to finish my Assistant Accounting degree in the next year and transfer to a 4 year college, hopefully Gonzaga and go into social work as well. My past and everything I've been through and overcame is the major reason why I wake up every morning, and choose to want to change, and live my life back on my feet. bettering myself. and proving my worth to myself everyday. It has made me who I have become today, a very positive, driven, hard working, and motivated.

Have a great New Years Everyone!!!

Subject: Re: Do You Have a Pet?

Forum: Do You Have a Pet?
Yes I have two dogs ones a blue nose pit-bull names Boo~Boo and the other one is a red nose pit named Henisea :) They are the most well trained, loving dogs! They truly are my world, and I am very close with them, their just like my kids.

Subject: Are you Ready?

Forum: Are you Ready?
Hey everyone!!!
I hope everyone's been having a good vacation/break from school!!! Are you ready to go back to school?
When do you go back?

I go back on the fourth of January and I'm sooo excited for school to start again! Not only because, it helps me stay busy as well as it just means the sooner and faster my baby girl will be here!!!

And if anyone has any good names for a girl, you should shoot them my way :) Up to hear any ideas!

Have a great night everyone!!!

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