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Subject: Re: Should school be free?

Forum: Should school be free?
I believe school should be free. I think we should have a school system set up similar to Australia. In short, entry is free, pay back when you graduate and obtain a job.

I guess it depends on how high taxes would increase. The U.S has such a low ranking in education, we need to try something different because we aren't exactly getting any smarter.

If I didn't have to pay a fortune for school, I would save my money for a down payment on a house.

Subject: Re: What do you snack on at Lunch time?

Forum: What do you snack on at Lunch time?
Since I'm trying to save money for college, I'm eating PB and J sandwiches and trek mix.

Subject: Re: What's your liquid of choice?

Forum: What's your liquid of choice?
I usually stick with just water or juice. I gave up soda quite some time ago especially when I found out how detrimental it can be to your body.

Subject: Re: Any addicting apps on your phone??

Forum: Any addicting apps on your phone??
I'm currently addicted to Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. These are great games because they don't take up too much time to log in, collect currencies, make upgrades and play short battles. Each game only takes about a maximum of 5 mins each. This allows me to have a little fun before I have to go back to studying or working.

Subject: Re: Gettin' comfy!!!

Forum: Gettin' comfy!!!
As soon as I get home from work or school, I take off my work clothes and change into sweat pants and a loose t-shirt. If it's really cold then I'll put on a robe to get warm. I love the feeling of soft sweat pants and loose, comfortable t-shirt to end the day.

Subject: Re: What is your favorite College Course?

Forum: What is your favorite College Course?
My favorite college course this semester is Evaluation and Screening for Occupational Therapy. I have learned many new ways to assess a patient, but this class has made me realize how fortunate we are to be healthy and functional. There are some people who don't realize how good their lives are when they complain about the small things.

Subject: Re: What's the best invention in the history of ever?

Forum: What's the best invention in the history of ever?
I believe the best invention in history is... the internet!

The internet allows us to communicate with friends or family across the globe, provides a plethora of knowledge for us to access at anytime, read about news locally or internationally and message boards to allow people to discuss ideas.

Subject: Re: What Is Your Favorite Day Of The Week?

Forum: What Is Your Favorite Day Of The Week?
Saturday is my favorite day because I don't have to work with two managers that I really don't like..

Subject: Re: Most Annoying/Dumbest Song

Forum: Most Annoying/Dumbest Song
In my opinion, the worst song I have ever heard was Playing with Fire by Kevin Federline.

Subject: Favorite David Bowie song?

Forum: Favorite David Bowie song?
With the sad news of the passing of David Bowie, I wanted to know what your favorite David Bowie song(s) were. My favorite David Bowe song is Let's Dance.

What's your favorite David Bowie song(s)?

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