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Subject: Re: Black Friday

Forum: Black Friday
I've been to Black Friday a couple of times before, but I never really found any really amazing deals. I think the only amazing deals are for stores like Best Buy. Other than that, the sales are pretty much the same as they always have. So I don't think it's worth waking up super early.

Plus, Black Friday isn't what you would expect. It's not as crazy as you would think it is. I've never seen anyone fighting for something before, or some crazy huge line in the mall.



I've never been in a school play before, but I have watched a bunch. Well, the school plays weren't exactly from my school, but it was still performed by high schoolers. And they were great. I watched their Peter Pan and The Addams Family plays. Their singing, dancing, background, lights, and everything was just so amazing! A lot better than the high school that I went to, since we didn't even really have a stage just a black box theater. However, I'm thinking about going to my high school's next musical which is Les Miserables. I'm expecting a lot since I love Les Miserables. Hopefully they'll have good singers/actors/actresses.

Subject: Re: What do U want for Christmas?I want the new iPhone

Forum: What do U want for Christmas?I want the new iPhone
The thing that I want the most for Christmas is light pink crocs with the fur in it. I specifically want the baya lined ones. I tried buying a pair for myself a few weeks ago, but I found out that I have to get a size bigger since I had to account for the fur inside the crocs too.

Subject: Re: Most Difficult Class This Semester

Forum: Most Difficult Class This Semester

I think my hardest class this semester is physics: the mechanics of solids. So far it's not as difficult, but I'm pretty sure it'll get harder later. The hard part right now is staying awake for the second half of class. It's a night class that's from 6pm to 9:10 pm. I'm actually in it right now but we're on break. I've been dozing off a couple of times and my eyes have been feeling really heavy. But i try my best to stay awake and listen to the lecture and take notes.

Subject: Re: Beep Boop

Forum: Beep Boop

I don't really understnad what's happening...

Beep boop

Subject: Would you ever go to a nude restaurant?

Forum: Would you ever go to a nude restaurant?

Would you ever go to a nude restaurant/cafe?

I recently read somewhere that there were nude restaurants opening up in London and Japan. I'm not sure if they have any in America, but I feel like we probably do have some. I don't think I would ever go to a nude restaurant because I think I would feel too uncomfortable to eat.

Subject: Re: Do you eat out/fast food?

Forum: Do you eat out/fast food?

Usually I don't eat out that much, but ever since school started I've been eating out more. However i usually eat at restaurants so it's not that unhealthy.

The last time I ate fast food was when I went to Hawaii this summer. I ate at zippys. Although it's a fast food place it just seemed like a diner.

Subject: Re: What would you do with an unlimited amount of time

Forum: What would you do with an unlimited amount of time

I think I would be a now. I would want to master a bunch of things that I've been wanting to learn like piano, violin, martial arts, dancing, and etc. I might also want to travel the world and get a masters degree in a bunch of different subjects like art, English, physics, and math. And maybe after learning everything I can, I would want to understand how I got to have eternal life.

Subject: What was your favorite toy as a child?

Forum: What was your favorite toy as a child?

Today, I was cleaning out my room, and I found a bunch of toys I used to play with when I was younger. I gave some of them away, but I decided to keep a few of them that I used to play with a lot. One of my favorite toys to play with was this dog plushie, I called Shiney. I used to bring her everywhere. I remember sometimes when I slept with her, I would lose her sometimes since she was so small and cry. Now that I think back on it, I was really fond of her, but now all she does is stay on my bookshelf collecting dust, which in my opinion is a bit sad since it reminds me of Toy Story 3.

What was your favorite toy as a child? Do you still have it? If you don't, then what happened to it?

Subject: Re: I'm Back! Let's get to know each other!

Forum: I'm Back! Let's get to know each other!
Welcome back, Ryan!

I'm Christine. This is my second year in college. My community college is in California too. Right now I'm trying to finish all my prerequisite classes,so that I can transfer to UC Berkeley in a year or two as some type of engineering major. However, I'm not totally set on being an engineer just yet. I know I want to do something in the STEM field. Hmmm... other than school, I'm also trying to get my driver's license. I'm taking my test soon (September 19)! I'm super anxious about it since it's going to be my first time taking it, and most people I know had to take the test a second time. After I get my driver's license, I'm going to look into joining a gym and learn martial arts since I've been wanting to learn it for a while now. I'm not sure which one I want to do yet, but some of the ones I'm interested in are jujutsu, aikido, and mixed martial arts.

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