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Subject: Re: Do you check your phone during class?

Forum: Do you check your phone during class?
Hi Julia,

I am also guilty of checking my phone during class. I try not to especially since it could become a bad habit. So most of the time I try to leave my phone in my backpack so it's out of sight and out of mind. And since I'm more of a notebook person than a computer person, I don't really have to worry about receiving texts on my laptop either since my messages is connected to it. I have to do this because I'm not a great multitasker. You could even say I can't even multitask. So I have to give my full attention to whatever I do, or else I'm going to forget what I was doing a few minutes later. However, sometimes the temptation is too much and I end up checking my phone especially if it's an easy, boring class with a teacher I don't quite like.

Subject: Re: Top 5 people that inspire you to do better in life

Forum: Top 5 people that inspire you to do better in life
My top 5 people who inspire me to do better in life would have to be...

1. My parents
2. My older sister
3. My cousins
4. My professors
5. My aunts and uncles

I'm not sure if for all of them I would say they "inspire" me to do better. However, I do feel the need to live up to their expectations for me.

Subject: Re: How often do you skip class?

Forum: How often do you skip class?
Hello Erin.

For me, I don't think I've ever skipped school unless I was sick or something. It might've been because I was at a community college where most of the professors enforce the attendance rule. But I think even if I had professors that didn't care about attendance I would still go to class anyways because like you and the others said, I paid good money to go to that class and learn. I wouldn't want to have to drop it or fail it just because I didn't attend class. I also don't want to get lazy and get into the habit of doing that either. Also, weirdly, skipping class kind of gives me anxiety. I'm not sure why, but it just does.

Have a nice day!

Subject: Off-Campus or On-Campus Housing

Forum: Off-Campus or On-Campus Housing
Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I've been on CollegeNet. Recently I've transferred to UCSD, and I'm planning on doing on-campus housing. However, most of my friends who also transferred have decided to do off-campus housing. I'm not sure which one I would prefer since I've never had to move out of my house before.

Which housing preference would you prefer?

Subject: Re: Have you ever "ruined" a food by having too much?

Forum: Have you ever "ruined" a food by having too much?
Hello. Yes, this happened a lot to me when I was younger. Whenever my sister and I liked something, my dad would buy a lot of that food from costco and we would get so sick of it. And us being kids, we ate all of them especially since we had a rule in our house to not waste food. Probably the most memorable one were the fudgsicle bars. Even till this day I don't really like it.

Subject: Re: Black Friday

Forum: Black Friday
I've been to Black Friday a couple of times before, but I never really found any really amazing deals. I think the only amazing deals are for stores like Best Buy. Other than that, the sales are pretty much the same as they always have. So I don't think it's worth waking up super early.

Plus, Black Friday isn't what you would expect. It's not as crazy as you would think it is. I've never seen anyone fighting for something before, or some crazy huge line in the mall.



I've never been in a school play before, but I have watched a bunch. Well, the school plays weren't exactly from my school, but it was still performed by high schoolers. And they were great. I watched their Peter Pan and The Addams Family plays. Their singing, dancing, background, lights, and everything was just so amazing! A lot better than the high school that I went to, since we didn't even really have a stage just a black box theater. However, I'm thinking about going to my high school's next musical which is Les Miserables. I'm expecting a lot since I love Les Miserables. Hopefully they'll have good singers/actors/actresses.

Subject: Re: What do U want for Christmas?I want the new iPhone

Forum: What do U want for Christmas?I want the new iPhone
The thing that I want the most for Christmas is light pink crocs with the fur in it. I specifically want the baya lined ones. I tried buying a pair for myself a few weeks ago, but I found out that I have to get a size bigger since I had to account for the fur inside the crocs too.

Subject: Re: Most Difficult Class This Semester

Forum: Most Difficult Class This Semester

I think my hardest class this semester is physics: the mechanics of solids. So far it's not as difficult, but I'm pretty sure it'll get harder later. The hard part right now is staying awake for the second half of class. It's a night class that's from 6pm to 9:10 pm. I'm actually in it right now but we're on break. I've been dozing off a couple of times and my eyes have been feeling really heavy. But i try my best to stay awake and listen to the lecture and take notes.

Subject: Re: Beep Boop

Forum: Beep Boop

I don't really understnad what's happening...

Beep boop

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