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Subject: Re: how do you save money?

Forum: how do you save money?
Put it in a deep lock box with no possible way to touch it and or open it unless to continue to fill it with more money.

It's way too easy to spend when your trying to save.


Subject: Re: I am grateful

Forum: I am grateful
Sounds about right. I am grateful for my wife and kids.

I am grateful I'll be starting a new job on Wednesday.

I am grateful to have a roof over my head and food to eat.

I am grateful for running water and sunshine.

I am grateful for a running vehicle.

Too much to be grateful to be hateful : )


Subject: Re: Fired? Suspended?

Forum: Fired? Suspended?
EEK sorry to hear that .

Job stuff sucks. I have never been fired or dismissed. I was laid off for a time at my first "real" job... but I was brought back.

I hate work stuff. This new job I am going to I'll be more in a management type position so that will be cool and different not having someone necessarily breathing down my neck.

I would say if you were ready to move on ... it happened for a reason. Maybe you just needed that little push. Sorry to hear they went about it in a crappy way but who knows... just start looking and if you aren't technically fired and you can find legitimate reasons to quit... i.e. more hours or something you might be able to go on unemployment until you can find a different/better job.


Subject: Re: Your ideal age for kids?

Forum: Your ideal age for kids?
My wife and I got married at 18. We had our first kid our son at 23 actually I had just turned 24 when he was born. Then we had our daughter at 26. I am glad we had them when we had them. We were young but were pretty solid in our relationship/goals/work. Now we can still chase them around and build a life. Sure we won't be super rich , nor will we be perfect but I don't think you ever can. You will never have enough money or time.

I believe you can be more prepared but there is never a perfect age. It just depends on the person and the situation. For us it worked. Glad to be past the baby stage!


Subject: Hits just keep coming

Forum: Hits just keep coming
Some of you may have seen my wife and I weren't able to see my brother which was really the whole point of us driving seven hours to Boise Idaho where he is in jail. We ended up not getting to see him at all and we still don't have any information on him yet.

Then... last night my wife and I get home around 8 pm. We are exhausted and disappointed to say the least. Her brother has lived with us for the past year trying to get on his feet again. He has a drinking problem but he's also diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and he doesn't have really anyone else. As soon as we got home we noticed he wasn't home. No big deal he's 31 he's probably out doing something. Well problem 2 happens when my wife turns on his sink to clean it and walks away for a while to let it wash out. It's been clogged but she forgot. It's clogged because he is constantly shaving his face and spitting old tobacco in there. Anyways the sink overflows into our hallway , all over the bathroom. So we have to pick that mess up. Problem 3 happens when we get a call at about 8:30 from her brother from jail. He got pulled over just before we got home and got a DUI. Landed himself in prison... and now is asking us to contact her dad to get him bailed out. Needless to say we have had one of the crappiest weekends in awhile. Thankfully we got some one on one time together over the weekend without the kids... but I tell you what we could use a break. Thus, I haven't been on in a day or so because of all this.


Subject: Re: What is your favorite childhood memory?

Forum: What is your favorite childhood memory?
I couldnt name a favorite because I have too many but most of my favorites incluce my little brother and camping.

Subject: Re: Can you remember a face of another race?

Forum: Can you remember a face of another race?
I live in North Idaho where the race is predominately white. I don't remember a white face any more than a race different than mine. I really only remember a face if I have seen it more than once.


Subject: Re: Guns and You!

Forum: Guns and You!
Yes I am for guns I live in North Idaho where it's typical to see people carrying , I just also beehive in gun safety and gun smart.


Subject: Re: Braces

Forum: Braces
Thankfully my parents paid for my braces. I was eleven r twelve when I had braces. And I am glad to be done :)

Subject: bad luck

Forum: bad luck
My wife and I drover seven hours today to see my brother in Boise state prison. We have planned this trip for a month or more now. Everything had worked out and my mom is watching our kids. About halfway down we decided to call to confirm our time and they said he was over to pod 8 locdown or something but couldn't tell us whyour and said we couldn't see him. We were planning on seeing him today and Saturday. So we were super sad and we still have a concert we are going to see tomorrow and we are hoping they will over him back to his regular cell so we can see him saturday.

My uncle died the day before yesterday and it's just been a bad week. How about you?

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