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That’s a long lay-over! I would probably break up the time by going for walks, reading, playing a game on my phone, and more walking. Safe travels!

Subject: Re: Trophy wife/ house wife or Strong independent wife

Forum: Trophy wife/ house wife or Strong independent wife
Hey PM!

Let's see...what is a trophy wife? What image do you see when you hear/read that phrase? Do you feel that it possibly carries judgement? Do you have positive or negative thoughts when you hear that phrase?

What image do the words "strong independent wife" evoke? Does this phrase carry judgement? Is it a positive or negative phrase?

Can a trophy wife be independent? Can an independent wife be considered a trophy wife?

In my past two semesters I have learned about the impact of language. Words and phrases come with images. We can use these words and phrases (free speech!), but they may not necessarily offer much of a contribution. Person-first language is a beautiful thing. It allows one to see the person, not an "attachment" or stereotype.

Language is powerful, isn't it? It can make one grow, or stagnate.

Subject: Re: Funny/Not Funny?

Forum: Funny/Not Funny?
Hi Ladies,

thank you for your comments! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

Karly, I was trying to think of something that a well-known celebrity did or said about President Obama that was as disturbing, grotesque, and hateful as posing with a severed, bloody (fake) head of a president. I honestly couldn't remember anything this disturbing. I researched for a while, and what I found were plenty of racist "jokes" by non-celebrities. One example is the rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask at a state fair in 2013, which was obviously hateful and racist. The racist vitriol against President Obama was absolutely disturbing, and I feared for his safety. But...I find Ms. Griffin's act to be extremely grotesque, deranged, and disturbing to the core. Evoking the image of ISIS' beheadings, to me, crosses a new, unforeseen line. What I also find disturbing about her type of jokes is that she has directed some of her vitriol to children of Republican politicians. Just as with President Obama, I fear for this President's safety, including the safety of his family.

Anna, I will politely disagree with excusing this type of grotesque act because of President Trump's policies. I don't really see what one has to do with the other. I don't consider staging a picture modeled after an ISIS beheading of innocent human beings political satire. This is psychopathic behavior. I would think that this triggered not only the families of the victims of beheadings, but it caused unnecessary psychic pain for millions of people who suffer from PTSD. In an era where society is learning to be more sensitive, this is a counter-productive violent act.

Moving on to Mr Maher. What is there to say? As Ms Oprah Winfrey once stated, the n-word is "filled with hate". Her opinion is that this word should not be used. Period. I'm with her on this. She also feels that it doesn't matter if the ending is "er" or "a" or "ah". I find myself agreeing with her opinion. So, I don't think Mr. Maher was funny. He has said many funny things, but this was not funny - in my opinion.

What a week! So much unnecessary hatred. This is quite the time to be alive.

Thank you again for your thoughts, I always appreciate when people put themselves out there on these tough topics. We all have our believes and opinions, and sharing them with each other creates discourse.

Subject: Re: What is Art?

Forum: What is Art?
Hey there :),

to me, art is something that someone else created that makes me stop and stare. It could be a mural on a street, graffiti on a wall, a coffee mug with an inspiring design, a sand sculpture on the beach, a picture drawn by a toddler, a street musician, beat-boxing, someone wrapping famous buildings in weird, eye-catching fabrics.

It could be Salvador Dali's surrealistic melting clocks. It could be VanGogh's distorted self-portraits. Warhol's soup cans.

Eric Clapton's different versions of "Layla". Soundgarden's disturbing video to "Black Hole Sun".

Imaginative hairstyles. Food creations. Performance art.

David Lynch movies. Origami. Fashion.

Art is something that people created that catches my eye or ear. Something that awakes my brain and makes me think and feel.

Cool question!

Subject: Re: How do you pronounce these words?

Forum: How do you pronounce these words?
Hey Karly,

neat idea for a forum! Always interesting to see differences in various regions around the country.

I'm a non-native speaker of the English language, I lived in Germany until I was 19. I learned "the Queen's English" in school, so before I learned Americanese I spoke with a British accent. I lived in central IL for a while, but can't remember much of the pronunciation of these particular words in that neck of the woods. I've now lived in NY for 15 years, and adapted to how people speak around here.

1. Route (rOOt)
2. Aunt (ANT
3. Envelope (EN-vuh-lohp)
4. February (tough one! FEB-yuh-a-ree?)
5. Caramel (CARR-ah-mel)
6. Crayon (CRAY-ahn)

New Yorkese for coffee: CAW-ffee.


Subject: Re: Democrat or Republican

Forum: Democrat or Republican
Hey PM,

good to see you!

I'm somewhere in the middle. Probably more conservative in some of my views (I appreciate the idea of small government).

I wish I had more time right now to go into this more deeply, it's a great subject. Gotta run, kid duties, but maybe I'll come back later, when I had time to think about this topic. This certainly deserves a thought-out response :)

Take care!

Subject: Funny/Not Funny?

Forum: Funny/Not Funny?
Hi all,

I haven't stopped in here for a looooong time. What brought me here today? The recent hoopla/circus of the week in the news.

Kathy Griffin made what she thought was a joke. Bill Maher said something he thought was funny. Ms. Griffin posed for a picture holding Mr. Trump's bloody, severed head. Mr. Maher said the N-word during an interview with Nebraskan Sen. Ben Sasse.

Both have since apologized for what they said/did. Ms. Griffin has already faced repercussions, having been fired from her annual gig with CNN on New Year's Eve. I am not sure if Bill Maher has experienced any repercussions yet; last time I googled, there wasn't anything yet.

Did they cross the line? Did they go too far?

Can their actions be excused and brushed off "in the name of comedy"?

Or were their actions simply too distasteful to be considered funny?

What are your thoughts on this?

Subject: Re: Do You Believe In Ghost?

Forum: Do You Believe In Ghost?
Hi Kendra,

I just got a chance to get on CNET, and I saw that you graduated!!! Awesome job, I'm so happy for you! I hope you stop in every once in a while, I do, I mostly just read and vote.
Anyway, congrats, and best wishes on your future endeavors :)

Subject: Re: I'm a C-Net Graduate!!!

Forum: I'm a C-Net Graduate!!!
CONGRATS Mary!! Nice job, you earned your 10K!

Subject: Re: Name the top 5 songs on your playlist RIGHT NOW

Forum: Name the top 5 songs on your playlist RIGHT NOW
Hi guys :)

5. Say you won't let go; James Arthur
4. George Ezra; the Rain
3. Play that song; Train
2. Joel Alme; If you've got somebody waiting
1. Rihanna; Love on the brain. So good!!!

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