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Subject: Re: Do you play the lottery?

Forum: Do you play the lottery?
Lottery is not my interest. I just like earning money the old fashion way. By working jobs.

Subject: Re: You have something on your face.

Forum: You have something on your face.
If I notice the person has something on their teeth or nose. And if they are my friend I will jokingly tell them so. Probably because they have done things to embarrass me in the past so it's ok to be immature once in a while. That's just my opinion. Haha. But if they are an acquaintance or stranger I would nicely tell them hoping they don't get offended. :)

Subject: Re: Hard copy or electronic?

Forum: Hard copy or electronic?
I am old school too. I love hard copy books because that way I don't go off wandering the web and end up not finishing my work. Also, it is a lot harder to get distracted when you are at a library or at home reading and taking notes on a physical textbook. Other than having several electronic tabs open and having your mind wandering off watching a thumbnail of something funny.

Subject: Re: What Do You Do On Your Birthday?

Forum: What Do You Do On Your Birthday?
Hi Eddie!

I usually go out to eat by myself or with family members. Grab a favorite movie to watch and finish of the day by taking a long deserved nap.

Subject: Re: What degree are you getting?

Forum: What degree are you getting?
In the long run I am aiming for my MBA. As for now, I am working on my AA in Hotel/Restaurant Management. :)

Subject: Rain or Snow

Forum: Rain or Snow
Hey Cnetters!

Lately, it has been raining a lot where I live. Sometimes it feels as if the streets will get flooded. On the other hand, yesterday it snowed for two hours and when it stopped, the entire city surrounded by mountains looked beautiful! I am personally a fan of the rain because usually it leaves a rainbow that could be seen throughout the city. While snow may look pretty from far away or close by, but it gets dirty quickly and causes black ice which is very dangerous to drive in. So, which do you prefer? Rain or Snow?

Subject: Re: Is the first semester of university hard?

Forum: Is the first semester of university hard?
It can be, you need to have somewhat of a plan and stick to it as much as possible. I went into college thinking it would be difficult, but not realizing it would be a lot more than I can handle sometimes. Fortunately, the classes I have taken so far are not extremely hard but do require a lot of team projects and study groups. People who go to college sometimes forget to say, it is possible to have fun but also get high grades when you find ways to manage your time and focus on what really matters most. Best of luck buddy!

Subject: Re: Online shopping vs. actual physical shopping

Forum: Online shopping vs. actual physical shopping
Online shopping can be stressful at times, because there are so many items to choose from. As for physical shopping is great, because you go with a particular item in mind and 9 out of 10 times you buy that item that has been saved up for and that's it. Leaving the person not broke but still content with their purchase.

Subject: Re: Do you watch anime or Disney movies?

Forum: Do you watch anime or Disney movies?
I used to watch anime such as dragon ball and such. But as I got a little older, I begin to watch Disney movies. I absolutely love them. Especially, because many of them have a happily ever after. Even though, we all know life is not a happily ever after. Sometimes, it's good to take a break and enjoy life!

Subject: Re: What Was Your First Job?

Forum: What Was Your First Job?
My first job was working with my family cleaning law offices. It was quite fun but also very tiring cleaning offices at 3 in the morning sometimes. :P

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