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Subject: Re: Favorite brand of toothpaste?

Forum: Favorite brand of toothpaste?

I really like Young Living's Thieves line of Dentarome toothpaste. There's also a good spearmint (I think) from Kiss My Face.

Both of these have 0 fluoride in them. Just google "dangers of fluoride!" Scary stuff!

Subject: Re: Opposites Attract or Birds of a Common Flock?

Forum: Opposites Attract or Birds of a Common Flock?

I like what Elissa said - when the differences balance, relationships stay super healthy, but if they don't balance and completely clash, that can get dangerous!

My boyfriend and I are opposites personality-wise. If anybody is familiar with the color personalities, I'm a Yellow-Blue and he's a Red-Green. Total opposites! The yellow says I'm more of the humanitarian: I'll do anything for people and I'm motivated by anything that's a good cause. I'm easy going and might get my feelings hurt, but I'd rather my feelings get hurt than anybody else's. The blue says I'm also motivated by enjoying whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing and I also like to laugh A. LOT.

The red in my boyfriend says that he's a strong-willed leader and isn't afraid to hurt other people's feelings if it means that he's doing the right thing and getting the job done. His green side means he's a natural skeptic and needs to see the facts/research before he believes what you're saying.

If you're interested in learning more about the personality colors, here's the link to take the test yourself! I was introduced to this for my newfound entrepreneurship - so this can help understand how people are simply wired differently for personal and professional relationships and it really comes in handy!

Subject: Re: Travel plans?

Forum: Travel plans?

What are your travel plans, James?

Last year was a big year for traveling, so this is going to be my off year/saving up for travels later!

I am planning to accompany the family I do respite care for their little one on their family vacation which will probably be to Canada for the second year in a row!

Last year I went to Texas, Utah, and Canada. I'm hoping to go back to Texas again soon (since that's my home state) and go to an International Convention again in Utah next year as well!

Safe travels to everyone!

Subject: Re: Why Are You Watching the Olympics? Why not?

Forum: Why Are You Watching the Olympics? Why not?

This is a really great post - you make great points about the history of the Olympics that I hadn't really thought much about before.

I love watching the Olympics, but I don't carve time out to watch it or make sure I tune in when certain events are on.

I love watching figure skating and curling. I've always marveled at how fluidly those skaters move and have never been great at ice skating or roller skating myself. As for curling, when I moved up north, I joined my college curling team and it was so much fun! Strategy in that game is everything and something that I continue to learn every time I watch a game.

I also appreciate the phenomenal way that Olympics brings people from all over the world together, and I, too, think it is sad that after the Olympics we go back to business as usual, allowing tensions to rise because of our differences rather than focusing on how our strengths can complement and unify one another.

Subject: Re: What is something cool about where you are from?

Forum: What is something cool about where you are from?
Nice forum!

I'm from New Braunfels, TX - home of Schlitterbahn - an amazing waterpark, and it's also a little german town near San Antonio, so people from every ethnicity get to celebrate by drinking beer and eating the "wurst" at Wurstfest!

We also have Wassailfest, which takes place downtown before Christmas and the downtown district gets to compete by making wassail and all the Wassailfest-goers get to vote on whose wassail was the best!

Subject: Re: Do you got “game”?

Forum: Do you got “game”?
Haha good post!

I definitely never got any tips from my parents - other than hearing cheesy stories from my dad and how my parents' first date was my mom accompanying my dad to get a shot at a mobile clinic...

I'd say I'm pretty good at flirting, especially after the guy makes the first move. My boyfriend and I flirted for awhile, but the feeling was very mutual, so it didn't take long for us to start dating!

My first Valentine asked my out in fourth grade, so I guess I had practice ;)

My advice to the guys out there trying to pick up girls, listen to and interact from the heart! Go with the flow and let things happen naturally. And don't try anything that will embarrass yourself too much. But having the guts to put your neck out there is attractive too! :) My boyfriend wouldn't give up on getting me to say yes to him and I sure am glad he didn't. So don't give up either! Unless you're getting creepy. Don't do that.

Happy early Valentine's!

Subject: Re: Netflix shows?

Forum: Netflix shows?
Glad to hear you're enjoying your college experience!

I am OBSESSED with Grey's Anatomy. I'm on season 7 and Shonda has a way of getting you to feel like you're connected to the characters and really emotionally involved. So if you like that, then Grey's Anatomy is always a good one!

Subject: Re: Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Forum: Are you a cat person or a dog person?

This one is always tough for me. I've never had either a cat or a dog, but I'm either an old dog person or a cat person.

I do love being able to play with other people's puppies, but I've seen how much of a mess they make and how much energy it takes to keep up with them!

So, I'd rather cuddle with the tired dog or let a (clawless!!) cat find its way into my lap.

Subject: Re: Heavy vs Light Sleeper

Forum: Heavy vs Light Sleeper
Hey there!

I'm typically a heavy sleeper - through thunderstorms and whatnot, I won't even know they happened!

But I tend to be a light sleeper if I'm in a new place or if I don't get to sleep for very long. Sometimes when I'm napping I feel like I just lied there for 15 minutes trying to go to sleep, but I actually did fall asleep for an hour and a half!

I guess it just depends on the situation.

Good question!

Subject: Re: Apple or Android

Forum: Apple or Android

My first computer is/was a Macbook and I've had an iPhone (just upgraded to the X and love it!) since 2013, when I bought my Macbook as well.

I went from a 4s to a 6plus to an X! iPhones are so easy to use and make a lot of modern tasks easy!

I'm very glad to have both Apple products - makes transferring things super simple.

Popular question!

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