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Subject: Re: Your passion

Forum: Your passion
Uhh, my passion has always been for great stories. When I was little I wanted to draw comic books and 20 some years later I aim to do just that, while also writing screenplays and video games and hip hop lyrics. Hopefully I inspire someone as much as my favorite storytellers (Steven Moffat, Wes Anderson and Hajime Isayama) did.

Subject: Re: Snapchat, Instagram, or Vine?

Forum: Snapchat, Instagram, or Vine?
I have a snapchat and an instagram, never made a vine- but enjoy the ones I see on other social media. I think I like snapchat the most because of how simple it is. Plus, up until recently it wasn't full of celebrity accounts and was more for personal picture messaging and keeping creepy tabs on people's day.

Subject: Will Leo Win the Oscar?

Forum: Will Leo Win the Oscar?
I was having a discussion with a friend today about whether or not Leonardo Dicaprio deserves one this year- or at all.

What are your thoughts?

Subject: Re: What Is Your Favorite Color?

Forum: What Is Your Favorite Color?
My favorite color is purple, or a dark blue. I'm not really sure why I like either, but I do own a lot of darker blue clothing. Maybe that's it haha.

Subject: Re: Do you still use a IPOD?

Forum: Do you still use a IPOD?
I remember saving up enough money to buy an iPod Classic with the video functions in the 8th grade. I thought it was the coolest thing ever- and now I just use my iPhone. Mostly, because I have over 60 gigs on there and it just makes it easier having it all in one place.

Subject: Re: Superpower

Forum: Superpower
I'd either choose shapeshifting, or teleportation. Shapeshifting because, well, you could literally get away with murder (or prevent it, it's just a phrase haha). And I'd choose teleportation to avoid ever being late, and to travel the world to my heart's content.

Subject: Re: Famous People

Forum: Famous People
I work as a production assistant on movie and tv sets, and I have met many, many "famous people". I've met Matthew Mcconaughey, Jon Bernthal, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Rachel Brosnahan and Asa Butterfield. The protocol on set is as follows; "Don't approach or talk to them unless you are explicitly told to, or they approach you.". So, I abide by these rules. I've never asked for an autograph, but have made jokes and shallow friendships.

Subject: Do Black Lives Matter in America?

Forum: Do Black Lives Matter in America?
A grand jury in Ohio decided today that officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback will face no criminal charges for the shooting of Tamir Rice- a 12 year old African American boy who was shot and killed for playing with a pellet gun (even though open carrying is completely legal in said state).

Apparently, when the police showed up, Rice was in the act of drawing his pellet gun. The police saw it and acted quickly, pumping two rounds in his direction after only being on the scene for 2 seconds. One round hit Rice in the chest. When he fell down- they discovered that the gun was only a toy. The officer (Loehmann) that shot Tamir was still in training. On top of that, the cops performed no CPR and Rice died the next day.

As a young African American this scares me and infuriates me to no end. What are your thoughts on the situation? Did the police respond accordingly? Do you think that race played a hand in this? What are your thoughts?

Subject: Re: Do you look your age?

Forum: Do you look your age?
Until I could grow a beard, I was always considered to look younger than I am. But, hey, I'm half African and there is that saying "black don't crack". Now that I have the beard, people seem to guess my age (23) more often than not, or even guess older. If anything, every time I get carded I take it as a compliment- means I still look young. Who doesn't want that?

Subject: Re: What did/do you want to do when you grow up?

Forum: What did/do you want to do when you grow up?
When I was little I wanted to be a superhero, then a comic book artist and after that a professional soccer player. I have no powers, don't draw enough to draw my own comics and tore my ACL (also never made a varsity team in high school). NOW, I write screenplays and work as a production assistant on movie/tv sets when I can. I plan on writing and producing screenplays, comic books and hip hop music!

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