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Subject: Re: Have you ever put your foot in your mouth?

Forum: Have you ever put your foot in your mouth?
Hey Aurora,

I am a pretty quiet guy. I keep my thoughts to myself. I am sure I have put my foot in my mouth at some point but I am a person of few words. This is probably a result of watching my sister put her foot in her mouth for 18 years. My mom has worked for years trying to teach her to put her filter on before speaking. She is still a work in progress. So, I guess that is why I don't say a whole lot. However, I am just a person who doesn't want to hurt anyone feelings.

Have a great evening!

Subject: Goodbye for Now!

Forum: Goodbye for Now!
First, I would like to start off by saying thank you to those at CNET for this opportunity. I am thankful to those who designed this website. In addition, I appreciate the chance for financial help to aid me in getting a college degree. It has been an answer to my prayers. It has given me a chance to alleviate some of the financial burden for my parents when I start school in the Fall.

Second, thank you to everyone whom I have grown to know since October through your posts and forums. Everyone on here has been really great to me. However, I realize that I can't keep up with all of my responsibilities. Next week, I will begin having 3 games a week and practices on the other two days. Even on my Spring Break, we are required to go play ball in South Carolina. After that is prom, graduation and finals. Then I have summer travel ball.

So, I just want to say thank you again to everyone who has responded to my forums and voted for me. Good Luck as you continue competing. I wish each of you the best. I hope to be back in the Fall. Take care!


Subject: Re: When is the last time you were nervous?

Forum: When is the last time you were nervous?
Hey Falcon,

I like that name. The last time I was extremely nervous was Friday, February 19, 2016. We were playing a cross town rival in high school baseball and I was allowed my first varsity start. The reason I was so nervous was because for some reason I am not the head coach's top pick for being the starting catcher. I don't know why but I am not. I felt at this moment that I had to do well if I wanted to try and win the starting position when region play started. I was focused when I was behind the plate and I had a great game. No passed balls and I threw a kid out at 3rd. Unfortunately, the nerves carried over into my hitting. I did not do well. I knew at the end of the game that I would never get another chance unless the coach's favorite got hurt. I was right in one aspect. That next game I sat the bench and did not even hit. On Friday, February 26, 2016, he got hurt in the first inning. I had to go in and again I had a great game behind the plate. In addition, we went into extra innings and lost in the bottom of the ninth. This past Saturday, I had to start because he was still hurt and his knee was still swollen. I caught 10 and 1/2 innings. Again, no passed balls and I blocked and framed really well. Still nothing from the head coach. So, after all the nerves and being anxious about starting and enjoying my senior year, I have finally realized that it doesn't matter how well I play, it will not make a difference. Coming to that understanding within myself has relieved the nerves and anxiety. It is sad that I allowed that man to have that kind of affect on me. My dad is right. I have nothing to prove to this man. With or without his help, I will still be playing at a D2 college next year.

Subject: Re: Updating socks and underwear.

Forum: Updating socks and underwear.
Hey Sammy,

I buy socks and boxers about twice a year. My socks get a lot of wear and then they tear because of baseball practice. Also, we have two puppies at the house who love love love socks and anything else they can get their mouths on. As for boxers, I buy those when they start getting small or getting thin. For me, these things are not my top priority like they are for my sister.

Also, before I close, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed your posts. After tomorrow, I will be taking a break from CNET because of baseball, graduation, school etc. We start playing up to 3 games a week which means my days will be from 7:30 to 10:00 on those nights and then I will still have to do homework.

I hope you are still around when I return. My favorite thing of your posts is when you start with "Hey Lovelies" and end with "Talk Later". Those are your signature and I like it.

Take care!

Subject: Re: Could You Forgive A Murderer

Forum: Could You Forgive A Murderer
Hey Pr04Tennis,

For me, I am not sure the forgiveness could be immediate. However, with time, prayer, and counseling, I would eventually come to terms with what happened. I consider myself a Christian and I know it is not my place to judge the actions of others. However, if it were someone close to me, the human part of me would be angry, want revenge etc. Fortunately, I believe my moral compass would override any feelings of revenge that I may have and with time and God's help, I would eventually find a way to forgive that person.

It is really hard to say how I would handle this type of situation because one never knows until you are there and experiencing all of the emotions that go with this type of situation. So, I am making a huge assumption in how I would handle this and if I could forgive. I know in my heart that forgiveness would be the only way be at peace, but I truly believe it would be difficult and a process.

Great forum!

Subject: Energy Drinks - High Risk Sex

Forum: Energy Drinks - High Risk Sex
I read an article today that Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont has banned energy drinks from being sold on their campus. The title of the article caught my eye so I thought I would read their thought process on this matter.

Basically, the college is saying that the sale of energy drinks does not align with the college's goal to “nourish and nurture today and tomorrow by sustaining mind, body and earth.” They also believe that the college needs to direct students to healthy choices through the items that they sale to students.

It goes on to explain how energy drinks have been linked to health risks. However, there have been no studies directly linking energy drinks to high risk sex.

So, if there are no studies that can provide data to support the belief that there is a correlation between energy drinks and high risk sex - the students would like to know what high energy drinks have to do with sexual activity?

Are energy drinks sold at the college that you attend? Do you think drinking a high energy drink is linked to high risk sex? Is this were the case, then why is it still being sold in stores?


Looking forward to your thoughts on this strange ban.

Subject: Re: Super Tuesday!

Forum: Super Tuesday!
Hey Crimson,

Yes, I am pumped. I get to vote for the first time and I can't wait. We have early voting here in my county, but I wanted to wait and do it on Super Tuesday. Hopefully, the lines will not be extremely long since we have had early voting. Also, I am lucky because my voting precinct is at the library right outside of the neighborhood that I live in.

See you at the polls!

Subject: Re: Technology in schools

Forum: Technology in schools
Hey Cweller,

What does wanting to be a teacher have to do with turning assignments in online? Many teachers do not have a choice. Those decisions come from higher up in the system. For example, the county that I live in prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology. We have a learning system that the board of education requires our teachers to use. We don't even have inclement weather days anymore. The teachers are required to put the assignments online and they have to be an assignment that can be done online. Also, teachers everywhere are required to do many things that we never see or know. So,yes, it does make it easier for teachers but there is so much we as students don't see. The planning of lessons, differentiating for students, accommodations for special ed students, SST- IST-IEP, and faculty meetings, before and after school duties, and I could go on and on. How do I know? My mom is a teacher and she is constantly working. I like the fact that technology has made her life easier in some ways - but in our county - it requires more work than what she used to do 10 years ago. Our teachers have to upload the items used in class, the links, the power points, the lessons everyday because it is part of their evaluation. In some ways, technology has created even more work for them.

Subject: Re: How Often Do You Usually Get Sick?

Forum: How Often Do You Usually Get Sick?
Hey Eddie,

I don't get sick very often. My issues are my back. My bones grew faster than my muscles. However, since I have not grown in a while, I haven't had the extreme pain that I used to have. However, I still do my PT exercises on my own which helps. Other than that, I stay pretty healthy.

Subject: Re: The Oscars: Diverse Film, Diverse Culture?

Forum: The Oscars: Diverse Film, Diverse Culture?
I am going to put my two cents in this discussion. I guess I am a different sort of person. I don't go watch a movie because of who the actors are. I make my decision based on the genre and the story line. I don't analyze movies based on whether the lead actor or actress is black or white. One of my favorite actors is Denzel Washington. The different roles he has played in are not stereotypical of blacks. Yesterday, I watched one of my favorites which was "The Equalizer". My all time favorite is "Remember the Titans". He played the role of a college football coach in a time period that was not the norm. I don't think I have ever heard him whining about this issue. For him, God comes first not whether or not he got an Oscar. Why do people have to be recognized by a group of people to deem themselves worthy of an award that will collect dust.? An award doesn't validate your skills nor your talent. I have been struggling with this same thought and concept lately in my own world, but I don't going crying the race card. This is our society. Fortunately, changes are occurring. However, it does take time to make that change.

One of the stats given was that there are only 29% of women who were writers. How can people complain when women have chosen not to become writers. It is a matter of choice. Also, I am not sure what category this would fall under, but one of my most favorite writers is Tyler Perry and his beloved character "Madea". I love his TV sitcoms as well as his movies. I don't see him whining either.

In other areas, such as sports, basketball is dominated by black athletes. Why? Most of them grew up playing the sport. Yes, there are white players, but the most award winning are black athletes. Look at your Heisman trophy winners in college football. These awards are based on performance. So, why should the Oscars not be the same. If you want something bad enough, you must work hard to earn it. I will say it one more time. Denzel Washington is one of the hardest working black males in the film industry. He has played many different roles, father, executioner, college football coach and many many more. Boyz in the Hood was written by a black man. He wrote a movie about the lives of young black boys. This was a choice so he could bring awareness of how many young black males are raised. How many films has Tyler Perry wrote?

Can we as a society quit trying to turn everything into a race issue?

This candidate's