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Subject: Re: Do you have a temper?

Forum: Do you have a temper?
Hey there!

I think it's gotten better but yeah definitely. I get irritated pretty easily. I'm trying to remedy that by reminding myself that I can choose how I react to things. Also, when I step back I realize some things are not worth getting worked up about.

Subject: Re: The Benefits of Being Single

Forum: The Benefits of Being Single
Hey Savann,

Thanks for this! I ended my last relationship two years ago and I struggled with being single for some time. I still desire a healthy, lasting relationship with someone but have taken the time to get to know myself better. By doing so then I will know how I want to be treated when someone does enter my life. Also, I get to focus on my wants, my needs, my goals. I don't have to consider how my choices will affect a partner. I can do the things that interest me, and honestly it's not bad going alone. It has helped me work up the courage to start conversations with people I don't know.

Nice reminders for when I'm feeling kinda down about being single.

Subject: Re: Death of the Brick and Mortar?

Forum: Death of the Brick and Mortar?
Hi Morgan,

I also see a lot of vacant buildings in my area. There's a house that's been abandoned for at least 20 years! Rising rents and online shopping are pushing businesses out, but I don't think brick and mortar will be gone completely. The big businesses of course will be OK. In the future it may just be a whole bunch of them.

Subject: Re: Do you work on weekends or not?

Forum: Do you work on weekends or not?
Hi Jess,

I usually don't work on weekends but I have worked on some Saturdays when I've gotten teaching/proctoring gigs for extra money. Usually on Saturdays I stay in, do some extra skincare, read, and just relax. On Sunday mornings I go to church. Sunday evenings I prepare for the work week, picking my clothes, packing my lunch, and packing my work bags.

Enjoy the show!

Subject: Re: Online or Campus?

Forum: Online or Campus?
Hi Gina,

I did most of my undergrad on campus and most of my grad studies online. As a working professional I loved the flexibility of online courses, but found it easy to get sidetracked. There were discussion forums, but it doesn't compare to having in-class discussions. On campus I felt that I could really get to know people and take part in the college experience of checking out different club activities and events, taking advantage of free pizza, and living on my own for the first time. The downside was of course dealing with roommates and scheduling time to attend courses with my part-time job and internships.

I prefer courses on campus but will take them online if I feel it suits my schedule more.

Subject: Re: What if the Top 20 List Did NOT exist here........

Forum: What if the Top 20 List Did NOT exist here........
Hi Kamila,

It does add some pressure to see that you're on the Top 20 list. But it's also a nice boost when you see that you are. I think if the list were not there we could just focus on posting, but then we'd have no idea if we're in the running to win or not. So I think it should stay. Anyway, the list changes often and other people are able to come up and win.

Subject: Re: Lessons learned this week

Forum: Lessons learned this week
Hi Bella,

That is good advice. I've pushed myself to do more and I have seen the benefits of that. Something I learned from Devon Franklin yesterday was to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Specially to make the moves towards a more fulfilling life even though it won't be easy or safe. I was about to leave my apartment for an interview when I saw him on TV. The timing could not have been better and I felt more certain about what I wanted to do career-wise.

Subject: Re: Would you rather have love or money?

Forum: Would you rather have love or money?
Hi Muka,

Money can be used for good and bad things. It depends on us. It's too easy to become obsessed with it and place it above the people that matter. However, it's also easy to center your life around a person and neglect yourself. Each has its pros and cons. But I would choose love because having a lot of money is great but there's nothing like the feeling of having someone in your life who values you.

Subject: Re: What's missing from your life?

Forum: What's missing from your life?
Hi Frh,

This question is so simple yet not at the same time. What's missing is a fulfilling job. I enjoy teaching an am tired at sitting at a desk doing the same administrative work over and over again. Hoping to change that soon! I would also like to have deep, healthy friendships and a relationship as well as live and work in my dream country. I'm working on making myself open to receiving these things in my life.

Subject: Re: Should Actor's Gender/Sexuality Matter in Casting?

Forum: Should Actor's Gender/Sexuality Matter in Casting?
Hi Randy,

She also drew criticism for playing a Japanese character in Ghost in the Shell. I happened to like the movie, but understood the anger. I am sure there were capable Japanese actresses that could have played the role as well. Actors play roles they've never experienced before all the time. But when it comes gender/sexuality, it is tricky. I think we should look at representation as a whole in film. Who's getting these roles? What kind of roles are they? Are transgender people getting the transgender roles? I wouldn't say that cisgender actors can never portray a transgender person, but if the majority of those roles are going to cisgender people I think there is a problem there.
Of course in general the casting of an actor should come down to what they can personally bring to a role. However, it would be good to see greater diversity in casting.

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