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Subject: Re: What sounds remind you of summer?

Forum: What sounds remind you of summer?

Hmm...I would say the sound of waves crashing along the shore, ice cream truck music, kids running through sprinklers at the park (I enjoyed doing that as a kid). I don't miss the heat of summer, but there is a playful feeling that comes out during that time.

Subject: Re: Co-workers

Forum: Co-workers
Hi there,

I've dealt with this on many occasions. Usually it was just someone being rude. But once or twice a co-worker complained about me behind my back. In the first case, it was pure fabrication (that his supervisor didn't believe anyway). In general, I try to do what I have to do to keep my job. Depending on what the issue was, it's hard not to take it personally. The second co-worker I mentioned stirs feelings of anger in me whenever she approaches me. Today was the first time I did not feel like that, which I am happy about. I realize it's not necessary (or mature) to keep stewing about an old situation.

I've also had a co-worker try (twice) to pull me into gossip about a co-worker who left. I deflected and spoke about something else. You just never know what kind of co-workers you will get.

But these have been lessons to me be courteous but not try to be everyone's friend. I keep a healthy amount of distance between me and them and focus on doing what I need to do. I work with who I need to work with to get my work done.

Subject: Re: What is your skin care regimen for clear skin?

Forum: What is your skin care regimen for clear skin?
Hi Jessica,

If you asked me this a few years ago, I would tell you that I just washed my face with soap and water. Two years ago, I began to learn about different ways of taking care of my skin and began to experiment. I used to use Cetaphil's facial cleanser, but it started to burn recently so I stopped using it. I also used to use Dickinson's witch hazel toner but I found an alternative that's more cost effective. Right now I just use a cleansing oil from DHC and tone with diluted apple cider vinegar. I moisturize with Cetaphil's face lotion. On weekends I put on a homemade clay mask made of bentonite clay, activated charcoal, apple cider vinegar, and water to deal with acne and unclog pores. I then sometimes end with a hydrating face mask from Lululun.

My current routine is enough for me. I've seen routines with multiple steps, but I am not interested in adding anything else haha. Interesting timing. I am running out of cleansing oil and will get more tomorrow. Fun forum!

Subject: Re: Heartbreak

Forum: Heartbreak
Hi Aushenae,

I'm so sorry to hear that. We have to go through a lot in this life, and it takes everything not to just want to end it all. Yes, I've had my heart broken. The most painful was when I was repeatedly disappointed by my ex, pushing me to finally ending the relationship 2 years ago. Around that time there were two international soccer competitions going on and the adrenaline rush was very comforting. I wasn't much of a sports person, but I found it helpful to see people so passionate about something. Outside of that, I spent time getting to know myself and taking care of myself. Right now I am at the point where I actually love myself and am focused on what I want. I don't miss my ex or anything like that, but I choose not to be bitter. I acknowledge that we had good times but it just wasn't right for me. When I was disappointed/angry with him and others I just wrote out my raw emotions, then stepped away. Then I wrote again once I calmed down. I also prayed and sought the company of people who support me.

It's important to acknowledge your feelings and find a positive outlet for your emotions. I hope you and your fellow students will find ways to heal.

Subject: Re: What Scares You Most About Death?

Forum: What Scares You Most About Death?
I believe that I can look forward to Heaven after death, but I still struggle with being afraid of death. Of course it is inevitable, I accept that. I guess the scary thing is just closing my eyes one day and not being able to physically open them again. Also dying before accomplishing certain things, like paying off my loans. I would hate for that to become someone else's responsibility. I haven't given too much thought about how I will die...Not too worried about it.

I also think about others close to me. For instance, my cat has a shorter life span than I do and I'm not looking forward to the day I won't have her around.

Subject: Re: Favorite Dip

Forum: Favorite Dip
Hi Emma,

Salsa is awesome with tortilla chips. But I'd have to say my absolute favorite dip is honey mustard. So good with chicken nuggets/tenders/chicken in general.

Subject: Re: Sleep!

Forum: Sleep!
Hi Anna,

If I'm really tired, I have no problem going to sleep. Other nights, it can be a real effort. The issue is that my brain is way too active, and sometimes I am in bed scrolling through the phone (not helpful). I've really felt the difference when I've prioritized sleep, so I will make the effort to set myself up for some rest. I find my most restful nights are when I do my facial routine, put my phone away, curl up in bed, say a prayer, and just take in the silence.

Naps are another challenge I'd like to work on.

Subject: Re: Watch Movies At Home or Go To The Movie Theater?

Forum: Watch Movies At Home or Go To The Movie Theater?
Hi Unique,

I watch most of my movies at home. It's nice to comfortably watch at my pace and pause whenever I like. I would not cut out going to a movie theater altogether though. I went to a movie with a friend 2 months ago, and it reminded that what I like about movie theaters is the big screen and the sound and picture quality. Also, it's nice to experience all of that with freshly-popped popcorn. Expensive? Yes. But something to experience one in a while, especially with another person. Of course, there's nothing wrong with seeing a movie by yourself: everyone else is usually focused on their own enjoyment. But we should do what makes us comfortable.:)

Subject: Re: Spanking/ A** Whooping?

Forum: Spanking/ A** Whooping?
I'm a 90's baby as well and received spankings growing up (not a lot). By 8 or 9, it was no longer necessary because my parents raising their voices was enough. I don't think this grandmother should have been arrested, as there is a difference between spanking and child abuse. I don't think I would spank my own children though, because that's simply not the approach I want to use. I believe that I can talk to them and it will be enough.

I think the bigger issue is discipline. Are the kids being disciplined when they act out, or are they allowed to do as they please? I believe some kids could use good discipline to have respect for authority and stop acting out. As for how to go about, that depends on who you ask.

Subject: Re: If you won the lottery...

Forum: If you won the lottery...
Hello Le Penguin,

I would still work, but I would pick and choose how long and how often. If there's a really good job I like that's part-time/temporary/volunteer, I would go for it without having to worrying about being able to feed myself. I really like education, so I would go to school again. I'd go for a PhD and perhaps another Master's. I'd pay off my student loans, build up my savings, help my close family members with their debts, and set up scholarships to help others get their education. I'm beyond annoyed with the sluggish pace of the city government to take care of its residents, so I would see what I can do. Of course I'd travel more.

I consider myself to be fairly disciplined, but I would seek financial advice to manage it responsibly. Most importantly, I don't want to elevate my lifestyle too much and buy things that are unnecessary. It's nice to dream.:)

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