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Subject: Re: Do you add salt to your food?

Forum: Do you add salt to your food?
Hi Humanitarian,

When cooking, yes definitely. Well, not salt specifically, but a combination of seasonings that do contain salt. Once the food is cooked, no more salt is needed. The only time I add seasoning is when I am having boiled eggs or making a tunafish sandwich. In those cases, I add pepper. Of course I have had some bland food when eating out...usually a sauce saves it.

I will be moving into my own apartment and will have less seasonings at my disposal, so basic salt will be used more I am sure. My food needs flavor, but I try to be mindful of how much seasoning I add to it.

Subject: Re: Simple Saturday: favorite vegetable?

Forum: Simple Saturday: favorite vegetable?
Hey there,

I'm more of a fruit person, but my favorite vegetable is potato. I enjoy it on its own or in soup!

Subject: Re: Free public transit?

Forum: Free public transit?
Hi Kasey,

Being from NYC, I found your comment amusing.:) I certainly appreciate public transit here (open 24/7, multiple lines to connect to, one swipes gets you very far), but it comes with its frustrations on a daily basis (delays, unsanitary conditions, overcrowding). Right now there are talks to increase fares again next year because the MTA "needs more money". I currently pay $121 for a monthly Metrocard, and that does cut into my monthly expenses. I would love free public transit, which they do offer to public school students. However, I know that having it for everyone is not realistic. It certainly should be lower, though.

Subject: Re: Something good that's happened lately?

Forum: Something good that's happened lately?
Hi dymphie,

Congrats on graduating and getting that award! Definitely celebrate and enjoy your accomplish. The mood has been heavy here these days, so a nice reminder to focus on the positive. As for me:

1. After over a year of applications, I got a teaching job in Japan and will be moving soon. I'm leaving a job I'm not passionate about to do what I love.
2. Mom's apartment is being renovated and it's a great feeling to see it all coming together.
3. I've been receiving extra money from various sources (bonuses, family, refunds), and that has been a big help with my expenses.
4. Little wins, like catching the bus just in time or having a small work load.
5. I have one week off from work (with pay).:)

Have a great weekend!

Subject: Re: CNet Petition

Forum: CNet Petition
Hi Daniella,

When I first saw this forum I thought, "C-Net's gonna do what they want to do anyway...". But I decided to sign your petition because I still have hope that somehow C-Net will keep the site going, even if it's just for a few more months. This explains why I am still here posting. I commend you for your efforts to keep the site open. Whatever the outcome, at least we can say we gave it our all.

Subject: Re: Which one is harder 1. Moving on 2. letting go...

Forum: Which one is harder 1. Moving on 2. letting go...
Hi MotivatedOne,

I would say letting go. Perfectionism was a problem for me, and from that I got a desire to control everything. Not in a "do this for me now" kind of way. More like I want things to be done a certain way. But of course life does not go 100% according to plan. I have gotten better at accepting this but it is still hard for me to fully let go and relax.

Subject: Re: When does Boyfriend/girlfriend meet the family?

Forum: When does Boyfriend/girlfriend meet the family?
Hi Kyle,

In my previous relationship, my mom already knew him so he came over to place perhaps a little earlier than if it were someone I had not known as long. My views of myself and dating have practically done a 180 since then, however. I believe that after talking to someone for a few weeks I would be able to tell if it is a serious relationship. I would tell my mom I am seeing someone (after a few dates first), and maybe introduce them a few months after that. As for when specifically, when it happens I will know. Personally I think waiting until engagement is too long.

Subject: Before 2018 ends, I will...

Forum: Before 2018 ends, I will...
Hey everyone!

I know the atmosphere has become a little heavy with Wednesday's announcement. So, let's shift gears to things we want to accomplish! I watched a video on Lavendaire about Aileen's 2018 bucket list and how she spent a couple weeks trying to get some more things crossed off. It got me thinking about things I wanted to get done this year, and what I could do between now and the 31st. I liked that Aileen emphasized the goals that could be realistically accomplished in a short period of time.

For me, I will write an outline for my first book, as well as finish posts and proposals I want to submit next year. I will also create and launch an education-related website and create more secure passwords and secure password storage for all the sites/apps I use (been putting that off...). Notice that I said "will" and not "want".:)

What about you guys? If you want to watch the video I mentioned, it is here:

Subject: Re: Should Cnet still allow new people to sign up?

Forum: Should Cnet still allow new people to sign up?
Hi Kasey,

I saw that also. I was sad to read from new members who had not yet won anything. If C-Net is final on their decision to close in 2 weeks, they should not continue to accept new members. It takes time to find your rhythm on C-Net...more than 2 weeks for sure. I feel that this whole situation wasn't thought out very well: the short notice, lack of clarity of a 2.0, if any, the fact that we are going about as normal towards uncertainty...

It's very confusing.

Subject: Re: What’s your game plan now?

Forum: What’s your game plan now?
Hi bubbers,

Thanks for this! This is what I've been thinking about since I saw C-Net's announcement. I found out about C-Net after long searches online years ago. I graduated from college, so scholarships are not an option. Government forgiveness programs don't apply to me, and I heard that some teachers have had to start over because of paperwork issues. I won't hold my breath with them haha.

I don't know of any other site that gives you money to apply to your student loans. The game plan is to continue posting here until the end (or maybe they will have a change of heart? I hope so!). I had not been active for a while but hearing that this site is closing really makes me appreciate it...I've been throwing extra on my student loans through bonuses, cash gifts, and extra money earned on the side. I'll definitely keep doing that. I'll also start searching again for other resources. I'm moving to another country next year so I want to bring down my loans as much as possible before then.

Good luck to everyone with their game plans!

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