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Subject: Re: What is your favorite color?

Forum: What is your favorite color?
When I was growing up my favorite color was pink and then it was purple and black. However, now as an adult I am more into earthy colors. I love the vibrant colors of fall leaves and the blue of the ocean. As for what color I love to wear the most it would be black, of course it is for its slimming ability. So I guess I have a hard time naming one specific color as being my favorite, instead I would have to say my favorite colors are that of fall.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Least favorite class!

Forum: Least favorite class!
My least favorite class while in school would have been history. It was never a subject that really captured my interest and I was never great at memorizing dates, locations and facts about people. For me, I can understand needing to know about one's history to learn from the trials and triumphs but I didn't really know the people about memorizing the details. Why do I need to know who the 15th president was off the top of my head when I could just look it up. Why do I need to know when an event took place when it wasn't occurring or didn't seem to be affecting my life currently.

I can say that I still find the memorized details not really relevant unless I am playing some sort of game asking trivia type questions. I am still quick to google a historical fact that I am a little murky on remembering.

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Subject: Re: Favorite/least favorite subject in school?

Forum: Favorite/least favorite subject in school?
My favorite subject in school was always math. The only math class I didn't really like was geometry.

My least favorite subject has always been history.

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Subject: Re: What food and drink did U have for breakfast?

Forum: What food and drink did U have for breakfast?
Good afternoon, Televia!

I ate a bowl of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes with a bottle of water to drink for breakfast.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Describe The World Today In One Word

Forum: Describe The World Today In One Word
Good afternoon, Eddie!

I would say that my word to describe the world today is "regressing."

I feel like that a lot of people have so much hate in their hearts for different races and cultures. Instead of learning to accept people for who they are and learn from each others differences we are passing on hate to the next generations.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Plans For The 4th Of July Weekend

Forum: Plans For The 4th Of July Weekend
Good afternoon, Niki!

My niece will be getting married on the fourth of July weekend so my family will be traveling to Illinois to attend her wedding. Almost every family member is expected to be there so it will be nice to see everyone. We will be traveling up on Friday, she gets married on Saturday and we will be heading home on Sunday. But we will get to share her special day and it means a lot to her so it will be worth it, exhausting, but worth it. Thankfully, we will have Monday and Tuesday to rest up for the work week.

Have a great day!

Subject: Why Do People Love Drama?

Forum: Why Do People Love Drama?
Good morning, CNet!

My work day started about an hour and a half ago, but I have already had to have a meeting with two employees and several supervisors because of drama. So much stupid gossip on the floor and people reacting to he said, she said crap. I am swamped trying to cover two positions, so I do not have time for such nonsense. I have already had to counsel one of the individuals for getting an attitude with the person, who by the way was just doing her job. Everything seemed to calm down until you get other people involved spreading gossip. Why, as people do we listen to others, especially if we don't truly know the person? This whole concept confuses me.

I will have to admit, that I love a good drama reality show every once in a while. The difference with a television show than life/work, is I can turn it off when I am tired of it. I have never understood why people would want drama in their lives. If you don't like someone, leave it be, do your job and go home. I am not asking anyone to become best friends or roommates. Just do your job!

So, my question today, is why do people seem to love drama? Does your job have a lot of drama? Are you guilty of gossiping? How to do you shut down drama?

Have a great day and good luck today!

Subject: Re: CollegeNET votes

Forum: CollegeNET votes
Good afternoon, MaDonna!

There are a couple of things that sway me to cast my votes each day. The first thing I look for is someone that made me think of something from a different perspective. The second thing I look at, if the person that meets the first requirement has already received a vote from me, are the people that supported me or really showed they put some thought into my forum. Usually, unless it is near the end of the voting period, these reasons will render my votes. However, closer to the end, I tend to look at how much people have participated and what type of effort they have put into that week.

Have a great day!!

Subject: Re: Do you like taking online courses?

Forum: Do you like taking online courses?
Good afternoon, Kristina!

While in college I would have to say that a majority of my classes were online. There are some classes that I think are more difficult and next to impossible online without a good support system but others I found it easier to manage since there wasn't a set time to attend.

I wouldn't recommend taking classes with a large amount of formulas and calculations online unless you already have an extremely strong bases to build off of. My two hardest online courses were economics courses, since the textbooks didn't really show how the formula's worked but provided answers. I managed to get through the class successfully but not without numerous hours searching for youtube videos and tutorials.

All my other classes, I did extremely well in. I would have to say that for the most part, online courses take more time than a typical class because you are essentially teaching yourself. The other thing is that online courses are only good for students that have a lot of self-discipline.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Intellectual Question #7

Forum: Intellectual Question #7
Good afternoon, Crimson!

I think the biggest element I would risking to chase my dreams would be financial stability. For years, I have wanted to take a chance at real estate. In fact, I am in the ending stages of my real estate course right now. But I have always been a person that needs financial stability so it has always deterred me from going after my dream. In fact, the only reason I decided to take the real estate course was because I wasn't finding a good job so I felt that it was the perfect time to go after that dream. Of course, when I almost complete it, I would get a job offer which created the financial stability so I have put the real estate somewhat on hold.

Have a great day!

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