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Subject: Re: I Can't eat just one!

Forum: I Can't eat just one!
Mint Oreos and Salt and Vinegar Chips are my guilty pleasures so I try to avoid having them in the house. If they do make it in to the shopping cart, chances are they won't last long!

Subject: Re: Do you donate money?

Forum: Do you donate money?
I typically choose one charity to donate literal money to a year, but always donate clothing or shoes at least semi-annually.

Subject: Re: Home Cooked Meals

Forum: Home Cooked Meals
Food always tastes better when someone else makes it. I have discovered this the more I cook for myself. I have also realized that I genuinely enjoy when others enjoy my food. I like making people smile because they are eating a good meal that they did not have to make themselves.

Subject: Re: What do you do when your internet goes down?

Forum: What do you do when your internet goes down?
I tend to take it as a sign to do something else. Focus on work, read a book, exercise, etc. It's nice to disconnect so I typically try to unplug for at least two hours a day.

Subject: Re: Three wishes with a twist

Forum: Three wishes with a twist
I wish that everything works out well for me and my future so that I don't have to stress that I am making the wrong choices.
I wish that my twin was cancer free and lives the rest of his life happy and healthy, achieving all of his goals.
An unwish is an interesting thing because I cannot think of any wishes coming true. I guess I would probably unwish any materialistic wishes I might have made before.

Subject: Re: Is it okay to use a coupon on a first date?

Forum: Is it okay to use a coupon on a first date?
I would probably think less of someone who actively avoided using a coupon they had just because we were on a first date. Any chance to save money is fantastic and if you are putting on airs just to impress me, then you're probably hiding more aspects of your personality.

Subject: Re: Phobias!

Forum: Phobias!
I am arachnophobic, afraid of snakes, and super awkward and uncomfortable in large crowds. But my only true phobia is with spiders especially Daddy-Long Legs, but also the weird Wolf Spider hybrids we have in CT.

Subject: Re: You get caught in a rainstorm...

Forum: You get caught in a rainstorm...
As a New Englander, my first question is what is the season? If it is a spring or summer rain, I try to enjoy it and don't mind being caught in it (though I will always try to protect my glasses). If it is a cold fall or winter rain, you bet your tush I am running for cover of some kind, although I will always be grateful for rain over snow especially after last winter!

Subject: Re: What do you think about rules?

Forum: What do you think about rules?
There are certain rules, like speed limits, that society as a whole tend to disregard so it is not as heavily frowned upon. Others, such as don't murder anyone, are strictly enforced and penalized, and still others, like those your parents created while you were growing up, needed to be tweaked in order to be made appropriate based on the child's age. Now as adults we deal with the rules of our various institutions i.e. school, work, the government and we know the consequences so we can run a risk-benefit analysis. If we can deal with the worst possible consequences of an action, then we will more than likely engage in the behavior. Most of us do not think we would fare well in prison, so we avoid breaking any of the major laws, but we can deal with the possibility of paying for a speeding ticket and the increase in insurance so long as we can keep getting places faster.
I myself like to follow most rules because I don't feel like causing unnecessary trouble and can see the benefits of following them, but have to admit that I have a decent amount of lead in my right foot.

Subject: Thank You!

Forum: Thank You!
I chose education as the category for this topic because this scholarship will help me continue to pursue mine. Thank you to everyone who posted stimulating topics, to everyone who voted for me, and everyone on this site in general for being so welcoming and genuinely nice people. I am ridiculously appreciative and just wanted to take the opportunity to say so.

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