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Subject: Homesick

Forum: Homesick
Good morning everyone!

I know I can't be the only one that gets homesick when they go off to college every year. My first quarter of college last year I would go home way too much and even my parents thought it was a lot!

So now I try to just come home once in a while and call them more often!

Do you guys get home sick? And how do you cope with it?



Subject: Re: when you have to go to the bathroom! :p

Forum: when you have to go to the bathroom! :p
Hey Eskay!

In all honesty I have being late so I would just speed home or whatever my destination was!

Okay I'm reality it all depends on how far I am from my destination! If I'm in a hurry, most definitely I'm going to make that person wait! But if it's going to be a long drive I'll stop for a quick second to let them use the bathroom!

Have a great night!


Subject: Midnight snacks

Forum: Midnight snacks
Hey everyone!

I tend to stay up very late, or wake up in the middle of the night and try to get something to eat. Most of the time I'm disappointed with the fact that I have to prepare something and not have it right in front of me to snack on.

So I'm wondering, what is your go to snack at 1:00 in the morning?

Subject: Re: Do You Sing in The Shower?

Forum: Do You Sing in The Shower?
Hey Eddie!

I too love singing in the shower! Going to be honest, i can not even shower without music going on for me to sing a long to!

During school I would sing in the dorm showers and I could care less if others heard me sing because i enjoyed doing it!

Awesome post!


Subject: Re: Which is Your Favorite Holiday!??!

Forum: Which is Your Favorite Holiday!??!
Hey Celfiiifc!

Like you i LOVE Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the only time my family comes together in one area for a prolong amount of time! Usually we're all separated doing our own activities, or we go to someones house for a party.

I don't know what it is about thanksgiving that has my family together and more than happy to be together! Not even Christmas can match up to. Honestly it might be the food.....yes it definitely has to be the food!

A lot of people like thanksgiving because black Friday is right after! i believe that black Friday kills the whole spirit and integrity of thanksgiving, and is a total waste of time!

Great post!


Subject: Naps

Forum: Naps
Hey guys!

Sleeping has to be one of my favorite pass times! Any free timei ever have, i consider taking a nap!

During school, even if its only for 20 minutes, I would take naps. I always feel so refreshed when I take them and it does not mess up how early I fall asleep at night!

Do you guys enjoy naps and how often do you take them?

Subject: Re: What has not changed about you?

Forum: What has not changed about you?
Hey Rosine!

One attitude of mine that has not changed is my initial shyness. I've always been so shy around other people when I first meet them, but I try to keep it low key!

Honesty is a trait that I believe should never be lost. Being honest with one each solves so many problems and can avert future problems from occurring.

I have to say I look up to my father so much. I might not show how much I look up to him to other people, but it's definitely there. That man litterally came from nothing and is living comfortably while supporting his initial family and his extended family. The amount of hard work he put in to get to where he's now is incredible and I respect that so much.

Great post!


Subject: Winning!

Forum: Winning!
Hey guys!

Sorry for such a late post today, I've been very busy with moving in and other things!

Anyways, I won the scholarship for my first time this week and seeing that made me so happy! Getting scholarships are kind of hard for me because I'm an average student, so this was exciting!

I want to know how you felt when you first won the scholarship?

Have a great night!

Subject: Re: Do you complain?

Forum: Do you complain?
Hey Gleb!

Like you my dad will make a big scene if his service and or meal is not to his satisfaction! It is very embarrassing, but I wish I had that type of attitude at times.

With myself whenever I get bad food or revive bad service, I keep quiet about it and just deal with it! Hopefully in the future I will stand up for myself and speak my mind!

-Have a great night!


Subject: Re: Zombies or Vampires

Forum: Zombies or Vampires
Hey MLJay!

I'm definitely a zombie type of guy! Movies and tv shows on zombies have always been my favorite over ones on vampires.

In an apocalyptic world I rather have zombies take it over also! Zombies are slow creatures so you have way more of a chance of getting away in sticky situations than against a vampire!

Have a great night!


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