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Subject: Re: Whats the worst thing about being your gender?

Forum: Whats the worst thing about being your gender?
While I know that periods can sometimes make that list (imagine my annoyance when I wanted to wear a cute, light-colored outfit and can't out of fear of the evidence showing!), I would also put on that list that one, our reproductive systems are heavily legislated, and heaven forbid we can make choices for ourselves! Another downfall of being female is that should we come forward about a disgusting act done to us (sexual harassment/assault, rape), we're either not taken seriously, blamed for the attack, or accused of lying (I think recent events with the SCOTUS nominee prove that point loud and clear!).

Subject: Re: Do nice guys really finish last?

Forum: Do nice guys really finish last?
I get so sick of guys thinking that they need to act like pompous macho jerks in order to find partners or get ahead in life. I'd gladly take a guy who is nice over some jerk ANY DAY OF THE YEAR! In my experience, whenever I notice that a woman is with a guy who is the biggest jerk walking, the two things that come to mind is that one, she probably has low self esteem, and two, she was probably so desperate for a boyfriend that instead of getting a better one, she went for the bottom of the barrel. I think that this whole "nice guys finish last" is a myth that supports toxic masculinity.

Subject: Re: Language policing: Going too far?

Forum: Language policing: Going too far?
I would have to say that it all depends on what the person would like to be called. Some people like to poke fun at themselves for their conditions. For instance, YouTuber Dwarf Mamba is someone who is short of statue, and when Vine was around, he often made videos poking fun at his condition in a way that was both clever and funny. Some people might prefer to be called handicapped, others may not, it all depends. I get that the language difference is there because people didn't want to be labeled by their condition, but we have to keep in mind that these are still people, not conditions walking around. When it comes to someone saying "Actually, it's called...", I think it's all about how you go about telling someone.

You'd probably take it better if someone said "hey, you probably didn't know, and that's okay, but this condition is now called XYZ" over "hey, it's XYZ now, don't you know?". I know that those with MR are not called the R word anymore is because over the years, it was used as an insult so much that it wasn't a diagnosis anymore, but a way to bully. That's just my two cents. I'd be curious what others have to say.

Subject: Re: Name 1 reason you might be late for work/school

Forum: Name 1 reason you might be late for work/school
One of the reasons I rarely end up late to school is that my ride is late in picking me up, and sometimes that stems from the traffic or because they were running behind in picking people up.

Subject: What were you like in high school?

Forum: What were you like in high school?
There was a panel of Republican women who were defending Kavanaugh on the news the other day, but one of the women made a claim that was absolutely disgusting and untrue at the same time. She pretty much said that all boys act like what Kavanaugh is accused of doing due to all of the testosterone in their system (which kind of makes it sound like he did do it, but it's justified).

This is a sexist and untrue statement by saying that boys can't control themselves due to their hormones, and is in no way a justification for attempted rape. So this leads me to the question: If you're a male, what were you like in high school? If you're a woman, how many boys did you know act like what Kavanaugh is accused of doing?

The point of this forum is to shine a light on reality in that boys CAN control themselves, but some just choose not to behave right, and it has nothing to do with hormones.

Subject: Re: What videos do you like to watch to relax?

Forum: What videos do you like to watch to relax?
It depends. If I want to relax by feeling happy and pepped up, I'll watch something like Talking Kitty or episodes of one of my favorite childhood cartoons. If I'm feeling sleepy and need to relax some more, I'll watch an ASMR video.

Subject: Re: After Life

Forum: After Life
I agree with cramergirl, you write really poetically! I find that to be alive, it's to have a heartbeat, breathing, organs that function independently enough to make you alive, and so on. To live is to go about your days doing things that you enjoy or to help make the world a better place. You aren't really living if you're sitting in front of a TV all day doing absolutely nothing.

Subject: Re: Do you go to school/work even when you're sick?

Forum: Do you go to school/work even when you're sick?
It depends. If it's just a little sniffle or cough, then it's not too bad, but if I've got a fever or something contagious, such as the flu, then I have to stay home! Not only do I need to rest, but when I realize that I've gotten pretty sick, I will strip my bed to have everything washed to not only freshen it up, but to wash away the germs, and my mom will go about the house sanitizing everything that can be touched. A nice bowl of hot soup or chili goes a long way, as well as some good rest and relaxation.

Subject: Re: Yoga. Yay or Nay?

Forum: Yoga. Yay or Nay?
I've had some good and bad experiences with yoga. Sometimes it was really relaxing and helpful, but the bad experiences I've had with it stemmed from this "beginner's" yoga DVD I got. It seemed more like advanced yoga to me, as some of the poses demanded a high degree of flexibility that I was no where near, and it left me feeling sore and achy, not to mention that the guy doing them had a career in professional ballet, so that was a breeze for him.

Subject: October is coming!

Forum: October is coming!
With only about a week left of September, the month of October is almost here! Is there anything you're looking forward to? Anything that you're hoping to do?

Have a great Monday!

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