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Subject: Re: Sex Before Marriage

Forum: Sex Before Marriage
This is always an concept to think about, and I'm sure this forum will bring about a lot of different ideas. Personally, I think it depends on the person. A lot of people are hardcore about saving themselves for marriage, and that can be for whatever reason. On the other hand, people would like to have sex with their partner outside of marriage because it might strengthen their relationship or whatever their reasoning for it is for doing it. I honestly can't say that there are pros or cons to either because everyone is different, as well as their reasoning. I say that as long as the relationship is healthy, that any sexual contact is consensual and carried out with someone who is of legal age and in their right mind, then I have no problems either way.

Subject: Re: What just Screams Summertime to You?

Forum: What just Screams Summertime to You?
I would say that for me, it's days when the weather is a tolerable degree of hot and blue skies, with a nice big bowl of ice cream to cool off by. There is also the smell of barbecues, some people who test out the first packages of fireworks that have hit the stores in preparation for their fourth of July display, and getting to swim at the local water park. Fun forum!

Subject: Re: Does everyone remember AIM?

Forum: Does everyone remember AIM?
I didn't have one, nor did I hear of it until I found out that it was being shut down last year. I think it's really cool that this was like the ancestor of texting, though! It's so weird how things can change so quickly from something like AIM to actual texting on phones and computers. Have a good day!

Subject: Re: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Forum: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I'm definitely an introvert. I've been shy all my life, so that means I'm not one to be at the center of attention much outside of particular occasions (birthdays, big achievements). I'm not that big a fan of crowds, so I like things that are small and quiet.

Subject: When you can't get to sleep...

Forum: When you can't get to sleep...
Last night I just couldn't fall asleep for the life of me. I was able to get some shut eye eventually, but only at about 3:00 in the morning!

What do you do when you can't just fall asleep? Do you have any tips or tricks that work? Have a good Wednesday, and good luck in the election!

Subject: Re: How careful are you in the sun?

Forum: How careful are you in the sun?
I've very careful when handling my skin out in the sun, so on the days that I'm only out for a while that doesn't require sunscreen, I time how long I'm out there. That way I'm getting some sunshine and not frying my skin. I could tell you all about the horrible burns I had as a kid, and that there was one time where I had some burns so bad that my mother figured that I needed a white vinegar shower. She stood me in the bathtub, got out the big bottle of white vinegar, and started pouring it over the burned areas of my body. It was cold and felt funny, especially with the smell, but it did feel good.

I hadn't gotten burned so far this summer, and my skin has gotten a nice light tan, so that's a bonus!

Subject: Re: Shared Bathrooms,,,One for All, All for One??!

Forum: Shared Bathrooms,,,One for All, All for One??!
I usually don't use a public bathroom unless I absolutely have to, and even then, I'll only use the bathroom if I know that it's clean, and I'm very selective about which toilet I'm using, because some look so unsanitary that there's no way I'm even stepping foot into that stall! There have been a couple of times where I stepped into a bathroom and thought "nope, I can hold it" and was able to get home to use my own toilet!

One of the biggest indicators that lets me know that a public restroom is clean is that is smells of either bleach or some sort of cleaning product. I've encountered some really nice public restrooms, but I do find it annoying when people seem to trash the stalls, don't flush, or just litter the ground with wadded up paper towels.

Subject: Re: My 30th birthday.....

Forum: My 30th birthday.....
First off, happy early birthday! Second, you shouldn't feel bad about turning 30. Just because you didn't get to experience some things before then doesn't mean that you can't experience them now. I can't say that there was a birthday that I dreaded due to my change in age, but the only couple of times I felt irritated was when people I absolutely LOATHED felt that they could just invite themselves over when I didn't even want them there to begin with. I would have to say that all of my birthdays have been great. I find that I have a really good time, the cake my mom makes is absolutely delicious, and the presents are simple but things that I want, which make me happy.

I once heard something that I'd like to pass onto you: Don't ever fret about how old you get or about things that you have yet to do, because some people die too young to even make it this far in life and never get to do some of the things they want to do.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Subject: Re: CNET: Editing posts

Forum: CNET: Editing posts
Yes, and it annoys me when I can't. I always like to make sure that my posts have 100% proper spelling and grammar, so imagine my frustration when something slipped under my nose and it shows up in my post! I never understood why we aren't allowed to go in and edit our posts, but I figured that it's done so that we can't change a forum or a post so much that it's totally different from the original.

Subject: It went over your head as a kid, but now...

Forum: It went over your head as a kid, but now...
Have you ever revisited a childhood cartoon or movie and realized that there were some adult jokes that had gone right over your head as a kid?

I've often seen videos on YouTube that like to point out all of the adult jokes or images hidden in kids' movies and cartoons, so I thought that it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and see how many of you realized what had gone over your heads when you grew up and watched a childhood movie or cartoon!

I can't wait to hear from you, and have a good day!

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