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Subject: Re: Wearing socks to bed.. or not?

Forum: Wearing socks to bed.. or not?
I prefer sleeping barefoot, and the only time that I have worn socks to bed was when I was sick. My mother had taken a pair of my socks and filled the inside of them with Vicks. While an odd remedy, it actually worked! Sure, it wasn't the best feeling to sleep with my socks on and have this cream on my feet at the same time, but at least it worked for my illness!

Subject: Re: Homework

Forum: Homework
I'm always on time with my homework assignments, so that's a bonus! I've pitied some classmates when they either forgot to do it or just forgot to bring their homework to class in general, especially if it was a super hard assignment that took a lot of time!

Subject: Re: Buying used clothes: Yes or No?

Forum: Buying used clothes: Yes or No?
Yes, I have done that before. I don't think it's such a big deal, and if it's something that fits and that you could use, why not? Plus the price is usually pretty good, and you end up saving more than if you bought the same amount of clothes at some high-priced store.

Subject: Teaching how to accept rejection

Forum: Teaching how to accept rejection
The other day, I was horrified to come across an article where a man had brutally disfigured and murdered a young woman just because she turned down his marriage proposal. It seems not too long ago that I read about a young girl who was stabbed by a classmate just because she refused to go to the school dance with him. I often wonder how much different this society would be if it the acceptance of rejection were taught. People have a right to say no, and while that may sting for some situations, it gives you no right to become violent. It's called move on and find someone else.

But what do you think? Do you think this society would be a lot different if people were taught how to accept rejection in relationships? Not just for men, but for women as well (I've read some stories where women behave just as nasty over a rejection).

Subject: Re: Are you stressed out and what do you do to relax a

Forum: Are you stressed out and what do you do to relax a
In my house, we recently had a new bathtub put in, and this one is actually capable of filling with water for a bath (the last one we had couldn't do that because the previous owners had a fear of drowning, so they took out the tub's ability for baths). After a good hot soak for about five minutes, I was more relaxed and not as stressed out as I was. I also find that sometimes just walking away from what's stressing me out for a little bit is also good, then I can come back to it with a clear head, and sometimes even an idea on how to solve the issue that is causing me stress.

Subject: Re: Do You Love Your Pet???

Forum: Do You Love Your Pet???
ABSOLUTELY NOT! It was hard enough putting down my other cat and dog, and we only did that because it was their time to go, unfortunately. I refuse to put down a healthy pet for money. I just think that's wrong and inhumane! Interesting forum, though. I only hope you don't get someone on here who will willingly agree!

Subject: Re: Days Off

Forum: Days Off
Yikes, sorry about that! I plan out my class schedule so that I have Fridays off, as well as the weekend, giving me a three day break every week. I use that time to sleep in a little, get some homework done, and just relax a little, especially after a stressful week. I hope you get to have a break soon! Good luck in the election!

Subject: Re: Licking envelops: ok or gross?

Forum: Licking envelops: ok or gross?
When I was a little kid I used to think that licking the envelope shut was the right thing to do, especially since the grown ups did it, but I hated the taste of it! Now that I'm older, we either have envelopes that have that strip of paper on the flap that you can just peal away and press shut, or we have plain envelopes and use tape to seal the flap. Nowadays, we just use tape to seal it shut. It keeps it secure, plus there's no risk of part of the flap ripping if it's a little loose.

Subject: Re: Do you wear glasses?

Forum: Do you wear glasses?
I wear glasses, as my vision is near-sighted, so it helps when I'm in class and I need to see something on the board, especially if I'm near the back of the room. I started figuring something wasn't right in ninth grade when I could barely see what was on the board in class, and I was sitting at the back of the room. I now use my glasses a good majority of the time, except out in public on days when I don't have my internship or class or anything. I even have to wear them to play video games with my sister, as while I can still see the screen and what's going on, it's blurry.

As to whether or not you made the right choice, the woman you saw is an ophthalmologist, so she knows what she's doing. If I were you, I'd discuss your concerns about your eyes relying too much on the prescription with her and go over your options, as well as your ideas on what you think is causing your eyes to go blurry at far away distances. I think it would be a good idea to get the glasses, because when you're on the road, eyesight is crucial in driving and watching where you're going, and your eyes aren't going to do you any good when they can't see something from far away. That's my two cents worth. Have a good day!

Subject: Any tips for first time Black Friday shoppers?

Forum: Any tips for first time Black Friday shoppers?
Last night, my sister was talking about how she and her boyfriend want to go to Black Friday and see if they can get anything good. My concern is that this is going to be her very first time, and the same goes for her boyfriend as well, so they won't understand how to do things. I've never been to Black Friday myself, nor do I plan to go (I hate crowds), so I can't offer any advice for her, but I figured that some of you might have some good tips to offer!

What tips would you give to a first time Black Friday shopper? Are there any critical do's and don'ts? Let me know what you think, and have a good day! Good luck in the election!

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