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Subject: Re: How do you like your fruits and veggies?

Forum: How do you like your fruits and veggies?
I don't care that this forum was created 2 days ago, food forums are my Achilles heel lol.

I usually just eat these raw and plain! Also love them in greek yogurt, pies, smoothies, or dipped in chocolaaaaaate!

Depends on the veggie.
Carrots/radishes/broccoli/cauliflower I love raw with hummus or ranch. Ranch is best.
Zucchini I love as fritters or in bread.
Tomatoes I like fried or stewed. Raw tomatoes SUCK.
Celery is okay raw with ranch or PB, I like it better cooked in soup.
Mushrooms I like raw in salad or cooked in a pan full of butter and poured over steak mmmm.
Sweet potatoes I love love love mashed up with brown sugar and marshmallows on top and baked. Also I like them baked into chips or as fries.


Subject: Re: Do You Have A Diary/Journal

Forum: Do You Have A Diary/Journal
My first instinct to answer was no I do not, but then i realized wait a minute, I actually do. It's not your typical diary though.

I would say I have 3 forms of diaries and for different reasons.

1.) Music journal. Basically I write down what I practice on my instrument. It's a log of sorts. I also write little notes on the pages to remind myself of things I need to improve on, things I'm doing well, and sometimes I even lecture myself when I'm not doing what I should be. Why do I do this? It helps me keep track of how far I've come and how far I can go. Makes me wonder how much I could improve my daily life if I made a life journal...

2.) Art. This includes drawings, paintings, and short stories/poems. I consider this a diary because it is a peak of who I am inside. I don't do art too often, but when I do it's because something is inside of me that just needs to get out. That's the best way I can explain it. And not in an emo angsty teen way, it's not usually dark themed. It's just an itch that needs scratched.

3.) Objects. Many people take pictures to capture memories. I have tried that but am always too distracted to take pictures so it doesn't work for me. Instead I collect objects that I attach my memories to. And I have a pretty bad memory so this is quite helpful. The objects are usually nothing impressive, but they become impressive because of what they represent. Ex: 2 years ago I was performing in a competition with my group. We went to eat afterwards and my friend stuck a quarter in one of those stupid toy things and got this hideous zombie toy. She didn't want it so I took it. I still have it. When I see it the memories of that time flood back. I've got tons of stupid little things like that. One mans trash is another mans treasure is me to a tee.

Subject: Re: When will we start looking beyond skin color??

Forum: When will we start looking beyond skin color??
Interesting topic.

I believe that it is hard for those who are not discriminated against to see discrimination. Not meaning they are hateful or bigoted, but it's the psychological issue of "if it's happening to me it's happening to everyone/if it's not happening to me it's not happening to anyone". So the majority doesn't and will never see discrimination as an issue. Getting people to see that it exists shouldn't be our goal, because we'll never succeed. Getting rid of it should be our only goal.

In my experience with discrimination, it's because I'm a female. I'm a female that just happens to like a lot of things that are deemed as more "masculine". Examples being science, video games, drums, exercise etc..So in these areas, I'm told that I only do it for attention, or I'm not good enough, or I should leave it to the men. It's also hard because in these areas, it's hard to find female role models. In fact, I realized that if I see a female role model in anything, I instantly become more attracted to the subject. Seeing a lot of men in computer science gave me the impression that I didn't like it because I subconsciously thought I couldn't do it since only men did. Then I saw a female in it and I realized how freaking cool computer science actually is. Because I allowed myself to. We need more diversity in leadership positions so that the minority allows themselves to try to get there.

That being said, I feel that one way to combat discrimination is to stop praising the successes of someone who gets discriminated against by saying the thing they are discriminated for. So if I get an A on a physics test, don't praise me for being "a FEMALE that got an A!!". Phrases like "the first woman to...the first black man to...hispanic has been promoted..." etc should not exist. That's a back handed compliment. As if it's a surprise that such a person achieved such a task. As if they are handicapped somehow. It only further separates us as a people.

Subject: Re: will you make your children attend college?

Forum: will you make your children attend college?
Oh and let's not mistake "not going to college" for "never learning again and being uneducated". A person does not need college to be educated. College is merely one means of getting there.

Subject: Re: will you make your children attend college?

Forum: will you make your children attend college?
Absolutely not. College should not be forced on anyone. Higher education is a choice. Anyone given the option to go to college is old enough to decide on their own if they'd like to go or not.

College is not what it used to be. When my parents were young, college was only for people with money and it wasn't something super pushed on young adults. Because of this, a college degree was special. It actually meant something to the world. However times have changed.

Now, college is a societal norm. Everyone goes to college. Because of this, the value of a degree has significantly decreased, yet the cost has significantly increased. However, people are still sticking to the idea that "omg get a college degree and you're set for life!!!". So very wrong. I'm not going to force my child to do something just because that's what everyone else is doing. They can find their own path and if that means going to college, good for them, if not, good for them.

Since most of everyone is getting a degree, now society is full of highly educated people. Great right?!?! Wrong. That means everyone is overqualified. This is the reason everyone sees the young generation as lazy. We are told to "stop being lazy and go get a job!" but the only jobs available are non degree jobs. A person with a degree is not going to work a non degree job because that's not gonna bring home the bacon! Thus we are called lazy. Solution? Stop normalizing college. Not everyone needs a degree, not everyone needs a 6-digit salary, but every job needs to get done. Society needs to stop bashing these jobs that don't require degrees because somebody's gotta do them.

Subject: Re: How do you eat your pizza?

Forum: How do you eat your pizza?
Usually I just bite it starting from the point. If it's super messy I'll use a fork. Occasionally I fold it in half longways and eat it like a sandwich :)

Subject: Re: It's The Fall A to Z Forum

Forum: It's The Fall A to Z Forum

Fall is such a fun season :)

Subject: Re: What features would you love in a social app?

Forum: What features would you love in a social app?
Aesthetic is very important. I love the layout of Instagram, where we can just scroll through and see posts (both on mobile and desktop). I prefer this type of layout over Facebook bc the desktop on Facebook has so much garbage all over the screen I pretty much never use that version. I only want to see peoples posts. Plus, when all we can see are posts, it looks much cleaner.

A detail I wish we had available was "night/day" view. If we click "night", then the background turns a gray/black so it is comfortable to view before sleeping. " day" view would have standard white background or whatever.

I would like to be able to post pictures like Instagram, but ALSO just words. That is the one setback of Instagram for me. I want to be able to post words sometimes. And I should be able to use as many characters as I want. So have a set amount of characters to show as ppl are scrolling and then a button for "click to view more".

Like buttons are a must. Not dislike tho, that just brings hate.

Comments should be allowed, tagging people should be allowed.

Sharing posts should be allowed.

I don't want to see what every person " likes" in my feed. There needs to be a separate feed for "likes".

Please put the option to "block any shared posts by *insert persons name*" bc I have friends who constantly share stupid posts that I don't want clogging my feed but I don't want to block their entire account bc they are my friends.

Oh and videos should be supported. Also I would like to be able to post entire videos, not just 15sec or some limit. Don't be like Facebook where the video quality is crap.

Option to queue posts so I can have things post at specific times.

Actual names as usernames. I hate when people have "___cuTeGiRlxxooo<3___" or whatever. I don't what to have to go all Sherlock Holmes to figure out who someone is.

Private and group messages should be available. Also the ability to create pages and events like on Facebook. And have admins and moderators and stuff.

I think it'd be cool to have the option to make a post that says "*insert name* recommends *insert verb: eating/reading/watching/playing etc* *insert noun: restaurant name/book title/movie/game etc*" and then have a picture of whatever is being recommended plus a link for more info.

Alright that's all I can think of for now haha

Subject: Improve this site! BRAINSTORM GO!

Forum: Improve this site! BRAINSTORM GO!
Disclaimer: I am very thankful for this site and the opportunities it presents. The site does what it is meant to do, however, are there ways it could improve? Let's discuss.

I'm hoping that with this forum we can generate ideas to make this site better which will in turn benefit both CollegeNet and us.

What are things you like? What are things you dislike? How would you do something differently? BRAINSTORM TIIIIIME

Subject: Re: Youtube :)

Forum: Youtube :)
I love youtube!

I have always wanted my own channel, and even started one not too long ago, but I'm not consistent with videos.

I subscribe to all kinds of channels including but not limited to; gaming, crafting, cooking/baking, workout, health, vloggers etc....

I have watched a lot of PewDiePie (of course), CutiePieMarzia, Markiplier, iHasCupquake, NerdzRL

This candidate's