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Subject: Re: Guess who is back!!

Forum: Guess who is back!!
Hi Tera :-)

YAY welcome back! So happy you got to take some time off and that you enjoyed yourself. I will keep an eye out for your post! I've taken several breaks before which all happened just because I got too busy with school. I am horrible at balancing things in life so sometimes I just had to take breaks from CollegeNet because school got too hectic. I also once took a break because I went on a one week retreat where I had no internet connection at all!

Much love,

Subject: Re: Podcasts?

Forum: Podcasts?
Hi Matt! :-)

I love listening to podcasts!
I am a huge viewer of YouTube videos so all the podcasts I listen to are actually all created by YouTubers.
I listen to Shane & Friends, a podcast created by Shane Dawson where he has guest stars come on the show. Then I also listen to the Jenna & Julien podcast which is a YouTube couple and they talk about a different interesting topic every podcast. I also listen to Views which is hosted by David Dobrik & Jason Nash who also talk about a different topic every podcast. And lastly there is Psychobabble hosted by Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl, two best friends who also talk about anything and everything.
I listen to all of these podcasts primarily not because of what topics they talk about but because of the people who host it. I really enjoy listening to these people talk because I think they're hilarious so every podcast I've listened to no matter what topic it is on, I've enjoyed!

Much love,

Subject: Re: Do you work better individually or with a group ?

Forum: Do you work better individually or with a group ?
Hi Allan! :-)

Although I agree that group work has a great role in education and it works wonders for a lot of my people (including people in my life), I personally prefer to work individually.
When I work in a group I always notice there's one person who knows a lot and is carrying the whole group, and there's a person who doesn't know anything and is slowing the group down.

I've been both of these people on several occasions haha! I know it just might be from bad experience, but I've never been in a study group that studied effectively together.
The only things that I've seen working for me is sitting with my friends in the library, but all of studying separate things. This way I still feel like I'm being social and have my friends along my side and we all check in on each other and keep each other on track.

Much love,

Subject: Re: How much do you pay for rent?

Forum: How much do you pay for rent?
Hi Kamila! :-)

I live in a collegetown like Courtcong as well!
But since my college is small the apartment pricing is much better even if I do live in California!
My one bedroom apartment is about $750 a month without utilities, but since I split it with two other people I pay about $250 a month!

Much love,

Subject: Re: Books: Rent VS Buy?

Forum: Books: Rent VS Buy?
Hi James! :)

Great question. Haha I love how excited your cousin gets in buying his books. Most students I know are extremely lazy and just wait to buy their books.

Anyways I've always been huge on saving money (my mom is the coupon queen), so I often don't buy books right away because I like to save money. Usually I first see if any of my older friends have the books I need and are willing to sell it to me for cheaper, or I ask/look for PDF versions of the books. I've actually not have had to buy any books for the last year and this upcoming year because I found all the PDF versions of the textbooks I need. I think it's very handy finding PDF versions in case I'm in your position where the professor says we actually don't need the book. Because in that case I never spent money on the book anyway because I found the PDF version for free.Or in case we do need the book then I have a PDF version handy and if I decide I'd prefer a physical version of the book then I start looking.

I've been fine the last year using PDF books anyway, and for most of my classes the textbook is a supplement that is optional to use. I've actually never used my PDF textbooks for any of my biology classes because the notes the teacher gives a lone are enough to do well in the class.

I do think it's good that you're recommending your cousin to wait more to buy his books. It's always such a bummer when you bought a book and then the professor/teacher says you don't need it. If your cousin does want to buy books more ahead of time I would recommend he ask older/other students who've taken the class before if they actually needed the book.

I hope you're having a wonderful day!

Much love,

Subject: Re: Women's Rights

Forum: Women's Rights
Hi Erinelizabeth! :)

This is a great question! I've never even thought about this before.

I'm a huge feminist and I honestly love discussing things concerning it.
Anyways yes I would hate for us to have to go into another war, but I think women should be required to sign up for the draft just like men are. It's only fair, and would be another effort in making male and female more equal. As a feminist I believe men and women should not only be equal in areas that will benefit the women more, but I think they should be equal in all aspects even in things that could negatively affect a woman's life such as a draft.

I hope that makes sense!
I hope you're having a wonderful day so far.

Much love,

Subject: What is your current wallpaper?

Forum: What is your current wallpaper?
Hi everyone!
Happy Tuesday :-)

My question for today is, what is your current wallpaper on the device you are using? Any reason for it?

My current wallpaper is the streets of Amsterdam! Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities. I was born and raised in the Netherlands so seeing a glimpse of my old home whenever I unlock my phone always makes me really happy.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day!

Much love,

Subject: Re: I did it! I QUIT!

Forum: I did it! I QUIT!
Hi Cynthia Karely!!! :-)

I've only ever had one job before since I'm a busy college student and to be honest I've never have been able to juggle a job with being a full time student... I honestly don't know how you guys all do it!

But anyways just wanted to stop by and say I am so happy for you that you made a positive change for yourself and quit your job! Thank you for always being honest with us and being willing to share all these glimpses into your life with us.
I was looking back at your threads because I feel like I remember replying to your older thread where you mentioned your problems with work and asking for advice, but I couldn't find it? I feel like maybe I'm confusing you with someone else or just imaging things, I am not sure haha!
But as I was doing that I did come across your thread where you compared yourself to a rose back in 2013, and told us your back story. So I just wanted to send you my well wishes and I hope life is treating you better! And best of luck with your pursuit of a new job that honestly deserves to have you!

Much love,

Subject: Re: Where do you buy your groceries ?

Forum: Where do you buy your groceries ?
Hi Kamila! :)

I buy my groceries at varying places but at the moment I buy them from Safeway, Food4less, Walmart and Costco. When I'm older and I attempt to turn vegan I think I'll start shopping more at Trader Joes and Whole foods.

Much love,

Subject: Re: Any suggestions on how to remove blackheads??

Forum: Any suggestions on how to remove blackheads??
Hi NjBr! :-)

Good morning and yes happy eclipse day!

Argh I've always struggled with blackheads and to be honest never have found a good way of getting rid of them because it's so difficult. I'm pretty sure I've had blackheads since the 5th or 6th grade.
I've tried a lot of products to get rid of it such as nose strips like Brittany mentioned, facial washes that were advertised to get rid of blackheads (Neutrogena's blackhead eliminating wash), along with some DIYs.

I've tried making egg facial masks, rubbing my face with ice cubes, oatmeal and honey masks I've tried a lot of things that people said would work for blackheads. And sadly none of them have worked.

I do want to note though that I thought I had a bunch of blackheads on my nose when it turns out about 95% of them are sebaceous filaments! I recommend you do a quick google search because you might also find out that what you've been looking at are actually sebaceous filaments and not blackheads :)
If it turns out you do in fact have a lot of blackheads though then I would recommend going to see a dermatologist who can safely extract them for you!

Much love,

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