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Subject: Re: If you could see ANYONE in concert who would it be

Forum: If you could see ANYONE in concert who would it be
Hey !

I would go see Michael Jackson ! I love that man so much! He is the best entertainer of all time. All time! Haha

I grew up with Michael Jackson and was absolutely mesmerized by his talent. Very raw talent! You don’t see that type of talent anymore. You only get one Michael in a lifetime.

I adored his music videos. I wanted to be able to dance like him and entertain like Mike! Many try to mimic but never get close enough. Not to discredit other artist’s talent. Thriller has remains one of the best selling albums of all time. It is no wonder he is considered the best entertainer all of time.

R.I.P Michael Jackson...the legend

Good night

Subject: Do you ever examine your nails ?

Forum: Do you ever examine your nails ?
I heard that the white spots on your nails indicate a selenium toxicity. And that if you have a rough texture on your nails it means you have a protein deficiency. You can also check for circulation by pressing your nails down and then realse within two seconds to see the pale color fade.

I have examined my nails and I might have some toxicity ! I would love to know interesting facts about the face as well but I got to do more research on it.

Subject: Re: Going Out To Eat

Forum: Going Out To Eat
Hey Anna!

I try to avoid eating out so adds up which means I can’t save money for the summer.

Plus I am on an anti inflammatory diet, so that means I can’t pretty much eat anything outside my house haha

Last night I went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday. I did order a carne asada pizza and some sangria drinks. I honesty loved it ! Maybe because I haven’t eaten outside for a while.

Good night

Subject: Re: Sheltered Kids

Forum: Sheltered Kids
Hey Bella!

I was sheltered for as long as possible. In fact, very sheltered to the point where I felt I didn’t understand the reality of the world enough until I moved out of my house to go to college.

It’s best not to keep kids sheltered for a very long time because it doesn’t prepare them for the real world. Of course it all depends on how sheltered a person was raised. It’s best to talk to them about serious topics at an appropriate age.


Subject: Re: Royal Wedding - will you watch?

Forum: Royal Wedding - will you watch?

I think I will! I think it’s kinda fun haha I certainly will not be watching every second of it.

I think I will just be watching the part where she shows off her dress and walks down the isle. Other than that I will be off doing something else.

I think it’s pretty cool that for the first time in history a woman of color will be joining the royal family of England. I do feel that they both care about each other.


Subject: Re: What inspires your forums?

Forum: What inspires your forums?
Hey Kendall!

Let’s see’s something that I usually about what I experience daily in my current life or sometimes memories cross my mind so I end up asking questions about what you guys think about my decision or what you guys think about the situation really depends on what crosses my mind and how often I think about something.

So for example ...many people are graduating this week I could ask about your graduation date or what are you wearing or did you design your cap ?

Just pretty much general questions that we all share in common.

Good night

Subject: Has this ever happened to you before?

Forum: Has this ever happened to you before?
I went to California chicken cafe today to celebrate my friend’s birthday. Anyway 30 people came to celebrate.

Anyways I was having a good time ...then I noticed that it was time for me to go home so I booked my lyft ride. So there I am hugging everyone and rushing to leave.

I rush out of the restaurant ...get in my lyft and on my way I go But then I realized that I forgot to pay my Bill!!!!!!!!! So embarrassing!!! I felt soooooooo dumb! I could not believe that happened to me. Anyways I did text my friend about it and will be paying what I owe her haha

Subject: Re: First Date?

Forum: First Date?
Hey Luke !

Actually my first dating experience was really funny ! I’ll never forget haha

So he guy I dated didn’t know it was my first dating experience, so when he tried to put his arm around me while watching a movie I walked out the theater lol

I felt so bad but I just was not comfortable with that yet. It only got worse as we continued to go on more dates haha I just have so many stories. Poor guy he was put through a lot.

Good night !

Subject: Re: Cuffing season/Break-up season

Forum: Cuffing season/Break-up season
Hey Alex!

I have actually thought about this before... I had something similar happen to me before.

I started talking to this person in the winter and things ended during the spring break haha

I laugh about it now because I know we still wanted to keep talking but it was best that it didn’t continue.

I am glad we both made that decision not to continue talking anymore. Definitely summer time is the time to find new love and the birth of friendships.

Good night

Subject: Re: 3 Goals for 2018... GO!

Forum: 3 Goals for 2018... GO!
Hey Riley!

I hope that I get to take my exams in September and do very well. I at least hope to prepare very well for the exam this year.

2nd thing that I want this year is to lose 13 pounds. I have gained so much weight that I feel like I have a responsibility to fix that.

3rd thing is to save enough money which has been one of my biggest goals.

4th thing I plan to do is to become more knowledge about life.

5th thing is to find a job that is related to my field which is science.

Goodnight and good luck !!!

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