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Subject: Re: What are some signs you are getting older?

Forum: What are some signs you are getting older?
Hey Erin!

First you will not lose all your friends just people that should not be in your life because you find out they aren’t really your friends, people who don’t put much effort into your friendship because life happens.

Paying your bills of course ...along with feeling tired because you work everyday ....I have also noticed that I no longer look like a baby. Also, you start to care about your credit and savings. It’s important to take care of your credit score haha it can definitely limit your life in various ways. Pay your bills on time.

If you are a person who often ponders about will notice that your priorities are no longer the same such as going out to party with friends vs getting things done for your future.

I also make more time for my family than my friends. You realize that your family matters a lot and start to appreciate them more than ever.

Good day Erin

Subject: Re: First Job

Forum: First Job
Hey Madison!

My first job was a student assistant at the library. I basically check in and checked out books. I also was in charge of requesting books from other libraries or departments in the library. The library has a hugeeeeee storage unit for I got to pull out books from this machine. It’s incredible when you see it in person because it looks like a huge robot, plus it’s very convenient.

I loved my first job because I was allowed to study and work at the same time during weekdays in the evening and during the weekend. It was flexible and my supervisors were awesome.

Good day Madison

Subject: Re: Halloween Vs Christmas?

Forum: Halloween Vs Christmas?
hey Abby!

I prefer Christmas because you get to celebrate with your family and plus your extended family. I am hispanic, so I know that's a holiday where all our extended family gets together to celebrate the night before christmas. I love christmas with my family because we just know how to have a good time. Plus we celebrate for hours haha That's how we do it! There is just so much love on Christmas eve. The excitement you get when your parents and family members open their presents, the myriad of food and endless love. What's not to love about Christmas. I also love Halloween but it's a short night and I feel pretty old haha I am kidding....that's a night I get together with my friends and have loads of fun dressing up, BUT there is nothing like spending a night with your family.

Good night!

Subject: Re: What do you need right now?

Forum: What do you need right now?
hey Wanderer!

I need a good laugh and exercise...I started two treatments and I feel like I have gained a couple of pounds...I don't like it but I can always hit the gym to lose weight. I also feel like I need a good laugh and someone to listen. I used to laugh a lot but not as much anymore since I have been going through a rough time. I am not saying I am not happy ...I am saying I am not fully happy as I used to be before. I am working on it.

I need someone that's going to listen to me...Lately, I have a lot of built of emotions inside of my mind....and I really want to talk to someone about them....but not just anybody. I have never been this open about my needs on this platform. I wish you a peace of mind!


Subject: Re: Do you have any scars?

Forum: Do you have any scars?
hey Erin!

I do ! It's right on my back....It's not so big but visible to the eye. I got it when I was about six years old...I still remember vivid details about that day. I have no idea why my parents decided to put long glass tubes in my room. I question their parenting skills now haha Huge mistake on my parents part. Okay so I've always been energetic since a child...I remember I was pretending to sing on top of a stool...Now as a child I had no idea there were any glassware behind me or in my room at all. As I stepped up to the highest step on the stool ....I lost my balance and fell on my back straight onto the glassware. I recall mom taking me to the bathroom to wash off the blood....I also remember her calling my dad to take me to the hospital...I also remember getting stitches....Now everytime I look back at it ...I am still very upset about a lot of things: the glassware in the mother not calling 911.

I embrace my scar....I am never ashamed of it....I think it looks sexy haha


Subject: Retail Lady lies to me about the return policy

Forum: Retail Lady lies to me about the return policy
I went shopping for some earrings since I lost mine about two years ago. I was deeply sad about the loss of my earrings because a good friend of mine gave them to me as a birthday present.

Back to the story....As I walked into the store my mom dabbed my shoulder and told me her friend/acquaintance who was an employee could help me pick out some nice earrings. My intentions were to just look at earings but not buy any....Her friend was kind enough to offer me a good deal, so I bought some earrings. The next day I realized that I did not think things through and that I wanted to return them.

This is where it gets weird....She gave me her number during the transaction. She said to call her if I had any questions about the earings. So I called again about the return policy and she told me that I could not return them because the tags were off and that the policies have changed. So I decided to go in person when she wasn't around....and all the employees told me that I could return them as long as I have the receipt. I honestly felt cheated...because I returned them in perfect condition....The lady even left me a voice mail about how I could not return them and that her manager said no! Keep in mind that she has been working there for many years.

what do you think ? Was I the problem ?

Subject: The " Just World Hypothesis"

Forum: The " Just World Hypothesis"
The " Just Wolrd Hypothesis" implies that noble actions performed by an individual will be rewarded, while evil acts are always punished.

Do you think there is some type of special force at play?
Like karma ? Are good deeds always rewarded ?

Using this hypothesis we blame those who are in poverty for being poor. Does it explain why some people are doing very well while others aren't?

Subject: Re: Would you rather ?

Forum: Would you rather ?
hey Julia!

I'd pick time too if I can go back in time....I'd also make a couple changes like take life more seriously....It's hard to make the changes now that I have graduated. But I would have started volunteering my first year in College, I'd start getting more involved in research....i'd also would have spent more time studying for some classes I did not excelled in or mastered. I would have also love to go back in time to try to tell myself to look for scholarships haha There is so much I would have done then that I know now. Time is very valuable to me and I don't intend on waisting anymore time. Life is short and I don't intend on making the same mistakes I made then. It's called adulting but there is only one way to fix it ....and that's by not waisting for time.

Good night

Subject: Re: What if you were arrested?

Forum: What if you were arrested?
hey !

Nice question. If I were arrested with no explanation...I'd probably start to think about everything I did the last 24 hours to try to figure out what I did to have come to this. I actually got a mysterious call this one time I was at work. They called me back again. I answered and it was supposedly the IRS....The fake scammers had told me that I owed the IRS money and that if I did not pay I was going to get an arrest warrant. I was so confused and I told the scammers that I think they got the wrong number. They began to ask me weird questions like " Is there a Walgreens nearby ?" I was a little worried because I thought I was being followed. Back to the question at hand, I would freak out and think that I am the most horrible person in the world. I'd start to question myself...." am I a bad person?" ...I'd freak out for sure, especially if they aren't giving me an explanation as to why I am getting arrested.

About the self-checkout.... I woulnd't doubt it if people have forgotten to pay for some items. That could be scary.

good night!

Subject: Re: Chinese, Italian or something else?

Forum: Chinese, Italian or something else?
hey Kathy!

I used to go out with a friend twice a week too! We would decide between olive garden and Korean bbq. It was always a debate too between us but we would alternate as well. There was this one time I told her that we should go to some place different, so we ended up going to this thai restaurant and she loved it. I think it is good to switch it up because it does get kinda old. I actually prefer Korean bbq because there are a variety of food that I could eat such as: rice, soup, korean pancakes, ice cream, different types of meat: beef brisket, bulgogi, galbi, spicy pork, chicken bulgogi, grilled pork belly, marinated pork....etc There is so much to pick from and I don't forget how much room there is for multiple parties. There is so much to choose from and that is why I like to go there with friends.

Good night!

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