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Subject: Re: If you were a crayon in the coloring box...

Forum: If you were a crayon in the coloring box...
Hey Abby!

I think I would be close to blue...not sure how to describe this new shade of color.

I would be a mix of blue and indigo ...I love cool colors...I believe it describes my personality. I’m pretty chill and cool person. I believe I get along with almost all types of personalities.


Subject: Re: What makes you smile?

Forum: What makes you smile?
hey Katdiep!

I went to visit my dad today for my birthday. Although he brings prepared lunch from home....I bought him delicious chicken from Vons. I also bought him a drink.

Surprisingly he had an oven at work. I noticed that made him really happy and he finished all the chicken I bought him. He must have been starving.

I love to see my dad happy !


Subject: Re: Renewable energy?

Forum: Renewable energy?
hey Sarah!

You are obviously very well informed about renewable energy sources. I am going to try my best to answer your question. I believe that solar energy is very important and the next big move towards the future. I absoultely believe that there are other forms of saving energy through other sources that I have not done research on.

With climate changing forcing the hand of the world’s top innovators, what poses to be the most promising renewable energy ?

Hydropower is currently the most efficient renewable energy is clean, renewable and reliable. It's cheap too!, however there are many cons to hydropower as well.

I hope we find a more promising energy source.


Subject: Are you in Love ?

Forum: Are you in Love ?
I believe I have fallen in love twice in my life. It was certainly an amazing feeling, but I haven't since. what about ya'll ?

Are you or have you been IN Love ?

Subject: Re: Going Outside your Comfort Zone

Forum: Going Outside your Comfort Zone
hey colorwheel05!

I have been put in many situations like this at home. I work with a client that is very much unpredictable, so anything can happen.

Everyday something new happens...So I believe I get better at handling situations every day. I am very fortunate to be working in this field (behavioral) because you learn so fast!

My first case ...It felt like I was thrown into a lion's pit....and I was never you learn as you go. You might look silly at first, but you get better sooner or later.

Goodnight !

Subject: Re: Do you know how to swim?

Forum: Do you know how to swim?

I think I do, but I don’t ! I’ve discovered I cannot float, so yes I am frightened to drown. I am just kinda using “doggy” method when inside a deep pool. Usually that doesn’t last and start freaking out ...almost feels like quick sand where you keep moving and end up making things worse.

I want to learn to swim’ll never know when someone might need your help.

Good night

Subject: Re: What are you most looking forward to this month?

Forum: What are you most looking forward to this month?

I’m looking forward to my birthday tomorrow and Valentine’s Day ! I love it when I get to be around the people I love on my birthday. I feel very special.

I believe I have plans tomorrow evening and Saturday. I think I’m ready to turn 2$. It is very scary cause I still feel very much like a kid in a weird way, but I am also looking forward to becoming older jk.

Good morning!

Subject: Re: Winter Olympics!

Forum: Winter Olympics!
hey francinelowe!

I like watching Olympic gymnasts. It is so therapeutic and exciting at the same time. I've always wanted to be able to do the stunts that they do when they compete. I appreciate the hard work and dedication these women put into their passion. It's awesome!

I also like to watch speed is so beautiful! Sometimes I go on youtube and watch all these awesome speed skating videos. I still haven't seen the movie about Tonya Harding! I heard it was good.


Subject: Do you make lunch or buy lunch?

Forum: Do you make lunch or buy lunch?
i try my best to prepare something for lunch...but I always give in to take out food. It is soooooo hard! what about ya'll ?

Subject: Re: What’s your favorite number?

Forum: What’s your favorite number?
Hey Le Penguin!

My favorite number is 9. I’m not sure why, but I like the way it sounds haha. It’s also the day of my birthday which is this Friday.

According to the Bible it is a number of patience. It is the number of universal Iove, eternity, faith and service to humanity. It means creative abilities, the visionary, and eccentric.

I feel like I can relate to this number than my horoscope. I hope to one day develop all those good qualities from the number 9. Not the bad ones lol


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