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Subject: The " Just World Hypothesis"

Forum: The " Just World Hypothesis"
The " Just Wolrd Hypothesis" implies that noble actions performed by an individual will be rewarded, while evil acts are always punished.

Do you think there is some type of special force at play?
Like karma ? Are good deeds always rewarded ?

Using this hypothesis we blame those who are in poverty for being poor. Does it explain why some people are doing very well while others aren't?

Subject: Re: Would you rather ?

Forum: Would you rather ?
hey Julia!

I'd pick time too if I can go back in time....I'd also make a couple changes like take life more seriously....It's hard to make the changes now that I have graduated. But I would have started volunteering my first year in College, I'd start getting more involved in research....i'd also would have spent more time studying for some classes I did not excelled in or mastered. I would have also love to go back in time to try to tell myself to look for scholarships haha There is so much I would have done then that I know now. Time is very valuable to me and I don't intend on waisting anymore time. Life is short and I don't intend on making the same mistakes I made then. It's called adulting but there is only one way to fix it ....and that's by not waisting for time.

Good night

Subject: Re: What if you were arrested?

Forum: What if you were arrested?
hey !

Nice question. If I were arrested with no explanation...I'd probably start to think about everything I did the last 24 hours to try to figure out what I did to have come to this. I actually got a mysterious call this one time I was at work. They called me back again. I answered and it was supposedly the IRS....The fake scammers had told me that I owed the IRS money and that if I did not pay I was going to get an arrest warrant. I was so confused and I told the scammers that I think they got the wrong number. They began to ask me weird questions like " Is there a Walgreens nearby ?" I was a little worried because I thought I was being followed. Back to the question at hand, I would freak out and think that I am the most horrible person in the world. I'd start to question myself...." am I a bad person?" ...I'd freak out for sure, especially if they aren't giving me an explanation as to why I am getting arrested.

About the self-checkout.... I woulnd't doubt it if people have forgotten to pay for some items. That could be scary.

good night!

Subject: Re: Chinese, Italian or something else?

Forum: Chinese, Italian or something else?
hey Kathy!

I used to go out with a friend twice a week too! We would decide between olive garden and Korean bbq. It was always a debate too between us but we would alternate as well. There was this one time I told her that we should go to some place different, so we ended up going to this thai restaurant and she loved it. I think it is good to switch it up because it does get kinda old. I actually prefer Korean bbq because there are a variety of food that I could eat such as: rice, soup, korean pancakes, ice cream, different types of meat: beef brisket, bulgogi, galbi, spicy pork, chicken bulgogi, grilled pork belly, marinated pork....etc There is so much to pick from and I don't forget how much room there is for multiple parties. There is so much to choose from and that is why I like to go there with friends.

Good night!

Subject: Re: If you could talk to one animal

Forum: If you could talk to one animal
hey !

If I could talk to an animal it would be a cat...My mom has three cats and one of them I really I would like to know what he is thinking and how he feels. I really care for animals and when I see people mistreat them I get hurt and I wish I could do something about it. I'd communicate with a cat because they are really funny to me....their impulsive energy....I'd like to know where that comes from ? I'd like to know why they do what they do. They can be a bit cold, so I'd like them to explain why they can come off as cold sometimes. There are so many questions I'd like to ask them but, unfortunately I could only analyze their behavior.

Good night

Subject: Why do we value Athletes and not waste collectors?

Forum: Why do we value Athletes and not waste collectors?
Do WE value non-essential jobs like (athetles) than essential jobs like ( garbage men) ? This is something I read notes about social institutions.

Subject: Re: How much do you spend on groceries?

Forum: How much do you spend on groceries?
hey Erin!

I shop at trader joes or whole foods...Unfortunately, I cannot shop at just any conventional supermarket since I have a strict anti-inflammatory diet. People often question me on how much I spend on food since trader joes or wholefoods is known to be quite expensive. I honeslty spend about 40$ every week. I buy just enough to last me all week. I buy fruit and vegetables. I also buy meat on special clearance days. So i save money. I also buy eggs, spices, kombucha..just food that won't make my stomach upset.

I used to buy food at conventional markets until I noticed I started gaining so much weight and how much it flared up my skin. It was not a very good time for I decided to make some changes such as buying more organic food and eating less at fast food restaurants. It is not easy...I take it one day at a time.

Good night

Subject: Re: Favorite Disney Villian?

Forum: Favorite Disney Villian?
hey Alexander!

I think Ursula might be the baddest Villain....she admits it too in her song called poor unfortunate souls...
"I admit that in the past I've been a nasty ...They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch "
She is jealous of Tritan's power and love from the people. She was expelled from his kingdom for her bad behavior and she hates him for it. Until she sees an opportunity to manipulate his daughter to take over the sea as queen. She is watching her every step until Ariel decides to take matters into her own hands and saves her father and her people from becoming poor unfortunate souls.

Good night

Subject: Re: How do you prepare for a paper

Forum: How do you prepare for a paper
hey Sara!

I usually work on a rough draft about the topic.....first I work on the introduction which is the hardest paragraph to start. I do extensive research on the topic.....I type up some interesting ideas to help me start my introduction. Then I look for supporting ideas to help me start the body.

So my rough draft will go under a lot of construction before it is finalized. I might go to my former English professor or go to a writing shop to look at my paper. In the past I have also paid some tutors to look over my writing on

good night

Subject: Re: Do you spend more time with family or friends?

Forum: Do you spend more time with family or friends?
hey Jon!

Definitely my family....I used to spend more time with friends, coworkers, classmates, but now that i have graduated I spend a lot of time with my family. I realized that i actually love spending time with my family a lot....they are fun and really funny. I guess cause I am older now and I am beginning to settle down now.

Before it was all about hanging out with friends and having fun, but that quickly changes after graduation. It changes your mentality. I guess I just grew up!


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