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Subject: Hello everyone

Forum: Hello everyone
Hello CNet family,

I am finally back to Nebraska after taking a summer break (for six days). I went to visit a few friends out of town and had a great time. However, school orientation started today, and will take four days total. I hope you'all are off to a great start of the new school year.

Have a wonderful evening!

Subject: Re: Equal opportunity act

Forum: Equal opportunity act
@blue, I see your point there as us being humans, but the sad part is claiming of "equality", which semi exist. My family sociology professor had us play a game too, where she asked questions about random things like; how many languages do you speak, can you read a menu in french, english, and another language? do you know where to find free health clinics, and can you change your own tire? and a bunch of other questions. So , of course knowing languages, playing musical instruments , and the other fancy things were for upper class, while free clinics, changing tires etc.. were for middle to low class. I answered yes to all the questions and I was the odd one. Does that make more human than them ? of course not! but you can see the social judgment based on these answers.

@ TheCrimesonActuary ,If they are fully equal then they don't have to compromise for minorities. Qualifications should be the only separator you know, but that's just my opinion.

@Alison A., Yes I am not kidding, his photo had to be there, and yes I agree thats super crazy. That's insane , just the name made a big difference just because!!!

Subject: Re: Let's play a food game...

Forum: Let's play a food game...
Hello Alia, fun forum and nice as always. Who needs the stress on election day? Thank you BTW.

Oh Candice, you got me on that one hahaha.

Incaberries will be my pick


Subject: Equal opportunity act

Forum: Equal opportunity act
Hello CNetters!!

Many companies, schools and other divisions claim they are supporting the"equal opportunity act", yet they ask the following questions on their "LEGAL" documents:


I discussed the issue with the registrar's office at my school, and they said it's for statistical purposes. A friend of mine applied to a few medical schools and he even had to attach his photo to the application. Bizarre right? and no you must attach it or else, your application will not be processed.

How do you feel when answering these questions in an application?

Do you think they are really there for statistics?

I am not really sure whether to trust them on that one or not. Do you ?

Have a great day


Subject: Re: Are You a City or a Country Person?

Forum: Are You a City or a Country Person?
Hey Eddie,

I can safely say I am a city person. I grew up in the city and really attached to the life style. Although, I can adopt to different environments really quick. So, if I really have to live in the country; I don't see an issue getting used to that. I don't mind being in the country to relax every now and then. Sometimes peace is all I need you know.

There are so many things to do in the city. I am a very active person, and you will not see me in the same place more than a couple hours. If I live in the country, then I will pretty much choose one spot and call it a day.

I am also used to using public transportation, recycle, make late trips to the store, go to art galleries and such things. I don't think the country will be a good fit to accommodate my personality. For some reason I have thought about settling in the country once I get my life together and have a family. I am not sure how fair would that be to my kids but on well.

Great forum!! Have a good day


Subject: Re: Using abbreviations and acronyms

Forum: Using abbreviations and acronyms
Hey dedee818,
What the heck is that lol ? I am going to be honest now, I didn't know the meaning of DLEC; CLLI; SLC; PLANET until I googled them. I wouldn't have guessed them right after a 100 years for sure.

@luebella, I agree with you on that. It's much easier, but they have new ones similar everyday. I can't keep up with all the new stuff. I have a little notebook full now.

Subject: Using abbreviations and acronyms

Forum: Using abbreviations and acronyms
Hello CNetters,

I just realized how much we use abbreviations and acronyms in the medical field. It has it's ups and downs TBH (to be honest). I often find it challenging as it appears to be a new language to me. I even use them when texting friends and family.

I listen to the following everyday: MRI, UTI, ECMO, IUD, AAA, OR, ED, ICU, and plenty more. OMG they make my life easier but sometimes can be really challenging once I am in the surgery world.

What do you think about abbreviations and acronyms ? Made life easier or harder?

Do you use them in your field? How often?

Now, just for fun. Lets see if you can name at least three of the mentioned above and without looking them up on google :P

Have a good day everyone!!

Subject: Re: Are you a coffee drinker?

Forum: Are you a coffee drinker?
Hello everyone, and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!!

@dedee818, This morning I combined my protein powered with coffee. I don't understand how I have never heard of this combination before. It's great, and I am totally going to do it often from now on.

@Pulsar, I can't agree more with the leftover coffee for the afternoon.

Welcome to CNet juliemartinezb, rutytoot, Gerlikka and shelbell15.

@Gerlikka, you are missing out haha. Sounds like you have the best breakfast out of all of us so far.

@rutytoot, You know it's either people really really enjoy the taste of coffee or they don't. I haven't really met anyone who gradually started to like the taste of it. Just like Cilantro, it's my favorite thing to cook with but my sister can't stand having it around the house at any time.

@juliemartinezb, maybe you need to try an original Ethiopian or Turkish coffee. You will feel the difference just smelling coffee from the two nations.

@shelbell15, I am also a tea person. My tea is usually with lunch for an afternoon/early evening lift.

Subject: Re: Languages?

Forum: Languages?
Hey Sean,

So, I feel safe to say I speak three languages. Now, I am fluent 100% in two. I grew up in an Arabic speaking country, to a Turkish parent, went to a German elementary school, had to learn French as an additional language because the school system was set up that way. Confusing some for young people??? Absolutely!

I honestly think all languages are beautiful in their own way.

In my opinion , and from a practical point of view; I think English language is one of the most important languages to know. If you live in America, Europe, and a lot of other countries in Africa and the middle east. Arabic is very dominant in the middle east, so if the person is planning on living there, it's handy if they know it. Spanish is also popular in many European countries, add to that South and north America.

So pretty much depends on what you do and where you live, one language will become more handy than the other, but again they are all beautiful on their own ways.


Subject: Re: Baby Piercing - when is it ideal?

Forum: Baby Piercing - when is it ideal?
Hey Araceli,

Before I go over this, I want to ask a follow up question - Do you think circumcision hurt less than ear piercing? And what is your opinion on circumcision? While these are entirely different topics comparison is relevant because somehow a baby has to go through the pain. You said boys should be able to make this decision when they are old enough. Sure, ear piercing is cosmetic only and circumcision might have medical benefits though you will find plenty of scientific arguments that oppose circumcision.

And then again, it's a parental decision. Parents have the right to make right decision for their kids. I don't think it is horribly bad to pierce the ears of infants either they are boys or girls. Only thing I would be worried about is ear infections. You have to be careful once you pierce your baby's ears.

There are many cultures that prefer piercing in both gender. South Asians have a culture of piercing baby's ear before they turn 6 months old so that they can start wearing rings during the weaning ceremony. I do get afraid when I think about piercing baby's ears. I am actually afraid it will get infected. Otherwise, they should be fine.

I haven't given a thought if I'd want to pierce my kids ears (when I will have kids of course ^..^), but I think they'd look uber cute, ha!

Honestly, I don't think this issue is controversial at all. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it is definitely a good topic for discussion. Thanks for bringing it up :)!

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