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Subject: Re: Favorite fruit drink

Forum: Favorite fruit drink

I love lemonade:)

Tropical punch from minute maid would be my favorite since I was a child.


Subject: Re: In two words...

Forum: In two words...
Hi Kamila!

Flirty and Thriving

(Name that movie)


Subject: Re: Healthy Foods

Forum: Healthy Foods
Hi Tom!

Gotta love Bananas :)

Right now that would be Galia melons. They are 1.99 at Trader Joe's.

The Galia melon, also known as sarda in Southeast Asia, is a type of F1 hybrid melon originating from a cross between the green-flesh melon cultivar 'Ha-Ogen' and the netted-rind melon cultivar 'Krimka'. Developed in Israel at the Ne´ve Yaar Research Center of the Agricultural Research Organisation by the melon breeder Dr. Zvi Karchi, and released in 1973, the Galia melon was named after Karchi's daughter, whose name means "God's wave" in Hebrew.

The average weight for a Galia melon is one kilogram. They have a rounded shape, a dense netting of rough lines on the skin, and become yellow at full maturity; they are sweet and aromatic, with a special aroma and flavor and a very high content of total soluble solids (values up to 18° are possible, although the minimum value to be considered commercially mature is 11°). Ripeness is measured not by softness at the stem, but rather by color and fragrance.[3] Left at room temperature, Galias keep well, but after cutting, uneaten pieces should be wrapped and refrigerated to preserve taste.

They are not particularly difficult to grow. Galias are now grown in Algeria, Brazil, Guatemala. Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Southern US regions, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Greece, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt.


Subject: Re: Words of encouragement-what are yours?

Forum: Words of encouragement-what are yours?
Hi Kathy,

I would say:
"you always have a choice; Choose action"

Often when we have problems, we dwell and as a byproduct, it makes us a victim. So if you choose an action, it is a practical way of pushing through your problems.


Subject: Re: Spell your name by Naming States or Countries...

Forum: Spell your name by Naming States or Countries...
Hi, Nancy!
Nice Post :)
Congrats on the Scholarship!


I would love to go to all these places

Subject: Re: what do you crave when you're feeling sick?

Forum: what do you crave when you're feeling sick?
Hey Court,

I crave sleep!
Vitamin C in the powder form gets me up and running within 24 hours.


Subject: Re: Go-to snack

Forum: Go-to snack
Hi Emma :)

I love dried mango, as well. I like to leave it in the car and let the mango soften from the heat kept in the car. delish.

I will say my favorite snacks range from what mood I am in but often my go- to snacks would be:
1. Cheese and crackers
2. Turtle Chex Mix
3. Chips
4. Fruit Snacks
5 If i'm trying to be healthy, I have snap peas
6.Trail mix

Subject: Small Business vs Corporate

Forum: Small Business vs Corporate
Good evening CNET :)

As I think about my career goals, I believe building a small business would best suit my goals and lifestyle I want for myself. I do not want to have to clock in and out to build someone else's dream.

Which would you choose?

Subject: Re: What Are You Watching?

Forum: What Are You Watching?
Kendra Girl!

How crazy was that first esposide! How to get away with murder is one of my favorites I have watched every show.
I used to be a big tv junkie but now I watch that and the voice. I feel they have really great artist performing and who doesn't love Blake Shelton.


Subject: Re: Is it in your room?

Forum: Is it in your room?

Do you have a plant?


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