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Subject: Do You Care What People Think About You?

Forum: Do You Care What People Think About You?
Do you care about what people think about you in general?

Subject: Re: Favorite app?

Forum: Favorite app?
My favorite app is HQ Trivia because you can play it for fun and have a cash to win cold hard cash!! How can you beat that? Of course, more times than not you won't beat it, because the questions are hard and it's very difficult to get past the 7th question. There are 12 questions in total for the game and it's almost impossible to cheat. They only give you 10 seconds to answer and I wish they would push it up to like 20 seconds.


Subject: Re: What is you favorite color?

Forum: What is you favorite color?
My favorite color is green because it reminds of nice, cut grass. When you have lawn service do your lawn, green reminds of a carpet-like lawn.



Subject: Re: What are you afraid of?

Forum: What are you afraid of?
I'm afraid of insects. I get goosebumps whenever I see one, especially if it's a spider or a stinkbug. They're just creepy as heck and I just wish they never existed!


Subject: Re: Do you take public transportation?

Forum: Do you take public transportation?
I don't take public transportation because I feel more secure if I'm going to wherever I'm going with my own transportation. I don't want to have to deal with the bus constantly stopping to allow people to board.


Subject: What Size Is Your Bed?

Forum: What Size Is Your Bed?
What size is your bed and how long have you had it for?

I have a King-Size Mattress and have had it for 6 years.

Subject: Re: Ruin a Movie by changing 1 letter in its Title

Forum: Ruin a Movie by changing 1 letter in its Title
I would ruin a movie by changing the J to a P in Pump Street! From Jump Street to Pump Street. lol!


Subject: Re: would you ever eat insects?

Forum: would you ever eat insects?
I can't ever imagine why someone would think eating a cockroach or an ant is okay. I don't care how well-seasoned the insect is or how it's presented, I still believe that it's disgusting to eat. In some cultures, eating insects is second-nature. But I wouldn't hesitate to guess that the majority of Americans think that eating insects is stomach-turning and quite disgusting. Even if someone offered me a million dollars to eat an insect, I would still refuse!


Subject: Re: Make a wish

Forum: Make a wish
My wish is that I get my first cyber security internship this summer! That would really open the doors for my future and motivate me to excel at the highest level possible.

Have a good weekend Tom,


Subject: Re: What makes life good?

Forum: What makes life good?
I have a roof over my head, I always have access to food, I go to great university, I'm on track to have a prestigious degree in Cyber Security, and I have a family that's very supportive of me and my academic goals. Life has been nothing but a blessing for me and I have to remind myself that I cannot take the things which I have for granted. I'm grateful for the blessings that I have been given and I will always use them to do good for others.

Thanks for the forum,


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