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Subject: Weekend Homework?

Forum: Weekend Homework?
Hello Everyone,


My question for you today is when do you do homework on the weekends? Do you get it done before the weekend so that you can relax? Do you do all of your homework for the week during the weekend to get it done early? Do you do homework throughout the weekend? Do you select a specific day to do homework?

For me, I usually do all of my homework on the weekend, unless I am planning on going home. This weekend I think I will try to get most of my homework done on one day, it depends on how I feel. One day is usually solely for relaxation. If I wasn't so run down tonight I would probably try to get all of my homework done tonight, but that's definitely not going to happen.

So what about you? When do you do your homework?


Subject: Re: Do You Cook?

Forum: Do You Cook?

I am also a frugal person but that's not the reason why I prefer to make my own food. I really like to experiment and create my own things. I've been watching a ton of Chopped which certainly helps with my creativity.

I'm a vegan (recently started!) so making my own meals is comforting because I know exactly what is in it. Even if I wasn't a vegan I think its weird that you may never know the ingredients that you are eating. I prefer to eat foods that are not processed, the less ingredients the better. Cooking my own meals means that I can explore new things, things that I already know I love, and I can control the ingredients.

It's cheaper to make your own meals too. I don't know what Riley is talking about but rice and beans is literally a full meal and that would cost you less than a dollar. Buy things in bulk, when they are on sale, and when they are in season. For example, I went to the store today and this huge tub of oatmeal was on sale for $2.99, did I need that huge tub? No I probably won't even finish it this year, but I can save it for a long time and eat many many meals out of it.


Subject: Re: Gum or Mints?

Forum: Gum or Mints?

I actually don't really love either. I prefer to be drinking something, warm coffee, ice coffee, or water. If I had to choose one though I'd probably go with gum because like you said, I like to have something that I can focus on and keep me busy.


Subject: Re: Graduation

Forum: Graduation

I graduate in 2017 too, May. It's coming so soon! Time really did fly by fast.

I will be graduating with a bachelors of science. I double majored in Environmental Science and Business Management. The bummer is that you don't get two separate degrees at my school so I chose Environmental Science to be my main degree and the Business Management part to be my secondary one.

I really want to work in a sustainability/green division of a business. Working at Patagonia (corporate level) would be amazing. I really want to help businesses go green because I think that one consumer cannot change the world unless the businesses also change their ways. This would of course combine my two majors.

I also would like to work for an environmental science position. Maybe working for a national park, or a private business. I'm not sure if I'd really want to work for the government.

My career is still up in the air. My plan is to apply to a wide variety of places and just see what happens. If I end up working for a business to make it more green, I'm happy. If I end up as an Environmental Scientist, that's pretty cool too.


Subject: Re: In which state do U reside? How is the weather now

Forum: In which state do U reside? How is the weather now

I live in Massachusetts and it's been a dreary week. On and off raining and cold all week! Today was cold and cloudy but around dinner time it started to rain. I don't mind rain when I can stay inside but I have to walk to class and to the dining hall for food so it's kind of an inconvenience. I know how much we need rain though.


Subject: Re: What's on your mind today?

Forum: What's on your mind today?

One of my group projects has to do a rocket pitch which is pretty much like what they do on shark tank. It's tomorrow and I've been busy practicing for it all night. Hopefully it will go okay!

Wish me luck!

Subject: Re: C-Net Scholarship Election.... $150K Scholarship

Forum: C-Net Scholarship Election.... $150K Scholarship

I'd probably go to grad school. I don't have that much in loans, I mean I have a lot but not 150k and I'm about to graduate.

I wouldn't want that money to go to waste and since I don't think I'm allowed to just pocket the remaining amount after paying my loans I guess the only option would be to go to grad school.

In reality I would pay off my loans (around 50K) and then save the rest or give the rest to my sister to pay for her school.


Subject: Re: Do You Look Your Age?

Forum: Do You Look Your Age?
Hello everyone,

Apparently I don't look my age. All the time at work I get asked if I'm "graduating high school yet or if I have another year". Literally I'm asked this at least once a week. I am 21 years old and graduating COLLEGE in a few months.

When ever I buy alcohol everyone thinks I have a fake and that I'm underage. I have to jump through so many hoops every time I hand over my ID.

I'm lucky becuase when I get older looking young will be a blessing. But for now it's annoying.


Subject: Re: Fake It Till You Make It!

Forum: Fake It Till You Make It!
Hello Tera,

I do believe in fake it till you make it! It's actually one of my favorite pieces of advice.

Don't have confidence, fake it.

Don't think you'll succeed, fake it.

Don't think you can do this writing assignment, fake it!

It works every time. Usually you push yourself to just do something and eventually it will become second nature. I faked being a leader so most of my life and now I'm captain of the swim team, head RA, President of the sustainability club. Like seriously it works. You also need to have some kind of drive to accomplish the faking but usually it works!

Whenever someone comes to me for advice on how to be better in some way I always say fake it till you make it.

Yeah I don't know what else I can say about this except that I love this saying!!



Hello Alexis,

I'm so happy that I get to praise you!

I feel like we've been chasing each other from forum to forum for the past few months. I always get excited to see your opinions on forums that I post on too. Your forums are always awesome. You are so so nice! Just from your posts on here I know that you are going to have a very success future and make sure you tell yourself every day how important you are! Also I bet your outfit was super cute today. :)

Hope you have an amazing day.

Also Madonna, I agree with Alexis, I love this forum it is such a great and simple idea to get all of us to interact with each other more!


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