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Subject: Re: Should College Applications Be Free

Forum: Should College Applications Be Free
Hi! I'm so sorry to hear about all that money basically being flushed down the toilet for you. I absolutely do not agree with colleges charging students to submit applications to be accepted. It's money you are handing over to the school basically saying "here's the money you can have for considering me at your school". How messed up is that?

I understand that it is a way for the schools to make money. But aren't they banking enough on our student loans already? The money is always non-refundable. What a waste. I'm sorry to hear about this. No, I do not agree with this and feel like the fees should be waived. Maybe if the student did not have good grades, maybe charge the fee then. But not for descent students. Good luck with everything!

Subject: Re: This or That Game

Forum: This or That Game
Hi Catepillar! Ohhhh tough question as I would choose neither if that were an option lol. But from these 2 I would choose an hour long run. I am way too out of shape for the hike so the run will have to do.

My question..... ketchup or mustard?

Subject: Re: Would You Go Vegan and Why?

Forum: Would You Go Vegan and Why?
Hi Brenda! Great forum! I actually was talking to a good friend about this the other night. I'm strongly considering becoming vegan. Not for health reason but actually for animal welfare. I am a huge animal lover. I was extremely bothered the other night while watching the new show The Island. The show is about 15-20 men being placed on an island for several weeks and having to find their own means of survival. It was a week in and the men had grown hungry. They crossed paths with a pig and killed it. I completely understand because the men were desperate to survive. But it really bothered me to watch that animal die. Anytime an animal dies it bothers me.

I have also seen some footage of how pigs are slaughtered to be put out in the market. I do not approve of how those pigs live their lives and are tortured. How cruel can we be? My only concern is how will I get my protein? I've been trying to get this through my head that there are other means of protein and this kind of diet can be done. I have a goal in mind to be done with meat. I truly hope I can stay on the diet. If my not eating meat can help an animal, I'm all for it. If it bothers me that badly knowing how they are killed, then why didn't I do this diet a long time ago? Great post!

Subject: Do you get homesick?

Forum: Do you get homesick?
Hello CNET world! I hope this finds you all doing well! I couldn't find anything to blog about because my mind is currently elsewhere. I'm extremely homesick for a home that isn't there anymore. I find myself getting more homesick now that I'm married and moved away from both friends and family. It wasn't bad when I was living on my own because I could pack up and go where ever I wanted. Now that I'm married, it's a bit different and I need to be here with my husband.

Do you guys ever get homesick being away at college or being moved away from family and friends? Or am I the only sad individual here? lol

Subject: Re: How many physical photos do you have left?

Forum: How many physical photos do you have left?
Hey Christy! Great forum and question! I actually have hundreds of physical photos. I just went and printed some about 5 months ago from my wedding last year and other events that have happened this last year. I'm a big photo person. I have hundreds of photos from growing up, mainly my junior high days. That is all we used to do in junior high was get those awesome disposable cameras and take pictures of our silliness. When I'm having a bad day or homesick, I sometimes go and pull out those pictures.

I pulled out those pictures a few weeks ago and found myself taking pictures of the pictures to upload on Facebook so that I could share with my friends. I love to reminisce with my friends. Most all of the friends I have, I grew up with. We know all of our good times and all of our bad times because we lived them together. I love pulling out those photos for a story telling time lol.

Currently, I'm arranging to have photos printed out of all my friends, family, and myself that I currently have. We would never have an issue with providing a photo for a missing person from my friends or family lol. I will always be able to provide the police with photos! Great forum!

Subject: Re: Is that a peach? Or an apricot? Or a plum??

Forum: Is that a peach? Or an apricot? Or a plum??
Pulsar! Welcome to my world lol! Great forum. I get confused all the time on this. I hate peaches or anything that looks like one but my mother loves them!...Them all! I'll never forget the last time she sent me to the store. I was to get peaches and apricots. Man...they re so similar I have no idea. Pretty sure I came home with just all peaches because my mom said "where's the apricots". I felt like a huge dummy for it! But I still don't know the difference! I will just have to learn! have a great night!

Subject: Re: Worst regret in life so far

Forum: Worst regret in life so far
Hey Clock! My worst regret in life so far is quitting school. I was in a real mixed up phase in life and didn't care what was going on in life. I had a cold heart, drank a ton, and was too caught up in things I shouldn't have been. Although that experience helped me grow and find who I am as a person and what I want to do career wise, it screwed up school for me. I was lying to everyone saying school was great when I dropped awhile back. Obviously, I'm not on that trail anymore. I'm back on the trail but oh, it's a long one. I didn't realize just how bad I had screwed up until last summer when my course list got laid out in front of me at my transfer school. That's another thing that will prolong school for you besides quitting. Transferring alone sure can put you back.

I don't ever regret going back. I just regret leaving. I could already have been established in my career and helping people. I know there will be people that need me when I get there but I think about all the people that needed me in the past and I didn't even exist in that career. Instead of helping others, I was helping myself. Atleast it is all behind me! Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Kisses...

Forum: Kisses...
Hey Heather! Hope you're doing well! I'm not an overly affectionate person myself but my husband brings out the "lovey dovey" in me. I can't help but to lean in and kiss him sometimes for no reason at all. I just want to show him I love him even though he already knows lol. I have kissed my husband twice today. He works 2 jobs to help support us and put me through college (he's a wonderful man). In the morning, I kiss him goodbye. And sometimes in the afternoon, I get to kiss him goodbye before he goes to his second job.

The air kiss is very sweet, especially from a child. That's awesome that your son does that to you! Oh, the phases that children go through! that's great that you are still getting your hugs too. Hope all is well! Have a great night!

Subject: Re: Camping

Forum: Camping
Clock, great forum! I love to camp. I'm hoping I can get out and camp somewhere this summer before it all ends and it is back to school/work. I have heard great things about Turkey run. I have heard there is horse back riding there. I'm not sure if you have ever tried but that is something I have always wanted to try. The great part about my camping experiences in the past is the canoeing! I have went a few times in the past with friends. We had some responsible adult drinks and floated down the river. The canoe tipped a few times (everyone as fine) and it was one of the funniest moments of my life!

Another great part about camping is the campfire flavor of the food you cook. It just adds to the experience. I love roasting hotdogs and marshmellows over the fire. Messy foods like that belong outside anyways so the cleanup is much easier. I cant say I am much of a fan of being inside the hot tent and the recent scare of Wes Nile where we are located. that makes camping a bit scary anymore. You also have to be very careful with your food depending on what kind of wildlife you will encounter. I hope you get out to camp this summer! Take your wife on a float trip. She would enjoy it!

Subject: Re: Cell phone

Forum: Cell phone
Marlin, this is a fantastic forum! I came across this weird feeling without having my cell phone with me a few weeks ago. It had water damage and I had to wait for my new one to come in. I felt ridiculous because I kept reaching for my phone to get on Facebook or to just randomly text people. I hate the feeling of always having to have my phone.

This will be the next addiction that people need counseling for, in my opinion. We are all so wrapped up in social media and texting that we forget what we could be missing without having a cell phone. Yes, I agree we need cell phones to call out if we need help or to keep in touch with family members, kids, etc. But I remember life without my cell phone. It was great! It may sound lame but my friends and I would drive around town and listen to music for our fun time. We didn't need phones to have fun. Our personal interactions were a comedy alone! I miss those days. I need to stay away from being on my phone all the time. It just isn't needed but I do love checking in with my family. the phones just make it easier for us to connect. After all, we can't carry a huge laptop with us everywhere and expect immediate connection. I suggest we get out and enjoy our world as much as possible without being tied down to technology!

Sorry for the rant! Right now, I can't last too long without my phone. Like I said, it's just utterly ridiculous! Hope your day is great!

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