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Subject: Re: Does the internet suck you in?

Forum: Does the internet suck you in?
You bet!

Especially after I'm done with everything Important that I have to do. Reddit beckons, and often times I answer the call. It's a decent way to unwind after a long day, but often times I get lost in the pages, and don't quit until my eyes start to hurt. It's probably an issue I need to address haha.

Other than that, I don't really think the internet commands my time all that much, I can stop whenever I want to! (right?) I don't know... The internet is also just a necessary thing these days. learning to not overdue it can be a difficult task sometimes.

Anyway, have a great Thursday!

Subject: Re: Let's talk about numbers

Forum: Let's talk about numbers
Hey there Alia!

No clue why, but from a very young age, the number 125 has stuck out a little for me.

I remember getting my first motorcycle. It was a little dirt bike that I could just tool around on for fun. When it came time to put some number decals on it, for whatever reason, I immediately chose 125. Everyone sort of laughed at me, a triple digit number on a motorcycle? Jokes! But it just made sense to me haha.

Honestly, it hasn't popped up in any other spots of my life, it's just the number I associate my first motorcycle with, so it sort of has a special pace in my heart.

Ill be looking out for it in the future though! Hope your thursday goes well!

Subject: Re: That awkward moment with your parents.

Forum: That awkward moment with your parents.

Ahhh I remember this feeling well. Super not fun haha

But it rarely happened with my parents! My mom was never really into movies to the point where we would have a movie night or anything like that. But my grandparents on the other hand, they were the movie buffs.

I honestly have to thank them though, their love for film definitely skipped a generation, and now I share the same passion. But growing up, there were several awkward moments when things started to get steamy on the big screen.

The classic one: "Top gun." Anyone who has seen it remembers that song that goes "take my breath awwwaayyy." Sorry if it gets stuck in your head! But damn, those silhouetted bodies going to town, it makes a young boy feel some type of way. And when your grandparents are in the room you can't help but feel embarrassed. They probably didn't give a good gosh darn about it, but it was strange all the same.

Thanks for helping me re-live these uncomfortable moments! haha

Subject: Re: Renting rooms to your own children

Forum: Renting rooms to your own children

As I get closer to graduation I am thinking about this more and more.

I plan to leave the country for a while, but as much as I would love to just travel around the world, I'll have to come back at some point. The most likely living situation would be to live with my parents until I figure out some type of living arrangement elsewhere. I'm almost positive that won't be a free ride.

If I were in their position, I don't really know if it would be any different. I mean, if my child has fallen on hard times and needs a place to crash until they get back on their feet, there's no way I'd charge them! Maybe get the food sometimes, but not rent. On the other hand, If they aren't necessarily experiencing financial hardships, I don't see anything wrong with charging a few bucks to stay. If nothing else, It would motivate them to spend their cash on a space they can truly call their own, instead of just a room in mommy and daddy's house.

But who's kidding whom, the most likely outcome will be me living off of my kids! haha

Have a great day!

Subject: Would you ever go streaking?

Forum: Would you ever go streaking?
The adrenaline rush... The crisp air enveloping your entire body... The very real possibility of getting tackled by a security guard... Sounds like quite the experience!

So a couple of questions:

-Would you do it?

-If not, what would it take to convince you? (probably lots of cash)

-Where would you want to do it? (sporting event, neighborhood, etc.)

Interested to hear what you all think!

Subject: Re: hardest class you've ever had??

Forum: hardest class you've ever had??
Hey there!

I am in the middle of my hardest class ever :(

It's my last semester and I have to take my capstone, or senior requirement. In a word, it's rough. My teacher expect a whole hell of a lot from us and it's been tough trying to get into the swing of things.

BUT, it is for that reason that I love the class. He is tough, and it may be a hard class, but I know for a fact that I will come out the other side far more capable than I ever was when I went in.

The class is, in essence, a production class. We are to produce cinematic videos for clients, and the product has to be spot on. And when I say spot on, I mean it. Our professor told us last class that "If you don't turn in this next assignment on time, and if it's not good enough, I'll administratively drop you from the class." I'm paraphrasing a bit, but this was his message, and it was heard loud and clear. You could see some students squirming in their seats!

I on the other hand will be welcoming the challenge and facing it head on! He came to a friend of mine and myself after class and expressed his distaste with the lack of serious people in the class. It must be hard to try to pass on important material that you care so much about, when most of the class isn't putting forth the proper amount of effort!

Great forum, thanks for posting it!

Subject: Re: The Ultimate Toilet Forum

Forum: The Ultimate Toilet Forum
This is awesome here we go

• Definitely seat up, don't want to miss the target!

• I get to skip the second one!

• Charmin all the way. Those bears just look so happy with their clean rumps!

• Gotta have my phone with me in the bathroom. But I don't text, I read articles!

• Toilet paper goes over. Thats obvious. If you like it the other way, good for you but you're WRONG!! haha

• If I had to choose one of the extremes, I'd probably go with diarrhea. At least then there's no straining!

Bonus: If no one is home, I'd probably shamelessly walk like a penguin with my pants around my ankles to go get a new roll. Why not? and if someone ended up seeing me, it would just make for an awesome story!

Now everyone knows a little more about me haha

Subject: Re: Let's play a game!

Forum: Let's play a game!
Oh man I'm not so good at this... But I do have a favorite anagram!

Dormitory = Dirty Room!

I know that is true for a whole bunch of people attending college!

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Are murder attempts forgivable?

Forum: Are murder attempts forgivable?

I don't know... If someone was about to kill me, I don't know if I could ever really forgive them. I mean, if they were angry enough to attempt it the first time, who's to say they wouldn't give it another shot? And maybe the second time, they wouldn't have second thoughts!

Clearly a person who is willing to consider ending a life out of pure rage needs some help. Perhaps over a long time, and after the person gets some professional help, then maybe MAYBE, I could see a situation where they could be forgiven. I would just have trouble getting past the fact that in their angry moment, a life seemed less important to them.

Now that all applies to me, but there would never be a situation where I would forgive someone who tried to hurt someone I love or care for. No exceptions.

Anyway, hope your Wednesday goes well, and is attempted murder free!

Subject: What did you hate most about high school?

Forum: What did you hate most about high school?
I just remember a whole bunch of people trying to treat me like a little kid, when I only wanted to be taken seriously.

Everyone has those crazy high school stores that expose the strange experience, I'd love to hear those stories from you all!

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