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Subject: Devices

Forum: Devices
Hey all,

What devices does everyone use to access CNET? I usually use my MacBook Air, but I forgot about posting until I was already in bed, so I just used my iPhone. I never realized before today that CNet would work on mobile devices:). Who uses a mobile device and who uses a computer to access CNET?:)

Looking forward to your answers,

Subject: Re: Fourth of July

Forum: Fourth of July

I used to always go with my family to a get together at my parents' best friends' house. We would grill out and have all sorts of yard games, watch the town fireworks, and set off some of our own. We also had some friendly competitions and games. That won't happen this year, though, as the husband of that family lost his job, and couldn't find another one around here, so they had to move to Tuscon:(. Sad times:(. I think my family is planning on going to my grandparents' lake house instead.

Have a nice night and a great fourth!

Subject: Re: Dr. Google

Forum: Dr. Google

Welcome to CNET! Hope you like it here:). I am not an RN or work in health care by any means, but I do think it is funny the sorts of rubbish that people believe they have just because they have those symptoms. The types of people that cough and have a slight fever but they think they have Ebola. They crack me up:) sometimes you just have to have a laugh.

Have a great night and don't get sick;D

Subject: Re: Laptops or Paper Notes?

Forum: Laptops or Paper Notes?

I definitely prefer taking paper allows me to draw arrows and make more abstract charts and such, without having to try to find the right functions to do so on my laptop. I also like to take notes while sketching pictures sometimes to help me remember what I wrote down better. I love my laptop, and I use it for many things, but two things I will almost never use it for are notes and math homework:)

Have a nice night!

Subject: Comedic Relief

Forum: Comedic Relief

What does everyone do for comedic relief? One of my friends had a rough day, and they need a little pick-me-up. Do you watch a certain person's videos on YouTube? Do you watch a romantic comedy or other sort of movie? What are some of your favorite things to do when you are down?


Subject: Re: Super Powers

Forum: Super Powers
Hey Jkeem, Welcome to CNET!

I didn't even read your whole post, and I automatically thought teleportation also! I think it would be great to be able to go halfway around the world in the blink of an eye, and be able to essentially be in three places at once. Two questions that I could think of are these: Would you be able to teleport other people with you, and would it be like the movie Jumper, where you had to know what the place looked like before you could "jump" there?

Interesting topic! It will be fun to see what everyone else says!

Subject: Re: Weird, fun, or just plain odd statistical facts

Forum: Weird, fun, or just plain odd statistical facts
Hey Jared!

I once heard that 89% of statistics are made up on the spot.

Hope you have a great day!

Subject: Soccer

Forum: Soccer
Soccer is buzzing in the world of American sports right now, and broadcasters wonder if it is a result of the men's World Cup last year, or if America is finally having a soccer revolution. My lead-in question is this: How big of a soccer fan are you?

Have you ever been to a professional/semi-pro soccer game? How often?
Did you play soccer/do you play soccer? Competitively or just for fun?
Is FIFA one of your favorite video games? Do you even own FIFA?
How much soccer do you watch on TV?

Hope you all have a great night/day and good luck in the election!

Subject: Re: Favorites

Forum: Favorites
mmb9697--Welcome to CNET! You're doing great so far! Make sure to vote twice a day (four times on Wednesday, twice before the election ends and twice after) and to make good use of your posts!:) I love baseball too, I bet we would be good friends:) It might upset you to know that my favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals. I have been a big Josh Hamilton fan, though, after I read his book. It was really inspiring, and it made me extremely sad when he has his last relapse.

TreyTrey-- I'm glad your Warriors won, I'm not a huge LeBron fan. Not a certain reason why, I just sort of dislike him.

Melissa--I like football too! I'm an Indianapolis Colts fan, who is your team?

Subject: Re: Describe in One Word......

Forum: Describe in One Word......

The word that most describes my life right now would have to be, like lilmezgo, "blessed." Right now, I just finished up high school, and I did really well academically, musically, athletically, and with my people skills and such. I can't believe how blessed I am to have all of the people that I do in my life, and the abilities that I have been blessed with.

Hope you have a great night and good luck in the election!

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