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Subject: Re: Your longest plane ride?

Forum: Your longest plane ride?
Hi Gleb!

Unfortunately, my longest plane ride was only about 4 1/2 hours which is not long at all. I had to fly from Michigan to California, and a quick nap made the trip seem even shorter.

I haven't had any long plane rides yet, but I have had plenty of long car rides. My longest car ride was about 11 hours and I still don't know how I was patient enough to endure that, especially with such a packed car haha. Have you had any long car rides?

Have a great time on your trip!

Ninah H

Subject: Re: Senioritis=Lazy=REALITY!!

Forum: Senioritis=Lazy=REALITY!!
Good Afternoon!

When I started my senior year I was determined to start and finish the year on a good note. At the time I had heard of senioritis, but I never thought it would effect me the way it did. By April it had finally hit me that I had already been accepted to college and that my last semester grades didn't really matter. Once I started thinking about this, I began to put less effort into my schoolwork. I didn't do bad my senior year in high school, but I could have done a lot better!

Great forum. Have a good day!

-Ninah H

Subject: Re: What year did you (and will you) Graduate?

Forum: What year did you (and will you) Graduate?
Hi Christy!

I graduated high school in 2014 and i'll be graduating college in 2018 if all goes well. I wish you the best of luck in your studies!

Have a great day (:

-Ninah H

Subject: Re: Do You Have a Favorite Chore?

Forum: Do You Have a Favorite Chore?
Hi Akihan!

My least favorite chore is definitely washing the dishes. When i'm home for the summer the dishes in my parent's house reach incredible heights, and when it is my turn to do them I get really annoyed haha. I don't mind cleaning my dishes at school because I rinse them off before putting them in my sink, but my siblings fail to do that.

My favorite chore is sweeping. I don't know why but I just don't mind it. Like you, I love listening and dancing around to music while I clean. It makes it so much more fun!

Have a great day (:

-Ninah H

Subject: What is an Image you will Never Forget?

Forum: What is an Image you will Never Forget?
Hey Cnet!
Over the summer I made lasting memories with people i'll never forget. Most of my memories are happy but there were some that scared me. This summer I worked as a camp counselor for kids aged 6-12, and all my bad memories come from the same place, a waterpark. An image that i'll never be able to get out of my head was when a lady had a heart attack in the water. Every single life guard jumped into the water and I was really concerned. The kids were really afraid too. Next thing I knew I heard sirens and within minutes the ambulance arrived on the scene.

Another incident that occurred at that waterpark was caused by my own stupidity. I am not a strong swimmer but I can doggy peddle, so I swam to the deep side of the pool to retrieve a floaty. Unfortunately, one of the kids from my camp jumped on my back in the water and I thought I was history after that. I sunk underneath the water and I couldn't get air. Eventually I was able to get help from one of my coworkers but that incident really scared me.

So Cnet, what is an incident that has occurred in your life that you will never forget?

Have a great day!

-Ninah H

Subject: Re: Favorite Sport?

Forum: Favorite Sport?
Good Evening!

I played basketball for five years, and for the first few years I liked it, but I didn't love it. As time went by I started to like basketball less and less, and by that point I almost despise it. My hate for the sport isn't caused by the sport itself though, but by the bad memories I have associated with it. I know you just wanted to know what my favorite sport is, but I wanted to talk about the bad before the good lol.

After my basketball days, I really got into playing badminton. I don't know why I love badminton so much, but I think it's probably because I'm so good at it. When I play badminton it is almost as easy as breathing and that's why it's now my favorite sport.

Have a great night Eddie!

-Ninah H

Subject: Re: What cheers you up when you're sad?

Forum: What cheers you up when you're sad?

When i'm sad I talk to my boyfriend for a bit or I watch The Walking Dead. Watching The Walking Dead makes me feel so much better because it makes me realize that my life could be so much worse. I could be a walking corpse and feasting on the flesh of others (most likely not lol), but yet i'm here, dealing with normal teenage problems. I just always try to be grateful for the life I have because I could have been given a life that is considered less than ideal.

Have a great night!

-Ninah H

Subject: iPhone or Android?

Forum: iPhone or Android?
Hey CNet!

I really enjoyed reading your responses to my this or that forum from a few days ago so I decided to make a part 2! Hopefully the following questions will be a bit more challenging to answer (:

1. iPhone or Android?

2. Hugs or Kisses?

3. Truth or Dare?

4. Morning or night?

5. Facebook or Instagram?

Personally, I would choose iPhone, hugs, dare, night, and Instagram. (:

Have a great day everyone!

-Ninah H

Subject: Was it a challenge for you to learn how to drive?

Forum: Was it a challenge for you to learn how to drive?
Hey CNet!

I've had my license for a little over a year now, and my fear of the road has finally diminished. When I first started driving I was so scared, and now my little brother has started driver's ed and doesn't seem as nervous as I was. So my question to you is, were you nervous when you first started driving? Also, did you ever make any silly beginner mistakes?

-Ninah H

Subject: Re: Are you excited for school?

Forum: Are you excited for school?
Hi Sirena!

I start school a week from today and I am excited, but also nervous. Like you, I am taking an anatomy class and I really hope that I do well. My goal this year is to focus on career goals and hopefully improve my GPA.

Have a great night!

-Ninah H

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