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Subject: Re: At what age did you get your driver's license ?

Forum: At what age did you get your driver's license ?
hey emilie,

i got my license pretty late too at the age of 19. i got my permit at 16 and even took a driver's course, but my parents wanted me to focus on school so they weren't about me wasting my time practicing how to drive. i mean given where i live, it's not really necessary, btu definitely a good skill to have.

i failed my first try because i got soooooo nervous about the parallel parking because everyone knows that's the hardest part. i nailed it perfectly every time i practiced but i just freaked out on test day and ran over a cone. the test lady gave me a chance to fix it, but it was too late. i was in full panic mode. i was so disappointed when we told me to turn around because the test was over T-T

luckily i was able to pass the test in a breeze the second time around. whew.

have a great night! :)

Subject: Re: Where do you spend most of your time?

Forum: Where do you spend most of your time?
hey emily,

i spend most of my time in my room. do i like spending most of my time in my room? sometimes, guess it really depends on my mood. if i lived near a more open area with fresh air and fields, i would probably spend a lot more of my time outside.

but there are times when i don't want to be in my room and don've have a choice but to be in my room because i have work to do or i'm lazy or no one wants to hang LOL.

so yeah, in conclusion - my room. which i think is pretty standard for most people lol

have a great night :)

Subject: Re: Is it better to be single or married?

Forum: Is it better to be single or married?
hey kristin,

i think it depends on the person. some people are just better alone and there's nothing wrong with that. others long for companionship and someone to lean on, and there's nothing wrong with that either.

i definitely love being independent and not having someone to depend on for certain aspects of my happiness, but i definitely also plan to get married. i may be sort of a rock but i am a girl and i do have that secret hidden romantic side of me when i walk down that magical aisle on my wedding day LOL

i have plenty of older friends that are single by choice. i mean, why get into a relationship because society tells them to? why waste your time and money on something that just isn't right for you? i think it's smart of the few of my friends who are single by choice and have no problem with it. they're being smart in my opnion. screw everyone that asks the "why are you still single?" or "don't you think it's time you should think about settling down?" or any version of those types of questions lol

have a great night! :)

Subject: Re: Who is your favorite band or singer?

Forum: Who is your favorite band or singer?
hey mireles,

judge me if you will but my favorite band is fall out boy. i have been a huge fan of them ever since i was the 5th grade lol. yes, BEFORE they got mainstream. pat's golden vocal chords, sigh. i just love it.

people are usually surprised when i tell them i listen to bands. cause i'm known as the hip hop dancer, all i listen to MUST be hip hop, r&b and rap right? no way lol. i listen to allllll genres. even classical! lol

have a great night! :)

Subject: Re: Are women really that "catty"?

Forum: Are women really that "catty"?
hey aurora,

in my opinion, because females tend to "care" more, they are considered all of these terms. woman are genetically more emotional than men are. this is why i think woman tend to act the way they do sometimes.

to be honest, women are very judgmental (i hope i'm not offending anyone with my post, by all means no offense at all). they are quick to judge someone by giving one look and/or one encounter - woman's intuition if you will lol. i think it's because we as females are brought up to feel like we have to prove something. prove that we are worthy which entails comparing ourselves to others and see if we are better or worse than the other person. it's a shame really because how are you to compare yourself to a completely different person? it's not possible.

girls are just naturally competitive with each other because of what we're expected to be. we have to fight for status and it sucks. this is a wholeeeee feminist issue that i don't really want to get into right now lol

interesting topic, have a great night :)

Subject: Re: Would you donate blood?

Forum: Would you donate blood?
hey kristin,

i've mentioned on CNET before that i've always wanted to donate blood but never got the chance to. i rarely get sick but every time when there's a blood drive or one of those trucks on campus, i always happen to be sick! and because i rarely get sick, when i do, it feels like i should be on my death bed lol.

i tell myself every time the next time the opportunity comes along, i will donate, but i haven't gotten the chance to yet. hopefully i'll be able to check it off my bucket list soon!

have a great night! :)

Subject: Re: Obtaining school books

Forum: Obtaining school books
hey julie,

oh goodness, thanks for reminding me about returning my textbook lol, i almost forgot!

usually, i try to find a pdf of the textbook first. books are WAY too expensive and i'm trying to save as much money as i can on them. i go to the first two classes or so and try to decide if i even need the textbook. most of the time professors sometimes provide a pdf of the book or the book is barely ever used throughout the course. so i most likely won't ever get any books until a week or two after the semester starts.

last but not least, if i can't find a really cheap version of the book, i will opt for renting.

have a great night :)

Subject: Re: The Prom

Forum: The Prom
hey murasaki,

welcome back!

i went to my prom and to be honest, i sort of wish i didn't though i don't regret that i went either. i had fun, don't get me wrong, but i don't think it was that big of an event like everyone makes it out to be.

i went with my huge clique of friends, i think we rolled 30 deep or something like that LOL it was pretty crazy. to be honest, i don't really remember much of the night so iguess that means it wasn't really particularly all that memorable. or maybe it was just too long ago (6 years ago) and i don't remember LOL

have a great night :)

Subject: panic button O_O

Forum: panic button O_O
Goooood afternoon CNET friends! Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. Your kind words and congratulations mean a lot and it makes everything seem more real! I wish everyone the best with their career endeavors!

So today I had a thought about car panic buttons. The purpose of it is to alert the surrounding people that something's up. But to be honest, when has anyone ever felt the need to call the police when they hear the car alarm go off?

Do you ever feel the need to call the police about a car alarm go off? Or do you brush it off and think it's nothing? What do you think is a better way to alert surrounding people of danger or possibly if someone is asking for help? Any and all thoughts are welcome to this topic!

Have a wonderful night everyone! :)

Subject: Re: What's your morning fuel?

Forum: What's your morning fuel?
hey julie,

i don't drink coffee or any caffeine for that matter. it doesn't "work" but instead just makes me pee like i have a bladder the size of a peanut LOL

for me, it's not about the drink but the FOOD. i'm ALWAYS starving when i wake up in the morning and if i don't eat SOMETHING before i leave the house, i will be miserable until i do get something in my stomach. if i'm short on time in the AM, i usually eat some special k and add bananas. i'll probably eat like two bowls lol

if i do have some time, i like to make avocado toast - oh my goodness so good. i will never get sick of it. ever. lol

have a great night :)

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