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Subject: Re: 90s Nostalgia

Forum: 90s Nostalgia
Backstreet Boys

Subject: Re: do you fear...

Forum: do you fear...
Hey Dedee!

I really like watching parkour and urban gymnastics and urban ninjas! I would love to try it for myself but I am very scared of heights! I don't know when I became so afraid of heights but I have really noticed it recently in the past couple of years. I get really nervous when I go near ledges and I really do not like going on roller coasters. I really wish this was not the case but there's not much I can do about it!

Have a great week!


Subject: Re: Which Laptop and/or Phone Operating System?

Forum: Which Laptop and/or Phone Operating System?
Hey Kadman!

I agree somewhat with Sean! I generally prefer androids but I have an iPhone because of all the apps that only work with iPhones like iMessage and FaceTime. I have a plan with my family where we have unlimited everything and each person pays $20 a month. So although the iPhone is more upfront it pays off for it with a cheaper plan with T-Mobile. I tend to buy my phones on eBay anyway as they are way cheaper. I bought my brother a brand new iPhone 5c for $185 and T-Mobile has the same phone for $450. As far as computers I use to like Windows but since windows 8 I have switched to mac and love it! Never going back!

Have a great week!


Subject: Re: Choose Your Name

Forum: Choose Your Name
Hey AZ!

My name is Nick which I really like but had I been given the choice I think I might have changed it to Niko. Nick by itself is pretty popular but Niko is much more unique. I am also 50% Greek so Niko is a more authentic pronunciation of my name as it is.

Great post! Have a great week!

Nick (Niko???)

Subject: Do you ski or snowboard or neither?

Forum: Do you ski or snowboard or neither?
Hey folks!

Simple forum today. Are you guys skiers, snowboarders, or do you tend to stay away from the snow? I love skiing although I'm not that good but I have never tried snowboarding although I would love to. I also understand people who do neither as I really love sledding, snow ball fights, and just playing in the snow in general!

So cnet are you a snowboarder, skier, or neither? Does that rhyme?? I think it does haha!

I hope every one has a great week!


Subject: Re: WWYD Parents Getting High?

Forum: WWYD Parents Getting High?
Hey Sean!

If I saw my parents smoking I think I would be more surprised than anything else. I do not think they do but if I saw them smoking marijuana I would probably just laugh. I do not think it would be really serious but I would just want to know why they were smoking!

Have a great week!


Subject: Re: Are we good or bad?

Forum: Are we good or bad?
Hey Meg!

I think on a basic level all people are good people. I think it is being mistreated, bullied, or tormented in some way at a young age that can cause people to become bad people. I think jealousy and lust for power/wealth can also make people bad people. I believe in a world without people focused on getting ahead and monetary success all people would be good people. Many Native American tribes coexisted peacefully before others came to the U.S. and I think it is safe to assume most of those people were good people. I genuinely believe that every person is born good and has the potential to be a good person. I think even people who are doing bad things still have good in them and can be forgiven and can change as a person to become loving and compassionate towards others.

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Subject: Re: Michigan or On Wisconsin?

Forum: Michigan or On Wisconsin?
Hey Sean!

This is a tough choice! I think you should really ask yourself if it is worth it to go into more debt to go to Wisconsin. If you feel it will be worth it that much more than go for it! Also I imagine you would have a great time at either school so you really can't go wrong! If you have friends or cousins at either university you could also take that into consideration. I might be slightly board but the Msu dairy store has the best blueberry pie ice cream haha.


Subject: Re: Actor Representing You in Movie

Forum: Actor Representing You in Movie
Hey Kadman!

I think I would choose Chris Pratt. He's the guy from parks and rec, guardians of the Galaxy, and Jurassic world. He is really hilarious but he can also play a cool guy and be serious at times. He also seems really laid back as well. I feel like we have some similarities and he would be a good actor for the job!

Have a great weekend!

Subject: Re: Sacrificing your life to save another.....

Forum: Sacrificing your life to save another.....
Hey Jared!

This is a tough forum. I really value my life but there are loved ones of mine such as family and very close friends and relatives that I would take a bullet for. I would want to do it for my parents but I wouldn't in the end because I know they would be too distraught if I sacrificed my life to save theirs. I would definitely also give up an organ if not vital to save a stranger!

Have a great week!

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