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Subject: Re: HBCU

Forum: HBCU
Hey KBrown,

I think that its ok to give non black HBCU applicants scholarship money just the way minorities can get scholarships at PWIs.

Thanks for asking.

Subject: Re: Would You Skip Class If You Were 10 Minutes Late?

Forum: Would You Skip Class If You Were 10 Minutes Late?
Hey hey. U of M's classes started on Michigan time which was 10 minutes after the hour so I was good with that. Too late for me is more than half way through the class. If a class is 2 hours long I'll still come if Im 40 minutes late although I cant really remember ever being that late.

Have a good day!

Subject: Re: Number Game - Your Favorite Number

Forum: Number Game - Your Favorite Number
Hey there sudhan9d91, my favorite number is 400, I just like the way it looks (:

Subject: Are your kids required to attend college?

Forum: Are your kids required to attend college?
Hey there. A few years back I read about a man who encouraged his daughters not to attend college and I remember being blown away. From the time I can remember excelling in school was a value that was instilled in me and I couldn't imagine not going to college based on the way I was raised. The man's reasoning was that he didn't want his daughters to start life with a lot of debt and now that makes a bit more sense.

What do you think, are you going to encourage your children to attend college (encourage them, take them on college tours..) or let them decide?

Cant wait to read your responses!


Subject: Re: Appropriate age for a child to have a phone?

Forum: Appropriate age for a child to have a phone?
Hola Tyraa, thats a very good question! In my opinion thats a bit much for a 10 year old. I do believe that kids should have phones when they're responsible enough to keep up with it just so their parents can reach them in emergencies but I dont know that I would let them take it to school everyday (but then what days would be appropriate for taking the phone to school). Also at that age their phone would be MONITORED heavily, I mean no apps like Instagram, snapchat, facebook and I'd prob have photo messages and internet blocked too. A phone at that age would strictly be for calling texting when needed. I've seen the things that young kids do on phones and Im not having it with my (future) kids haha. Thanks for asking.


Subject: Re: Do You Snore?

Forum: Do You Snore?
Omg Jason, I have been told that I snore. My roommate and friends said I sounded like a bear once (I'd like to think its because I was sick) and then she said that she knew someone that sounded like me and got surgery, wow. My Uncles snore is so annoying and my Dads can be too. I usually just go over and shake people a little but that hasn't been very effective.


Subject: How much is gas where you are?

Forum: How much is gas where you are?
Hey y'all, hope all is well. I noticed that since moving down south gas is cheaper and I love it. My car takes premium/super and at first I didnt know so I was using unleaded smh. Anyway, down here I can get a gallon of premium for about the same price as unleaded back home.
It takes about $28 to fill my car and back home I loved Mobil now I use Exxon usually.

How much does it take to fill your take?
Whats your choice gas station?

Lemme know (:

Subject: Re: Parental Consent for Abortion?

Forum: Parental Consent for Abortion?
Hey there this one is tough. On one hand if I'd needed/wanted to make that decision as a minor I def wouldnt have wanted my Grandmother to know I was pregnant let alone have to give permission for abortion. On the other I have seen how "fast" some girls are and I'd def want to know what I had on my hands and not have my daughter out getting abortions at 15 :/ it just doesnt seem right. Parents need to know so maybe they can intervene and keep it from happening again by educating about pregnancy prevention. Idk I hope as a future parent I never have to go through this. Too much. It'll be my childs choice when they're 18 and out of my house

Subject: Re: Soap

Forum: Soap
Hola K Brown, Dove is also my go to I have the bars with tingling beads (or something like that) currently. For liquid soap I love the orange peel by Softsoap I believe. Smelling good makes me feel gooos I only wish the soap smell lasted longer. Maybe it does but over time I get accustomed to it?? Idk lol

Take care

Subject: Re: Live Performances

Forum: Live Performances
Hey where I live there are always live performances, especially jazz. I went to see a band (not sure of the class of music) last weekend and it was decent, not really my type of music! I do want to go see Lion King on Broadway soon though (:

Have a great day

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