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Subject: Re: Procrastination

Forum: Procrastination

Procrastination was a habit that took me years to overcome. I am so glad that I was able to. Once it finally hit me how much time I was waisting... a switch just flipped and now I am my biggest advocate.

Thank You


Subject: Re: How many hours a week do you spend on technology?

Forum: How many hours a week do you spend on technology?

I get a ton of screen time, at least 30 hours a week. I sleep with my tv on (it's my night light) and I am always scrolling through my phone in my downtime or on my iPhone. As for my kid, I do limit her. She gets about 3 hours a day, of actual internet time... then she can watch all the Hulu and Netflix she wants but she prefers to be outside so that is where she goes.

thank you


Subject: Re: Goals!!!

Forum: Goals!!!

Some goals that I would like to achieve anytime in life are as follows

-have a total of 6 biological kids
-adopt 4 kids
-have a fortune 500 company
-make a major impact on my community
-be debt free
-become a licensed clinical social worker


Subject: Re: Where is your favorite place to eat?

Forum: Where is your favorite place to eat?

My favorite place to eat is steak n shake.

Thank You


Subject: Re: Rainy or dislike?

Forum: Rainy or dislike?

Being from the south, I am used to the sporadic showers. However, now that I live up north it is a different story. In my current town, when it rains it's like a scene out of Twilight. It is always cloudy and there is not a lick of sun. Regardless if it does rain or not, we still endure to the gloominess that comes with the weather.

I can recall when my grandmother was alive she would complain about how when it rained she thought it was calming but if the sun didn't shine for a while her bones would ache. I now understand what she means. We haven't had actual sunshine for the better part of a week now.

Thank You


Subject: Connecting with School Advisers?

Forum: Connecting with School Advisers?
Hello CNET,

This morning I connected with my school advisor in regards to the upcoming school year. We went over my degree requirements, completion rate and the course load that I would be taking on.

From there we went on to discuss what it was that I planned on doing with my degree and what it was that the university was looking for in regards to its master's degree.

In regards to my college, my advisers have been readily available and willing to help. My advisors will even make time to call on the weekends! Which I think is totally insane. I work as a retail optician and I also go to school full time so having an advising staff that is will to help keep me on track by meeting me outside of their normal work hours is amazing!

How has your communication been with your advisors? Do you think that meeting with them helps? How often do you all meet with them?

Thank You for reading


Subject: Re: Do you volunteer?

Forum: Do you volunteer?

I have volunteered in the past, but that was all mainly school related events.

I wish I could volunteer more often but my schedule is super volatile.

Thank you


Subject: Re: Hot coffee or iced coffee?

Forum: Hot coffee or iced coffee?

Though I am not a major coffee drinker I like mine hot.


Subject: What is the meaning of your favorite color?

Forum: What is the meaning of your favorite color?
Hello CNET,

My first degree was in Art. While obtaining that degree, I had an assignment where you were to define the meaning of colors. Then, we were to choose our favorite color, or colors and write a short essay about your findings and how it relates to you.

My favorite colors are red, black and gold.

Here is a list of colors and their meanings. Are you surprised by their meanings? How do does it relate to you, if at all.

**These are not the only meanings that these colors have, colors like works also have a variety of meanings. These are just the ones that I used when I did my project.**

-- Passion and Drama
-- Encouragement
-- Optimism
-- Sensitivity
-- Trust
-- Growth and health
-- Spirituality
-- Stability
-- Compromise
-- Mystery

I can't wait to see your responses!

Thank You for reading


Subject: Re: Dou you have Curly/Straight/Wavy Hair?

Forum: Dou you have Curly/Straight/Wavy Hair?
Hello Julia,

How are you today/tonight?
-- I am fine. How are you?

What's your hair type?
-- My hair type is a cross between 3c/4a. I've been natural since November of 2013.

What type of care does your hair need?
-- I have to co-wash my chair every 2 days
-- I wash my hair once a week and even that can be too much
-- I hydrate my hair every day to bring back my curls
-- I keep a leave-in conditioner in my hair to maintain moisture.

Thank You


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