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Subject: Re: Randoms for my friends

Forum: Randoms for my friends
Goof forum!

1. I always wanted a really quality yoga mat. My boyfriend got me one from the Manduka website and sent it to me when we were still long distance. It's one of my most valued possessions.
2. I very rarely try to get out of work to play hooky. I normally just tell my boss I'm not coming in. haha
3. I lied about my work schedule to get out of going to a thing my friend wanted to drag me to.. whoopsie.
4. O neg? A pos? Q positive? I have no idea, and this question has me rather alarmed.. I should know that about myself.
5. Thin crust with mozzarella and SO. MUCH. BACON.
6. Ugly and live forever! Who would even pick the latter.
7. Are they dead? Probably still no. Lowest I'd eat it for would be $100k.
8. I know this is morbid, but I would want to witness the tsunami from 2004 in Southeast Asia. With guaranteed survival obviously.
9. Yonce! I would just walk around and revel in the fact that I was Beyonce.
10. I hate when people ask if I think if my boyfriend and I will get married. It's just always uncomfortable to say yes or no.

Good idea Karliereyrey!

Subject: Bad work experiences

Forum: Bad work experiences
Hi guys! I've been off Cnet for two weeks, due to moving and a few other events that have kept me busy.

I recently had to quit my job nannying for a family in order to accommodate starting school in a few weeks. It was awful. The minute I told my boss, she became really mean. I gave them the proper two weeks, not to mention I was always transparent with them about needing to find a different job towards the end of the summer! So I guess I'm pretty surprised I was treated so poorly by them.

Do any of you have stories about work that went badly?

Subject: Re: Do You Get Cringe Attacks?

Forum: Do You Get Cringe Attacks?
Whenever i wave back at someone who was waving to someone behind me..

There should be laws put in place so that this doesn't happen to good people anymore. Like on an "I'm ashamed" scale from 1 to Bill Cosby, this weirdly ranks pretty high in my book.

Ooh, or when someone goes in for the French "kiss on both cheeks" maneuver, and you're not prepared so you just end up doing an awkward hug/kiss combo that is suddenly way more intimate than anticipated..

I'm just face-palming through my life.

Subject: Re: Let's play a food game...

Forum: Let's play a food game...


Subject: Re: Toughest decision you've ever made?

Forum: Toughest decision you've ever made?
Toughest decision I ever made was whether or not to move out of my home state. I didn't like where I was living because I felt like it lacked diversity, nature, and culture. But my entire family was there and it was home.

Ultimately I left. I've been in Oregon for almost a year now, and even though it's been hard, I'm really glad I left. I can still visit my family, and now I feel like I identify more with where I live and the other people who live here.

Great forum!

Subject: Re: Start of school!

Forum: Start of school!
Happy Election Day!

This fall will be my first graduate semester! I'm really excited. I'm way more nervous. Honestly, I'm just excited to get into the nitty gritty. I'm praying to the old gods and the new that I do well for my first semester. And if you don't get that reference, you need to make some game of thrones happen in your life.

For now, I'm trying to enjoy the end of summer. :)

Subject: Re: Hazing: A Problem or Right of Passage?

Forum: Hazing: A Problem or Right of Passage?
I think hazing is a problem. I was in a sorority and can say with confidence, that even when greek life pretends to have safeguards to stop it, there is still an enormous amount of pressure on their pledges and new members to do things they wouldn't normally do. Here's my story:

I was asked by my sorority friend to go to an event with one of her guy friends. My boyfriend wasn't going to be able to go, so I said it was fine if he wanted to be my "date". When I showed up, the girls I was supposedly becoming friends with told me I HAD to drink 5 shots before we left. Feeling pressured, I complied.

Later that night, my "date" was introduced to me. He couldn't keep his hands off of me. Several times, I reminded him I had a boyfriend and I was just letting him have the ticket. He didn't seem to care. I tried to remove myself from him all night, but he was really persistent.

Long story short, he eventually pushed me up against a wall and kissed me against my will. I decided it was time to get the hell out of there. I took off my shoes and ran to the nearest street. I had no cash on me, my phone was dead, I had no idea where I was (these types of events, they dont let you see where you're going).

Luckily a cabbie was there, off duty. He drove me home for free. I dropped out of the sorority that week.

So I think all greek life should be held accountable for even the unoffical "hazing" acts, or the whole system should be shut down.

Subject: Re: In order to succeed you must fail, so that you ...

Forum: In order to succeed you must fail, so that you ...
This applies to me for school.

In high school and undergrad, I did poorly in my first years because I wasn't prepared for what was ahead. This made it a huge struggle for my GPA to get back to a decent place, and ultimately affected both my college acceptance and my graduate school acceptance.

But I didn't quit, even though that was what a lot of people in my family have done over the years. I worked at my study techniques and work ethic, and by the time senior year rolled around, I had a 4.0 GPA for the last 3 semesters.

So, I'm looking forward to graduate school so that I can screw it up, gain a new skill, and then get better all over again. :)

Subject: Re: Music!

Forum: Music!
I'm an old school music girl all the way. My favorite artist is Otis Redding, but anything from the soul genre I'm into. Give it a try! there's a reason so many rappers of today sample their songs (Otis- Kanye ft. Jay Z, Golddigger- Kanye).

The problem is I rarely listen to the radio, because that soul music is rarely found on a station. So I don't find out about any of the current hits, and sometimes I like them!


Heard it in my boyfriend's car. Cannot get that part of my head.

Subject: Re: Future

Forum: Future
I have always been very curious about "the Future". I was pretty convinced for some reason that we would all have computer microchips implanted in us, like dogs get at the pound.

It still freaks me out that in a decade, we will have cars that drive themselves like it ain't no thang.

I thought about what my personal future would look like too. I think mostly, I was pretty sure that by the time I'm the age I am now, I would feel like an adult. I think the biggest lesson I learned about growing up is that you get older and learn new things, but you never FEEL like you've officially grown up.

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