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Subject: Re: GPA

Forum: GPA
Good Morning,

I think that GPA is way overblown. Once you get out of school no one gives a darn about your GPA.

We as humans have an almost obsessive need to measure things. Who is the greatest power forward, who is the tallest, what are the top 10 movies of all time, etc etc

GPA is way to try to standardize the education experience into a quick number someone can reference. You can take it seriously or you can not, either by the time you are 30 no one will care what your GPA was so don't sweat it too much.

Subject: Re: Your College Choice

Forum: Your College Choice
Good morning Heather,

I chose Eastern Michigan for my second go around for two reasons:

First it was close/cheap so I could go there without too much of a drive and it wouldn't break my wallet.
Second was that they had late night classes. Since I was working 48 hours a week I need a college that I could schedule around my work.

Eastern was a great experience for me and i am glad that I went.

Subject: Re: How do you think the world would change if...

Forum: How do you think the world would change if...
Good morning Gelstale,

Well I am old enough to remember when there wasn't any internet. Life wasn't really all that different except that we got together and hung out in large groups more. So if there were no internet now:
I would only see 1/1000000th the number of cat and dog pictures.
Porn would go back to being in magazines and on VHS tapes
Athletes would get in a lot less trouble without twitter
I would know a lot less about male enhancement pills, girls in my area that want to hook up, and how to make 5K a week right from my desk at home.
There would be a lot less people graduating from the university of Phoenix
Hardly anyone would be compared to Hitler on a daily basis
There wouldn't be any weird old tricks to lose fat, save money on insurance, or pay off my mortgage early
Headlines would tell me what the article is actually about instead of teasing my to click on them.

Subject: Re: What Scares You Most About Your Future?

Forum: What Scares You Most About Your Future?
Good Morning Shanikaaaaa,

What a thought provoking question! I guess at my age I don't really worry about my future as much as I do my son's future. He is a very gentle soul and marches to the beat of his own drummer. I worry because he gets his feelings hurt so easily. I worry that he will fall in with a bad crowd, or become depressed or a thousand other things.
If I could live his life for him and take all the pain I would but that can't happen and he needs to find his own way in the world. That is my fear of the future.

Subject: Do you take supplements?

Forum: Do you take supplements?
Good Morning everyone,

I would like to think of my self as a rational person with a strong interest in science. This morning I realized though that I still take a fish oil supplement and a multi-vitamin every morning. The science on these is pretty sketchy yet I feel better for taking them.

So my question is do you take a supplement or vitamin daily?

Subject: Too much rape?

Forum: Too much rape?
Good morning everyone,

I don't know how many of you watch Game of Thrones of HBO. It is a fictionalized war of the roses with dragons. It is also very very popular. The last episode had yet another rape scene in it and it has gotten some people upset. A lot of the push back has been because this rape along with a couple of others was not in the original books and seems to have been added just for shock value. This brings the total rapes in this series to 4 and they are all brutal.

It isn't like this is a historical novel that is showing the some truth, it is at its heart fantasy. So my question is:

If you watch it do you think they are too gratuitous?
Even if you don't watch it should there be limits on how much violence against women should be shown?

Subject: Re: Favorite ways to unwind.....

Forum: Favorite ways to unwind.....
Good Morning justjared,

My way to unwind is to take a family walk. Gmom, Gson, the dog and I walk around the neighborhood together. We talk and laugh and generally act like fools. It is without a date some of my favorite times.

Subject: Re: Hapiness

Forum: Hapiness
Good morning Azdict,

I think I am with Mo Mo on this one. I don't think that you need to know unhappiness to know happiness. I think joy is innate within us . We can experience joy from accomplishment. When you graduate you feel joy at your achievement, not that you were unhappy in college but now you have earned your reward and therefore are joyful.

Subject: Re: Helmet Laws...What's Your Stance?

Forum: Helmet Laws...What's Your Stance?
Good morning Joyce,

Helmet laws and seat belt laws are very interesting questions. I am opposed to both on the grounds that the government should protect us against each other not against ourselves. I have insurance to pay for my medical bills so why shouldn't I be allowed to ride without a helmet?
To Jack's point about decisions not occurring in a vacuum I would say that is a really slippery slope. Jack's point is that when you don't protect yourself you burden our medical system and that effects us all. I would point out that this can also be true about eating junk food or smoking or drinking. If you live an unhealthy life style aren't you going to burden our medical system? Does that mean the government should regulate those behaviors also?
I think the burden of proof is always on the government to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that liberty must be restricted. Any law that falls short of great societal benefit or preventing a great societal harm should not be made and the individual should triumph.

Subject: Re: What Is A Compelling Reason For You to Vote?

Forum: What Is A Compelling Reason For You to Vote?
Great topic Arcane,

I tend to mix it up when it comes to voting. I try to look for posts that are thoughtful and or funny and vote for that person. I will even vote for people that I disagree with if their post is well thought out. One of the things that I like about CNet is the quality of the forums compared to most forums on the internet.

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