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Subject: Re: What Is Worse...

Forum: What Is Worse...
Hey chocolatelover! I think a stuck sneeze is a lot worse because you get that tingly sensation in your nose and when people look at you with that facial expression it looks very awkward. Plus sneezes startle me more so when it's stuck, I get scared on how it's just gonna pop out of no where and disturb the peace!

Subject: Re: LIES! Things You Say to Get Out of Work

Forum: LIES! Things You Say to Get Out of Work
Hey chi! The best things I've noticed to say would be personal problems. I would say stuff like my family member died (as bad as that sounds I don't wish anything bad for any of my family) or my car broke down is a good one. I once said that my brothers car broke down and I had to get him (the city I mentioned was like an hour away) so that was a day off. But most of the times I got out if work would be pretending I'm sick AT work because that way it's more believable. I would just be like I puked and they would just send me home after I fake to act "out of it". Some managers can be pricks though and they don't care even if your mom died. That's the type of job you need to leave ;p

Subject: Re: What Do You Use Your Cell Phone For

Forum: What Do You Use Your Cell Phone For
Hey kadman! It's funny because I get so excited when I first get a new phone. I'm like "omg, look at all these cool features and what it can do." I'll pretty much remain fixated on it for a couple of days just looking at all the things I can discover. But like all materialistic items, it seems like it gets boring after awhile and you want more, more, more. I've come to realize the only thing I use my cell phone is for texting and calling along with the occasional Facebook and some social media apps. I find it incredibly useful to find whatever information you need so I spend a lot of time reading things.. Especially about space (: I'm weird.

Subject: Re: Where are you from

Forum: Where are you from
Hey dedee (: I'm from West Bloomfield Michigan. It's something that I hate so much not because of the city because it's pretty wealthy and you have a lot of cool shops and stuff to go to, but because I don't like Michigan in general. I think anyone after spending twenty four years in something will eventually become used to its predictability and environment. But I can't hate it because I have so many memories and it's where I grew up. I always fascinated about going to Florida and I plan to transfer over there for school after experiencing it for the first time a month ago. The weather and the lively atmosphere seems convenient for someone my age ;p and the weather definitely beats driving in 3 feet of snow some parts of the year. Guess I'll have to deal with the occasional hurricanes ;p

Subject: Do you trust carnival roller coaster?

Forum: Do you trust carnival roller coaster?
I always look forward to carnivals and fairs and stuff mostly because of the social environment. I sometimes get involved with the games because they're fun and I usually get addicted and spend over a hundred dollars just to see myself lose for a teddy bear that costs ten bucks. Or usually.. Lose for a girl in which I could of used that money on a fancy date. But let me ask you, do you trust roller coasters that are built in just a couple days compared to like the expensive ones at cedar point? I'll go on the ones at cedar point but the ones at carnivals seem too sketchy.

Subject: Re: Whats your Favorite Disney movie?

Forum: Whats your Favorite Disney movie?
The lion king! Hands down. I would watch that movie when I was a little kid so much I lost count to how many times I've seen it. I was so fascinated with the story plot and always sad at the end when simbas father died. I also loved the soundtrack. Can you feel the love tonight! That's one of my favorite songs. I got the impression that lions were so nice then because the hyenas were the bad ones then I watched animal planet one time and saw a lion killing another animal and sorta looked at them as scary lol

Subject: Re: Profanity in public

Forum: Profanity in public
I would use profanity in public but I would never do it in front of children or even my step sisters and they're older. I feel like it's trashy to say words like that in front of kids. I mean some people look at it like they're going to find out about those words eventually but when they're prone to it at a young age then I think they're more likely to actually use those words in their speech everyday then just know about the words and not say them. I just don't think it's all that classy to use them in public.

Subject: Re: Do You... Type or Handwrite Your Notes?

Forum: Do You... Type or Handwrite Your Notes?
Hey chi! I would always type my notes because I was one of those people that would have handwriting that was absolutely terrible. I would never be able to read my handwriting and when things look disorganized and sloppy I wouldn't have a lot of motivation to study what I had down.

Subject: Re: To China and back....

Forum: To China and back....
Hey serenity! I would like to say that it's such a cool thing to be able to explore and see different countries. You're able to see different building structures, cultures, and how people live differently - which Is why I always wanted to leave the USA for a little and see what's out there. The only thing for me sadly is just work and school! I try to go out as much as I can and have fun like for instance, Cinco DE mayo. Unfortunately it was a bad day outside cause it was storming but we all stayed in and watched a stupid scary movie that was rated 1 star out of 5 ;p

Subject: Your favorite forum this election?

Forum: Your favorite forum this election?
So the election closes today and I was curious what was your favorite forum this week that made you think a little or maybe gave you some inspiration and confidence. It could be a comment that someone made, a general forum or anything that you learned. Shout out to "maygan" and the "rules to live by" forum made me notice things to help keep me going. And also the people that commented on it too had some great sayings. So what was yours?

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