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Subject: Re: First Car Purchase

Forum: First Car Purchase
So exciting!!! I love cars and each car I've had has had so many memories!

My first car was a 1992 Honda Prelude. It was awesome!! It was a manual transmission and I didn't know how to drive it . So I had to learn or else I'd waste $2500. It was such a strong running car. I loved it until I could upgrade to a 2003 Nissan 350z. I definitely prefer used because of depreciation. But I try my best to be sure there were not many owners and NO SMOKING!

Good luck car shopping. I can't wait to hear about your "first car" story.

Subject: Re: What to do with those used up voting codes?

Forum: What to do with those used up voting codes?
fiveRoses, you have one creative mind! This is the worst code ever, but I'll give it a shot!!


6 xrays yesterday yellowed 7 flowers that had 7 petals.

Subject: Re: Respect

Forum: Respect
Good question. Speak to them in private and keep it real without making it personal. Just let them know that you are trying to maintain a positive perspective and that their negativity is getting in the way. You appreciate their care and concern, but it is important to you that they don't harp on the negatives.

Subject: Re: Alphabetical Order Sentence Game Forum

Forum: Alphabetical Order Sentence Game Forum
"Racism is man's gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason."
-- Abraham Joshua Heschel

Subject: Re: What Are You Looking Forward To Doing?

Forum: What Are You Looking Forward To Doing?
Hey Arcane,

The gig working with the underrepresented students sounds exciting! I hope to hear about it.

I'm looking forward to three things this summer. First is a much needed break after my first year in my doctoral program. Second, I am continuing research on the underrepresentation of women in politics, and will be collecting data that will hopefully lead to a publication. Third, I am starting a garden. I love to cook, but I hate when veggies and herbs go to waste. If I have a garden, I can pick them as I need them. Most important, I'm excited for my mint plant to make some mojitos :)

Subject: Re: Is proper grammar going extinct?

Forum: Is proper grammar going extinct?
I hate that I'm seeing far more incomprehensible sentences these days. I feel like it takes more effort to misspell some of these words because it definitely takes me a lot longer to read them!

I'm very obsessive over proper grammar, so much so that my friends jump at every opportunity to correct my autocorrect (I swear it was autocorrect!). Luckily, in the workforce I have found people to still be very formal. People follow your lead. If I initiate an email that is formal, or at least grammatically correct, they will respond in the same way.

I wish I could say the same about students in my undergrad class. While they are not using text language or smiley faces in essays, they often misuse words like they're/there/their and even are/our. I spend a lot of time in the beginning of the course going over the common word differences, but these errors still happen. I can only think that they are not thinking through what they're writing -- and this may be the result of quick texting/typing that we've become used to in our personal lives.

In any event, we need to pull together and push for the continued use of proper grammar!!!

Subject: Re: What Comforts You?

Forum: What Comforts You?
Food! I love food! It is central to my family. There is no room more comforting in our homes than our kitchen. I have so many fond memories in the kitchen. My favorite is getting together with my family every year to make hundreds of pierogi that we give away to friends and family.

When my grandma got sick, my sister and I spent nights in the hospital with her going through her recipes. Her for of measurement was "until it is just right." We knew she wasn't well and we needed to know all the things about her recipes we didn't know. She did her best to give us precise measurements--she did her best. After she passed, we spent the next couple of years perfecting her recipes. The best feeling I ever received was when I finally perfected her chicken soup. My mom came over for lunch; she looked at me and said, "Oh my God. This makes me feel like I'm 8 again."

Food does funny things to us. I wrote this poem for my grandma as part of my creative writing class 10 years ago! She loved it so much she cried. I hope you enjoy and can relate.


Just daybreak,
Cloudy and cool.
Crowded around the kitchen table,
Flour fills the air.

We work as worker bees work
And we talk and laugh.
Sauerkraut sizzles
Over a sweltering flame,
In a pan so old,
So frail; nearly grey.

Potatoes boil in our Polish pot,
Not Polish in vision,
But Polish at heart.

Grandma watches over
With a keen eye,
Correcting the tiniest of error.

One sister rolls the dough,
One sister fills,
One sister folds,
And I boil, while Mom fries.

Grandma has already
Prepared the dough,
And we look over
Her shoulder
To ensure that we know

The family
Something we cherish
Something we hold
Something that makes our family

Subject: Re: Standardized Testing: WHY do we need it?!

Forum: Standardized Testing: WHY do we need it?!
Thanks for starting this forum! It's an interesting question and so many different responses, each of which I think have merit.

In my opinion, standardized tests have never been a good measure of someone's intelligence and capability. It removes all other life context from the decision and reduces the human experience to a series of multiple choice questions. But, of course, the obvious question is: If not testing, then how else do we accurately evaluate a student's intellectual abilities?

I'm happy to say my alma mater, DePaul University, transitioned to a test-optional admission application. While the university face A LOT of backlash, they chose to make this transition because they believed student performance can be evaluated in a number of different ways. They leave it open to applicants to showcase the best part of their academic achievements and petition for admission based on a variety of unique criteria. Determinants include grades/GPA, AP/honors courses, participation in extracurricular activities, service/volunteer work, work experience, and other achievements.

I believe that DePaul adopted a great and innovative practice in the admissions process, and hopefully they have set a norm that other universities will follow. They are not eliminating test scores, but they are making them optional and are flexible in how applicants are assessed. Students get to determine their own fate, highlighting the strengths in their application portfolio without stressing about standardized tests.

It may not be the best answer. It may take more administrative work. But it is better for prospective students.

Subject: Re: Rough day

Forum: Rough day
Jared, I came to check for an update and saw your news. I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in your thoughts and prayers and hope you find the opportunity to remember the good times in this moment of darkness.

Subject: Re: Returning to school as an older adult

Forum: Returning to school as an older adult
Hi Tbarber722 --

Kudos on returning to school! From my experience, adults returning to school have made some of the best students. I say this from two perspectives.

As a student I benefited from others with more life experiences sharing their perspectives on life. They proved to other students what it really means to pursue higher education because they are often balancing work, family, and education simultaneously. They are dedicated and truly insightful, adding real life experiences to the classroom.

I also speak from the perspective of a continuing and professional education director. I worked with adult students pursuing professional certificates in a variety of fields, either to advance in their career or to change careers entirely. They were unbelievably dedicated to the pursuit of education, and had clear goals in mind. We strived to apply practical learning to a classroom environment, letting students perceive coursework through the perspective of their own experiences.

It is impressive to me whenever anyone decides to return to school, at any age. My sister has three kids, and the youngest is about to start full day school. She's itching to go back to school. I hope she does! I'll be there to support her however I can. I hope you have the same support. Feel free to reach out to me as well if you need any advice or encouragement. I have some info in my profile. Good luck to you!

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