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Subject: Re: Work Hard or Study Hard

Forum: Work Hard or Study Hard
Hello high!! If I haven't already said so, welcome to CNet!!

I think there is a little truth to what both your speaker and adviser said.

Going from high school to college can be a BIG change, and this is especially true if you didn't have to study a lot in high school (like myself). College is completely different, and your classes will most likely require you to sit down and spend a few hours a day reviewing the material. Doing this and making it a habit is very hard!! This is why I think advisers say not to take on a job the first year. If you already have good study habits, then I would say go ahead, get a job your first year, and build up your resume. However, if you are unsure, then I would wait a semester to get a job to see how well you adjust.

I think the reason why people generally get a higher GPA when they do have a job is because they already adjusted and they learned to manage their time better to devote part of their time to studies and the other part of their time to work. If you have a job or some other activity to fill up your time is very easy to lose yourself in your free time and forget to study.

So if I were you, I would ask myself these questions.. "Do I have really good study habits?" "Can I manage my time very well?" "Am I good at adjusting to changes?" If the answer is no to any of these, then I would really consider holding off getting a job your first semester/year in order to give yourself some time to get used to the college life.


Subject: Re: Super Smash Bros!

Forum: Super Smash Bros!
Hello Pulsar!

A good friend of mine actually plays Smash professionally and he is reeeealllly good. I don't know if you watch others play at all, but have you heard of Zinoto?

I am not as good as him, but I definitely love playing! I guess my go-to would be Brawl because that was were I kind of started playing Smash. I would always choose Zelda/Sheik. However, I do like the new Wii U game! I really like playing Rosalina, but I have such a hard time using Luma!

I have lots of fond memories playing with my friend, boyfriend, and others. :)


Subject: Re: Lake, Ocean, or Pool?

Forum: Lake, Ocean, or Pool?
Hello Kylie Luthy, Welcome to CNet!

I have a new one for you that is my favorite: RIVERS!!

Growing up I used to go down south to participate in a historical reenactment festival with my extended family called the Batteau Festival. We would spend a week on batteau (gondola-like boat), floating down the river, and pitching tents & canopies at night along the river. Except for the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, my favorite part of the festival was swimming in the rivers!

I love the feel of swimming or drifting with the current. If you stand in the water, the water rushing against and around you is very therapeutic!

Does anyone else enjoy swimming in rivers?


Subject: Do you do enough for your loved ones?

Forum: Do you do enough for your loved ones?
Hello CNet!

Over the past year, I feel like I have been prioritizing school and work over my relationships. I am not necessarily shutting out my loved ones, but I have been thinking that I haven't been doing enough to to show them how much I love them and how thankful I am.

Some of these things include visiting my parents more and spending more time with them, calling up my sister and friends more often, and doing small, surprising romantic gestures for my boyfriend.

What about you? Do you feel like you are doing enough for your loved ones?

Subject: Re: Would you Rather...???

Forum: Would you Rather...???
Hello eskay!

Thank you for asking to play this! I love this game! :)

1. Would you rather have no one show up to the most important day of your life or your funeral?

I definitely would prefer no one showing up to my funeral. This is because I value more the presence of my loved ones and others during the most important day of my life. If they are there, then I feel loved and happy that I am able to create a wonderful memory with others.

2. Would you rather have a free plane ticket or free cruise trip?

Plane ticket!!! I haven't been on a cruise but I know they are completely over-rated. With a plane ticket you can travel anywhere you want in the world and have the opportunity to stay in a country long enough to experience its culture. You can't really do that on a cruise! Most of the time is spent lazying around on a confined ship.

3. Go back in time or to the future?

What's done in the past, so I would rather look to the future & experience it!

4. Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to fly?

Definitely flying for this one! Being invisible may have its perks but I am more terrified of the consequences such as hearing conversations I shouldn't hear and getting my feelings hurt. With flying I will have the freedom to travel places and save money on transportation!

5. Would you rather know when you're going to die or how you're going to die?

I would rather know when I die so that I can live life to isn't fullest up until that moment! If I knew how I am going to die then I will always live in fear every time that occurrence or something related happens. I wouldn't be able to live happily ever after.


Subject: What's your favorite game?

Forum: What's your favorite game?
Hello all!

I love games! I play card games, board games, table-top roleplaying games (Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer 40k), video games (LoZ), field games, you name it!

I thought it would be fun to ask what your favorite game was while growing up? Do you have any games you like playing now? What is your opinion about games from older generations? Younger generations?

We all come from different backgrounds so I would love to hear new games for me to try out with friends and family this summer!


Subject: Re: Why can money bring happiness

Forum: Why can money bring happiness
Hello Educator96,

Great question!

I took this philosophy class when I was studying abroad in Japan. In this class we talked a little bit about happiness and what makes us happy. Through much research published there is a general thinking that happiness is loosely correlated to freedom. If we feel constrained, whether by physical chains or by society norms, then we feel unhappy. Freedom is one of the many things that contribute to happiness.

I think that one of the reasons people are always chasing money is because they believe it will buy them freedom, which in some ways is true! If we don't have money then we wouldn't have food, a place to live, or access to healthy environments. Not having these essentials constrains us and makes us feel unhappy. Therefore, money does have value within our society and gives us the means to remove those chains and give us freedom & happiness. Money, however, can't solve all of our problems. Most of the issues/constraints (whatever you want to call them) that we feel are making us unhappy, have to be overcome by our own means & not by money.

Therefore, I think within this society we need a little bit of money to achieve some freedom and some level of happiness. This level plateaus off & more money won't make you happier.


Subject: Re: Are you better off as an adult?

Forum: Are you better off as an adult?
Hello Rosine!

Like marteenclearly that whether you feel happy or sad is all about how you perceive your current situation and life. This is influenced by your previous experiences, upbringing, and many other factors. So my answer: it depends!

Another advantage is the freedom to travel! Kids have a lot of difficulty traveling on their own to new places, and I think that parents who don't travel with their kids are putting them at a huge disadvantage. Therefore, becoming an adult gives us the experience & freedom we need to travel to new places and experience new things!

For me personally, I am definitely happier today than I was a year ago! Within this last year I completed my dream of studying abroad in Japan and traveling to new countries, I graduated from my undergrad & received my degree, and I finally got an engineering job working for a small company! I have completed so many great things there is no reason I shouldn't be miserable. I feel so blessed, and I am happy that I am able to realize that!

I do think however that children are able to experience happiness better than adults. As adults we tend to let ourselves think that we don't deserve happiness or I can't be happy right now because XYZ. Kids don't have this mindset! They brained isn't wired this way (at least not yet), and if something makes them happy, they embrace it and let their feelings show.

Everyone thinks the grass is always greener on the other side. We think if we get that pay raise or buy expensive items, then it will make us feel better. I think that if I lost a little weight and have that beach body, then I will feel much happier. However, that is not the case. Me having a muffin top isn't the reason I am unhappy & eating ice cream from the carton.

I think when I feel unhappy its because I don't give enough time to my family & time to improve my body's health. If I give more time to those two things, then I think I will feel much happier!

There is nothing in this universe or the next that I would trade away for my happiness!!!


Subject: Re: Once sentence story, rhyme time!

Forum: Once sentence story, rhyme time!
After hours past and the sun had dropped, the boy knew the fun couldn't last, so he made one last swing and jumped off but flopped!

Subject: How/Will you parent your kids about sex?

Forum: How/Will you parent your kids about sex?
Hello all!

I came across an interesting article by the Huffington Post about Sex-Positive Parenting:


When I grew up neither of my parents never really gave me the "sex-talk." I think they relied on the school for the most part, and a lot of the things I learned were from TV or the internet. I won't get into the details why, but I wish my parents had taught me some of the principles explained in this article. When I become a parent, I want to be very open with my kids, so I want to be able to educate them about sex and follow sex-positive parenting.

What about you? What do you think of this? Will you or did you take a different stance or use a different when teaching your kids?


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