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Subject: Are You a Dog or Cat Lover?

Forum: Are You a Dog or Cat Lover?
Hi CNet!

So anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE animals! (I want to be a veterinarian so it makes sense haha) I always get this question for some reason. First of all I like all animals, but I'm definitely a dog lover (probably because I've never had a cat). Dogs are so loyal and are always seeking for your attention. They love to spend time with you, and they make great family pets. Of course cats are great too, but they are a little too independent and distant for me. But I guess it depends on the cat or dog.

So the question is are you a dog or cat lover and why?

I can't wait to hear your responses!


Subject: Re: I almost pooped my pants..

Forum: I almost pooped my pants..
Hi courtcong,

Omg I'm glad that you made it the toilet! Hahaha, I know how you feel girl. Last year I took speech in college, and I was always super nervous! (I'm kinda shy) So everytime I had a speech that day I would get bad diarrhea before class! Its kinda embarrassing to tell but at least I never pooped in class. And I made an A for speech!

Thanks for sharing your story! Have a great day.


Subject: Re: Is there a meaning to life? If so, what is it?

Forum: Is there a meaning to life? If so, what is it?
Hey Whitner,

I think there is a meaning to life but that its different for everyone just like DNAsteel said. For me the meaning of life is getting what its worth out your life by making yourself happy and being the best person you can be. I also think that its important to help out others.

Great forum. Have a great day!


Subject: Re: What's the oldest age you would like to reach?

Forum: What's the oldest age you would like to reach?
Hi Joeze,

I would like to make it to at least my mid-80s. I wouldn't want to live past that simply because thats when you start to have a lot more physical limits. I wouldn't want to spend the res of my years after that bedridden. But I'll be happy with whatever I get.

Great forum. Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Popularity

Forum: Popularity
Hi Amber,

I agree with scervantes3, I think networking is important, but its not necessarily has to do with popularity. As long as the people who are truly important to me accept me then I don't care about being popular. Being popular isn't always a bad thing, depending on what kind of person you are. However, its important to be wary of the people you take in as friends. Peer pressure and popularity go hand in hand.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Living to others expectations

Forum: Living to others expectations
Hi cynthialara,

Ever since I was in elementary school I've wanted to be a veterinarian. Of course my parents were completely fine with that since they know that I LOVE animals (vets make a lot of money too). It's the pressure that comes with that is what gets me. My family and friends now have huge expectations of me to do well academically and sometimes its hard to do well all the time. But I'll keep working hard at it!

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Weirld foods you LOVE!

Forum: Weirld foods you LOVE!
Hi jawarrior!

Hahahahaha! You have quite the peculiar taste in food girly. Interesting! Sadly I'm not as interesting as you when it comes to peculiar taste in food. I guess the weirdest one is that I like to eat beef at same time while I'm eating ice cream lol.

Have a great day! Keep on trying!


Subject: Re: Do you order the same thing at a restaurant?

Forum: Do you order the same thing at a restaurant?
Hi HoangryKH,

You know before I use to do that, and it would drive insane! I would always chicken out and get what I usually get. But now Iv'e gotten tired eating the same thing everytime ironically. So now I get something different everytime I go a restaurant. Except the lasagna frita at Olive Garden, it's too good miss out on!

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Flu season again!?

Forum: Flu season again!?
Hi francinelowe,

Iv'e only had to get my flu shot once, and that was only because I needed it as a requirement to enter college. I'm not sure how well they work, but on the news last year they were talking about how it make you more prone to the flu. I don't like to spend unnecessary amount of money if I'm not sick.

Have a great day!


Subject: What Are Your Silliest Childhood Fears?

Forum: What Are Your Silliest Childhood Fears?
Hi CNet!

So when I was younger, I use to be scared of practically everything! Some these fears are normal, and others not so much. Heres my list:

1)Swiper from Dora (He's so creepy! He's always creeping on Dora.)

2)People dressed as Santa or the Easter Bunny (Every kid remembers having to take pictures with them lol)

3)Him from the Power-puff Girls (Do I even need to say more?)

4)Playing with other kids (I was very shy back then haha)

5)A watermelon growing in my stomach when I eat the seeds

6)People taking my nose off (Remember that phrase "Got your nose)

Theres more but these are the ones that came off the top of my head. So what are silliest fears as a child?

I can't wait to hear your responses!


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