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Subject: Re: When you meet the right person...

Forum: When you meet the right person...
Do you believe there's a "right person" or "The One" out there for you?
- I am married. So obviously I feel like the man I married is the perfect fit for me. He balances my personality, challenges me, and guides me when I need advice. However, I do not necessarily believe in "THE ONE" or "FATE". Even though him and I have a story that would suggest fate, I feel like it was our personalities and beliefs that brought us together the most. Honestly, either one of us would probably have married someone with the same qualities and beliefs if we had not found each other. I believe it is those characteristics that really put two people together, but there can be more than one person out there with those same qualities. I love my husband with all my heart, but both him and I believe that while we are right for each other (and happy about it), it probably wasn't chance or fate or being "the one" that caused anything. It was getting to know each other, connecting through faith and beliefs, building a friendship, and being attracted to one another.

Do you need chemistry for a relationship to work?
- There definitely has to be some chemistry, and chemistry is a mix of physical attraction and being drawn to someone because of who they are on the inside. But BOTH have to be there. It would not be easy to be with someone forever who you did not really find physically appealing. Likewise, it would be difficult to be with someone who was not emotionally or mentally stimulating to you as well.

Do you think relationships are only successful based on the amount of work put into them?
- Relationships, especially ones leading to marriage and then being marriage, are successful because of work. Life throws a lot in your way and how you and your partner handle all situations will depend on your success. It is easy to give up and leave. But that also shows how little you cared for that person. What is beautiful and rewarding is facing a problem, big or small, with someone, pushing through it together, and coming out together in the end. It is very hard, but from the work you grow and learn more about each other, which makes your relationship stronger.

Subject: Re: Do you text and drive?

Forum: Do you text and drive?
Unfortunately, I do text and drive. It has become a bad, and illegal, habit. I am improving though. I don't put my phone close by anymore so I am not as tempted. But I do still occasionally text at stop lights, which is dumb.
I don't like that I have this habit, and I am trying to work hard to not do it anymore. My husband has the same problem as well, and he is doing far better than I at resisting to touch the phone while in the car.
It definitely isn't right to text and drive.
I've never known anyone who has been in a wreck or anything from texting and driving, but it is highly distracting and dangerous. So I am kind of surprised that it hasn't hit close to home. But it is not "simple multitasking." Not even close. It is complex and horribly distracting.

Subject: Re: First kiss

Forum: First kiss
My first kiss was my preschool - 1st grade boyfriend named Johnny. We were young but we did everything together. He even picked out valentine and birthday presents for me by himself. He was really bummed, especially for his young age, when I called it off in the first grade. I still can see his sad/surprised face when I had my best friend tell him I didn't want to be his girlfriend anymore.

Oddly enough, he was my last boyfriend until I was a sophomore in college. Then I dated a guy, named John. I guess he was my "real" first kiss. Although, looking back, I probably didn't like him nearly as much as I liked pre-school Johnny. My last first kiss was by my husband who, you guessed it, is named Johnny. This is not pre-school Johnny. Although, I am his friend on Facebook. I guess I just always had a thing for guys named John/Johnny.

Subject: Bad News is Bad News

Forum: Bad News is Bad News
Do you ever just get sick and tired of the News? I try to keep up with everything going on the country/world. I think it is important to be informed. However, I can literally become depressed, frustrated, or angry the more I read/watch.
What about you? Do you keep up with events? How do you not dwell on it? Should we be reading/watching so much about what is going on? Is it bad to avoid the news for a while?

Subject: Re: Movie of Your Life...

Forum: Movie of Your Life...
My life would be a continual comedy/romantic comedy. There has been some drama in my past, but there have always been funny moments to balance all the drama out. Also, the way my husband and I met/got together/and still act together is one funny moment after another.

Great question!!

Subject: Re: Whats your Favorite Disney movie?

Forum: Whats your Favorite Disney movie?
Lion King. Hands down, it is and will always be the best Disney movie. In fact, just the other day I heard the "Circle of Life" and felt a strong urge to watch the movie. Disney had other good ones, for sure. The 90's were full of good ones. But Lion King will always be the winner of this list.

Subject: Re: Do/did you have your kids' names picked out?

Forum: Do/did you have your kids' names picked out?
We don't have kids, but my husband and I talk about names sometimes. We come up with some pretty good ones. However, he is bent on naming one Espn....get it? ESPN! I've said no to this several times. But he insists it could at least be a middle name.
As you can see, I've married a goofball. But there is no way my child will be named Espn.
Otherwise, he is really good at coming up with names.

Subject: Re: "Temporary" People you Meet in your 20's

Forum: "Temporary" People you Meet in your 20's
Only one of my closest friends towards the end of college was actually my friend Freshman year. The rest were all fairly new to my life. I've lost touch with most of them, but the true ones that became more like family are still really close to me even though we all live in different places.
This post reminded me of a very "temporary" friend I had my senior year of college. We had the same major, so we had a lot of classes together. For a few months we were almost inseparable. But then the person did a complete 180 and became the biggest jerk I've ever known in my life. Needless to say, we haven't spoken since he made me really mad towards the end of the school year. In a way, it makes me sad because we ended on really bad terms, but at the same time, it showed me who he really was and how I don't need someone like that in my life. I am thankful he was only a temporary friend. But he did teach me a lesson.

Subject: Re: Tell me about your student loans

Forum: Tell me about your student loans
I have federal loans from my undergrad years. I went to a private college, and while I got a lot of it paid for via scholarships and grants, the $40,000/year tuition meant I also would have to take out some loans. Over all I have about $25,000 worth of loans left to pay off.
It has not really complicated things too badly. My husband didn't realize how much I owed until after we got married, and he saw how much came out of the bank every month for it. But we budget so we do okay.
It's more of a personal burden to me. I really don't like having that much debt. It's like having a black cloud follow me around all the time. Plus, now that I am going back to get a Masters I worry about even more loans. I worry about never being able to have kids because of my loans taking so much money out of our wallets. But hopefully by the time kids come into question, we will have other debt paid off so it won't be too bad. Plus, I KNOW that in 10 years it will be paid off. That can seem like a long way away, but hopefully it isn't. Haha.
Who knows, maybe after I get my Master's and get a high paying job, I might be able to pay everything off sooner.
If I could go back I would have worked some on nights and weekends to start paying off debts while still in college. And I would have been much more proactive in applying for any scholarships and grants I could find.

Subject: Re: Do You... Type or Handwrite Your Notes?

Forum: Do You... Type or Handwrite Your Notes?
Handwriting my notes always helped me more than typing. The only time I would type out notes was when I had to make my own study guide for an exam. I feel like typing doesn't help you concentrate as well as writing does. Also, computers just have way too much distraction associated with them. My notebook doesn't have Facebook, e-mail, etc. And although we deny it, we ALL KNOW that people do that stuff in class when their laptop is out.

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