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Subject: Re: Too much vitamin D?

Forum: Too much vitamin D?
"Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon."

Based from this important fact I took out from a website, it really dangerous for everyone that is exposed UV rays for a long period of time especially between 2pm-5pm.
If you do not have the chance to work indoors I would highly recommend you to wear a hat, look for the best sunscreen, maintain in the shades when you can, and use sunglasses as you can help the eyes and cover the sensitive skin around.

~God bless you.

Subject: Re: First Car Purchase

Forum: First Car Purchase
Greetings and good evening.
Having a car really is a big deal, it is a form of transportation that is valuable when you have to go from one place to another. Without a car you are to stay at home most of the time, I think car means to be independent and to start doing things by your own.

I am going to take my driving test this month, so I am eager to get a car of my own one day, but first I have appreciate and drive the car my dad purchased so I could lean to drive. This care is a Scion tc, it is the first car I am driving.

~God bless you.

Subject: Re: What Attracts You?

Forum: What Attracts You?
This is an interesting topic because everyone has their own little preferences depending on the way they are. I can see how each and every one of us different when being attracted to a person's attributes, physically or mentally.

I am attracted to cute girls that are my age but look younger. It makes me blush when I see girls like that in my school or anywhere. Especially when they laugh and smile. I am use to smiling when I see a person for the first time. This makes them wonder why I am smiling, for who or for what? I do this because that is what attractive girls have to do in order to capture my attention.

~God bless you.

Subject: Rape

Forum: Rape
According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Criminal Victimization Survey, in 2012, there were 346,830 reported rapes or sexual assaults of persons 12 years or older 17.
As a human being, I am aware of the severity of this topic, so I would like to do something about it.

What would you do to prevent these incidents from happening? Is the internet playing a huge for the cases of assaults?

~God bless you.

Subject: Re: Racial injustices or just another headline

Forum: Racial injustices or just another headline
Good statistic, it makes a lot of sense now. This means African Americans are more likely to be targeted by cops. I think racism still exists in the United States and people are trying to show this by being violent towards the minority race which in this case are black people. Being a cop, is a great responsibility because they have more authority than normal civilians to make decisions. They abuse that power and use it to harm and state that they are the law and that you cannot do anything about it.

~God bless you.

Subject: Re: Long Life vs the Good Life

Forum: Long Life vs the Good Life
I would rather live the long life..I am 18 years old, but I am getting old so I am thinking like an adult now. I take better decisions and act with maturity in everything I do. Making the right choices can expand your life span.

~God bless you.

Subject: Re: Jealousy in a Relationship

Forum: Jealousy in a Relationship
Hello Michaela, always glad to see you here!:)))

I think your friend should get over it. Jealousy is the number one problem why couples break up, I just do not understand why are people so tenting in thinking the worse things. If she has been friends with this girl than she should know how she is and work out things, simply by letting it pass and not think what could there be between her boyfriend and her friend.

If she is still jealous, I think she should talk to this girl and put things clear on the table with sincerity.
Good luck.

~God bless you.

Subject: Re: The First Female President

Forum: The First Female President
Welcome drewmcmurtry.

I think America is ready because the country has been through a lot these couple of past centuries and I think it should be good to try something different. Mrs. Clinton as a woman, would bring a different kind of view to this nation. We already had our first African American President, so why not a woman? Is it because of her gender? Way of thinking? More sensitive??

~God bless you.

Subject: Alone At Home

Forum: Alone At Home
My dad is going overseas tomorrow for a month to my country and the house is going to be empty for all by myself ...just thinking about it makes me wonder what should I do???

If you could be home alone, with no parents or siblings for a whole month, WHAT WOULD YOU DO??

Have a better party than project x?
Eat junk food all over your house?
Have sleepovers with guys/girls or mixed;)??
Rent farm animals and sing cowboy songs?

Or just...
Have a nice and simple afternoon tea with your friends?

Come up with the crazies ideasss!!xD

Subject: Re: Lost Dog

Forum: Lost Dog
dennissj-Yes that is very true, people get more motivated when they see those kind of signs. Very sad to hear that story..it really is stupid of that person to do that. If it was my dog inside the care, he would have attacked that person. Welcome!

3blackdogs-You sure do have some smart dogs! My dog would just run to the street, that is why he cannot be alone most of the time.

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