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Subject: Re: Would you ever do a long distance relationship?

Forum: Would you ever do a long distance relationship?
Good morning Westbfieldla123!

Let me start by saying I live in Wyoming, most of the towns here have a small population and we ended up traveling many hours for school sports events. When I was in school, my first love was a long distance relationship. We lasted for about 3 years before our stupidity of being young caused us to loose sight of why we loved eachother so much. I've had several other long distance relationships, many of which were started online with people whom I had never physically met before.

Any advice?
-Yes, I've got a couple tips that will help you really determine if this relationship is able to to withstand a long distance separation.
1. It sounds like you have not physically met yet, I know it sounds cliche but I am dead serious when I say meet in a public place for the first time.
2.Do no jump into a relationship right away online. Take the time to meet several times and spend time with another. A person can be VERY different online then they are in person. If the person likes you as much as you do them, then they should understand and be willing to wait before making things official.
3.Communication. This is key to any relationship and is pretty straight forward. Talk about your wants, needs, and future plans.

Would you go for it? Even despite school and all that stuff. Would a relationship be able to be maintained if the love is strong enough?
-I feel that if you take the slow and steady, and bare in mind my advice that yes, a long distance relationship can be successful.

Subject: Re: I haven't a thing to wear!!

Forum: I haven't a thing to wear!!
Good morning fiveRose!

I understand your pain with the weather, I leave in Wyoming, it was hailing last night. I remember a year where we had snow on the fourth of July.

What's in your closet?
-My closet is mainly for things that don't fold well enough to go in the dresser, coats, cardigans, scarfs, dresses, etc.

Did spring arrive and get greeted by some great stuff from last year?
-Yes, I can totally start to wear my dresses now. I love sun dresses and now its warm enough (and I have a tan) that I can wear them again. So happy. ^_^

Did some nice warm days remind you, Oh I need new shorts?
-I actually bought two pairs of shorts for work before I started so I didn't have that thought when the warm weather hit, but I did have it. I really need some skirts thought, maybe a new bikini, and a sun dress.

Have you put away all your heavy sweaters already?
-No, like I mentioned before, Wyoming weather is insane, and I know the moment I pack something away that I will need it.

Do you keep your winter stuff away from you summer stuff or does it all get put in the closet or dresser together?
-It all gets mixed together. For a girl I really don't have a whole lot of clothing, but I would say 75% of it is summer clothes, which I then just layer and make it appropriate for winter.

Do you live in southern Cal, Texas, or Florida where you don't have to worry about winter as much?
-I lived in Southern Mississippi a few years ago, and this is the reason why I have more summer clothing than winter. When I lived down there what I considered winter clothing was jeans, and I had a single winter jacket. Beyond that, it was too warm to wear much else. When I came back up north thought, It was rough getting used to winter again and having to bundle up.

Subject: Re: Am I lookin' good?

Forum: Am I lookin' good?
Good morning Eball!

If I am headed out to work, I generally do not care so long as I have work-safe clothing. The same goes for if I want to go to the grocery store, I will totally do so in pjs and not care. If I want to go out to eat at a sit down restaurant or go get a drink with my friends, then I totally care and take the time to find something nice to wear, do my hair and make-up.

With my two jobs being 1. Landscaping and 2. Lifeguarding, I mean I end the day covered in dirt no matter how careful I am with the first and the second we have uniforms and a high probablility of having to become soaked at a moments notice.

Subject: On budget, on the go, healthy lunch ideas.

Forum: On budget, on the go, healthy lunch ideas.
Good morning Cnet, let's start the new week off with a more fun set of questions. I need some ideas for when I am packing my lunches for work. The past two weeks I've been doing various wraps because they are healthier than sandwiches and still easy to eat, but right now I'm starting to get a little wrapped-out.

What is your favorite lunch to make?

Do you have any suggestions for me on what I can make for lunch that is relatively cheap and healthy?

Subject: Finding the time

Forum: Finding the time
Hiya Cnet, are you ready to start the week again?

In my last topic I mentioned that I am working a lot of hours between two jobs. I know that many of you also work multiple jobs and/or have children or people that you need to take care of.

My question for you is, how/when do you find the time for Cnet amongst everything else that you awesome people juggle?

My original strategy was to post at night when I get done from work, but seeing as I am having issues with being consistent, it's obviously not working out, I'm too wiped out by the time I get a chance to sit down. So this week I will try posting in the morning before work. Let's see if I can wake myself up early enough to do so. Hahaha.

Subject: Re: How alike are you to your zodiac sign?

Forum: How alike are you to your zodiac sign?
Hiya RoverRedRover!!

I am very much like both of my signs. I am a Scorpio and born the year of the horse. Like the horse I am hard working and try my best to be a very humble person. I'd also like to believe like the horse I am intelligent and friendly. My star sign says that my strengths are that I am loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant, and dynamic. I believe that holds true. My weaknesses are jealousy, suspicious, and unyielding, those are also true.

Subject: Re: Fun day/ fun night activies

Forum: Fun day/ fun night activies
Hiya Rosine!

So what activities do you enjoy doing on a Friday night?
-Well this weekend consists of going out to dinner with a long time friend and taking advantage of a local 2 for 1 special at a super nice restaurant because its off-season for us. Then heading out to a classy bar for some drinks and dancing.

What activities do you do with your family or by yourself?
-On my own I usually will read a book, take a long walk, play video games, play my violin, play with the pets. With my family we usually watch movies together or go on hikes, it's been a very long time since we've actually played a game together and I think it was on the Wii.

Do you like board games? Do you have any suggestions on some good games for children under 12?
-Yes I love board games, but people don't like to play with me because I'm a strategist and usually win. Let's see there is Monopoly, Candy Land, Twister, Uno, War(card game), Speed(card game). Depending on the type of child, I've also played Dungeons and Dragons with younger kids. They really get into it, but if you haven't played before then it's kind of hard to host. If the weather is nice go outside and play tag, or take some thin thin rope and attach it to a small dowel on both ends and make massive bubbles. Or just lay down and find the shapes in the clouds.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Subject: Work-oholic is me.

Forum: Work-oholic is me.
Hiya Cnet! Happy Friday!!!

I have only a few minutes until my break is over at work, but I wanted to know, do any of you ever work yourself to the bone for something you really want?

Right now I am juggling my landscaping job (full time) and a lifeguarding job (part time). Some weeks I average close to 70ish hours, and I'm dragging to and from bed when I get home after taking care of the house and feeding my little sister and the pets.

I'm doing all of this so I can have enough money to move and start school again this fall. I refuse to take out any loans. It's just not an option. I am not increasing my debt, I'm still trying to pay off the debt from my two associates degrees.

Subject: Re: Too much vitamin D?

Forum: Too much vitamin D?
Thank you everyone for the replies. I'm trying to post while on my break at work so unfortunately I cannot address everyone separately. I will definitely look into all of those links. My biggest issue though is my ears. I put sunscreen on them heavily but they are still super crispy and to the point where it hurts. I can't wear a hat because it would get in the way, I'm climbing under trees and stuff to weed out these garden beds. I do not get the opportunity to switch out of the sun with someone because we are all out in the sun or rain together. We do just gardening, there are other crews for mowing and house keeping.

So any suggestions on how to heal my poor ears or prevent them from getting more burnt? I've tried covering them with medical tape, slathering sun screen, they are still super burnt.

Subject: Re: First Car Purchase

Forum: First Car Purchase
Hiya Destinb,

Technically my first car was a 2001 Honda Civic, which was given to me by my parents, but the title was never transferred into my name because of an accident that totaled the car, so it really wasn't mine by ownership.

The first car I bought was a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer. This was a company car for the construction company my dad worked for. It had all new tires, new battery, and was at 187,000 miles. I bought it for $2500, and I had very little go wrong with it. Most were minor things that were fixed fairly cheaply. I actually just sold the car after having it for 5ish years for $1500, it was at 192, 000 miles.

My current car was used, but I really consider it new because it only had 38,000 miles one it and one previous owner. I now own a 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid. After taxes it ended up being just under $16,000. I drive a lot now, so despite the car payment, I actually save money when comparing my gas receipts.

If I had my way, I would always buy a new car. I know it costs more, and it loses value the moment you drive it off the lot, but I have just a better peace of mine knowing that someone else didn't abuse the car before me.

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