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Subject: Re: ~ First Kiss ~

Forum: ~ First Kiss ~

Thats such a cute first kiss story!

My first kiss was with my friend Sarah in 8th grade. This was before I knew I identified as Bi-sexual, but anyway, we were watching 500 Days of Summer and giggling and something and she just leaned over and kissed me. It was so sweet and a really wonderful first kiss.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Paper v. Electronic Books

Forum: Paper v. Electronic Books
Hello Hannah!

So I prefer paperback, because the smell is nice and there's something about having a real book in your hands that is so special.

But I also know that electronic books are better for the environment and less expensive. So if it a very important book I will buy a hard copy but if it isn't and it's less important I will get a digital copy!

Have a good day!

Subject: Re: Favorite holiday & why?!

Forum: Favorite holiday & why?!
Hello james!

Not to jump on the band wagon here but my favorite holiday is also Christmas! I love the songs, the movies, the happiness, all of it! My mom also does ana amazing job of decorating so it's quite fun to visit her. She also bakes crazy amazing holiday goodies that I always bring back home with me.

I also really love Saint Patrick's Day. It's one of my families favorites. We all get together and have corned beef and potatoes and soda bread. It's a must to wear green and celebrate st pattys day in my family.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Describe your favorite outfit...

Forum: Describe your favorite outfit...
Hello jessica!

When I'm just lounging around I also am just in shorts and shirt. It's just so comfy and there's no one to impress ya know.

For work my go to outfit is one of my dresses with a cardigan. I have a couple work dresses and then otherwise jeans a nice blouse works well.

For going out my go to is high waisted shorts, and bandeau and a light cover up. (At least for summer) for winter it's probably jeans a sweater!

Have a good Wednesday! Thanks for the forum!

Subject: Favorite Romantic Comedy?

Forum: Favorite Romantic Comedy?
Whether you a romance fan or not we all have a favorite romantic comedy. What's yours? Why is it your favorite?

Mine is definitely either You've Got Mail with Tom Hanks or Sabrina (the Harrison Ford version)! My dad loves those films too.

Happy Wednesday!

Subject: Re: What kind of laptop do you use?

Forum: What kind of laptop do you use?
Hello Autumn!

My mom has an hp pavilion too! Maybe that's a computer mom's seem to have!

I have an Hp, it's pretty old, I mean it still has a DVD slot in it (which can be nice at times) and it is quite heavy so that makes taking it to classes really hard. I really would prefer a lighter one.

I have some cute stickers on it though that I really like.

Have a good night!

Subject: Re: How do you deal with stress

Forum: How do you deal with stress
Hey Love!

Oi I am a stress ball sometimes. It's really rough and I feel like I sort of do it myself.

But since I've deal with a lot I also have practice handeling it. Working out is SUCH a good way to deal with stress.

Also tea is quite nice for stress, and a good movie to go with it. It must be a happy movie though, like Clue or Tangled!

Have a great night!

Subject: Re: What is your favorite color and why?

Forum: What is your favorite color and why?
Hello allminesunshine,

Oh my I didn't know lots of those things about the color purple. That's wonderful. And I'm sure your hair looks amazing, I would dye my hair pink if I could!

My favorite color is green. Like a dark emerald or forest green. It's my birthstone color and I just love how vibrant and calming it makes me feel. I also have green eyes, which makes me happy because I get them from my mom.

Green means serenity and peace in some places of the world. It also means renewal and growth. But it also mean jealousy and greed. I think the fact that it can mean opposite things really represents me because I am a gemini

Have a lovely day!

Subject: Re: How much does age matter?

Forum: How much does age matter?
Hello Tera!

I agree, age shouldn't be be that big of a deal. Once your of legal age I think it means real little.

I hope I get to date an older man in my lifetime. That sounds really nice. Though I think you can still be sort of dumb even older I do think there is a maturity level that comes with getting older and that would be so nice in a relationship.

Especially if he's like a silver fox, like a James Spader character or someone like that.

Have a good day!

Subject: Where do you work?

Forum: Where do you work?
Where do you work? Do you like where you work? How much do you have to work?

I'm about to go into my job at my university's Financial Aid department! I'm a student worker there.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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