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Subject: Re: Favorite Music Playlists

Forum: Favorite Music Playlists
Thank you both for the suggestions! I will definitely have to look up some of the songs and playlists when I get home from work today. I tend to love music that I can relate to in one way or another, or that makes me "feel" something. Have a wonderful day!


Subject: Re: What makes popular music so popular?

Forum: What makes popular music so popular?
I'm someone who loves some of the popular music and some of the not-so-popular music. Sometimes the lyrics of some of the popular stuff just might be the lyrics that tear me in two and are the ones that I relate to. I like a good beat, but I rarely fall in love with a song until I hear lyrics that I connect to somehow. In fact, the song "All Too Well" by Taylor Swift is one that will cut me to the core because I relate to the lyrics so much and I feel like they could have been written about a point in my life. But many people think I'm crazy for finding a Taylor Swift song meaningful. To each their own! :)


Subject: Re: I want Ice Cream...

Forum: I want Ice Cream...
I love ice cream and I, too, have been craving it a lot lately. I also crave food/sweets when stressed. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate peanut butter. It's chocolate with a ribbon of peanut butter going through it. Yummy! I tend to enjoy my ice cream in a bowl. Having a cone isn't a big deal to me. I'll take as many scoops as I can get! :) And I'm not really into toppings either, just give me the ice cream. Hmm...I might have to go get some now. I hope things improve!


Subject: Re: I can count my friends on 1 hand! How about you?

Forum: I can count my friends on 1 hand! How about you?
I have very few friends. I'd actually like to have more but I'm very shy and introverted so I find it hard to meet people. Also I feel like I don't have a lot in common with other women my age because most of them in my area are married with children and I am not. But what it really comes down to is my lack of people skills/shyness, I think. I need to remember to appreciate the ones I have!


Subject: Re: Have you ever.....?

Forum: Have you ever.....?
Hey Jared,

Nice topic...I like these kinds of forums and finding out more about others.

traveled abroad? Yes, I went to Japan nearly ten years ago. I really love to travel and I want to visit so many more countries

lied about your age? Yes, when I was young and wanted to be older

gotten a tattoo? Yes, I have two and plan on getting another one this weekend

laughed so hard that you cried? No, but I have laughed so hard that I hiccuped!

broken a bone? No

tripped going up the stairs? Oh yes

been lost (interpret however you wish)? Yes, in many different ways

volunteered your time to help others? No but I probably should

met anyone 'famous'? Yes

borrowed something but forgot to give it back? Yes

wanted to go to space? No

given a 'false' compliment to someone? Yes

created something using your own design? (can be related to building something, a unique food recipe, art project, etc.) Yes

made an unexpected friend? Yes

found 'true love'? No

pondered the meaning of life? Yes

gone out of your way to please someone? Yes, all too often. I'm kind of a pushover.

done anything extremely risky or dangerous? Yes, but I didn't realize just how risky it was at the time.

Subject: Favorite Music Playlists

Forum: Favorite Music Playlists
Hey Everyone!

Long time no see! Well, I was going to take a week off and here it is, almost two months later. I have been pretty busy but I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. I hope everyone is having a great summer, so far.

I've mentioned before that I love music, and right now I have the "Hot Country" music playlist playing on Spotify. I'm always looking for new songs to listen to, though, and I like many different genres. So everyone, what are some of your favorite Spotify playlists? Or songs and music playlists in general, if not on Spotify? Have a wonderful week and good luck everyone!


Subject: Good luck everyone - I'm out this week

Forum: Good luck everyone - I'm out this week
Between work and life in general I'm pretty stressed so I think I'm going to take the week off CNet. Good luck to everyone - I may be on occasionally and to vote. Have a wonderful week!


Subject: Re: Alphabetical Order Sentence Game Forum

Forum: Alphabetical Order Sentence Game Forum
Silence speaks a thousand words.

Come on guys let's make it to Z!

Subject: Re: Do you drink sodas?

Forum: Do you drink sodas?
Currently I'm drinking a can of diet Coke. I try to limit my soda intake to one a day at the most. That probably sounds like a lot but there was a time where I'd drink a minimum of two a day, sometimes up to four. I know it's certainly not the best thing for me and my teeth though so I've tried to cut back, and there are now a lot of days where I don't have any. Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Its for a good cause =)

Forum: Its for a good cause =)
How about a marathon of bowling? Except I really do like bowling. But after a marathon of it I probably would feel like it was torture.

I would also donate blood, which is somewhat torturous. However because of all my medications I don't believe I am eligible.


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