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Subject: Voices In The Hallway

Forum: Voices In The Hallway
The school year for high schoolers is winding down and will soon come to an end. There's something about this season that is magical to me. Instantly, I am brought back to my senior year in high school. I remember being so excited to graduate. My life was about to change drastically, and I had my whole life ahead of me. I hear voices in the hallway, murmurs of anticipation. We are so ready for summer and for what's beyond this school year.

This season in my life was exciting, but not everyone shares that experience. Some seniors don't want to graduate for fear of what's beyond. Some students won't really be free. They will merely go back home to their challenging circumstances. Maybe high school was even their only escape from life's troubles.

I'm curious to hear about what high school was like for you. What was (or is) your senior year in high school like? What feelings did you experience as you awaited graduation? Was this season an uplifting experience or a challenging time?

Have a nice Friday!


Subject: Re: Traveling experiences/Where would you go?

Forum: Traveling experiences/Where would you go?
Hey everyone,

First of all, Summer, that was a wonderful story! I met my wife in Alaska, but I wasn't traveling. We honeymooned in India though. That was an amazing experience. We stayed in Kolkata (Calcutta) where Mother Teresa started Missionaries of Charity. We volunteered at the house of the destitute and dying. Romantic, huh? Seriously, though, this was a powerful experience and a great way to begin our marriage together. When we volunteered, we visited with people who were very ill, smiled with them, fed them, held their hands, and massaged their heads. This was a very humbling experience we will never forget. We also enjoyed some touristy things while in India: Chai tea right off the street in a little disposable clay cup, crossing the streets like a live game of Frogger, and bartering for clothes and trinkets. I wouldn't call our honeymoon relaxing, but we grew a lot and created an experience we will always hold close to our hearts!


Subject: Re: Are Watches Making A Comeback?

Forum: Are Watches Making A Comeback?
Pagers? What are those? I completely forgot pagers! I do remember them, but I never had one. I never even owned a cell phone until I was in my early 20s.

I agree with you about the iWatch. I would never buy one. I think it's more of a fad than something that would improve my life.

FiveRoses, you also mentioned clips. I have had clips that came with phone cases or phones, but I never liked how they felt. I'm more of a phone in the pocket type of person.

Have a nice day!


Subject: Re: Life

Forum: Life
Hey Erin,

I was thinking about writing a similar post this morning. I was just thinking about the monotony and busyness of daily life. I think we all fall into this trap at some point or another. I'm talking about the days of waking up early and tired, getting through work or school, coming home, watching tv and resting, taking care of errands and chores, going to sleep, and then repeating that same process over and over. That's where I'm at right now, and I'm getting tired of it! I think it's important to be tired for the right reasons. That's what living life to the fullest means to me. I need to break out of the monotony. I need to go for a run or a hike after work. These small steps are what bring me closer to living life to the fullest.

Have a nice and meaningful day!


Subject: Are Watches Making A Comeback?

Forum: Are Watches Making A Comeback?
A long, long time ago, our society wore bracelets that told time. These bracelets were known as watches. Everyone wore watches! Some obscure folks carried pocket watches, but the majority of people wore watches on their wrists. Over the years, this trend lost it's steam as cell phones stole center stage. The need for watches faded as people grew accustomed to using their cell phones to tell time.

More recently, though, Apple has announced the release of a new product called the iWatch. The iWatch is worn on the wrist and tells time in addition to many of the same functions that are shared with the iPhone.

What do you think of the new iWatch? Will watches become the norm once again? Would you buy an iWatch? Why or why not?

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Age Identity

Forum: Age Identity
Hi Chi,

So, it sounds like you would want to be me since I'm 33 but I look like I'm 23. Yeah, I guess being 33 isn't all that bad!


I can see how looking young and pregnant could be a social stigma. I wonder if people would judge someone who looked older and pregnant.

There's nothing worse than not getting social credit for being the age you actually are.



Subject: Re: Age Identity

Forum: Age Identity
Hey Gpop and FiveRoses,

Thanks for responding! I am mostly happy with my current age, but I would rather people thought that I was older because I feel like people would respect me more. I have noticed that people sometimes treat me differently because I look really young for my age. I'm not complaining because I'm only getting older, and looking young is a very coveted trait to have. I had never considered that youth could be a desirable feature for a job. I really hope people are not discriminating based on age when it comes to hiring! One thing is for sure: people do make judgements based on how other people look. We need to be careful about that!

Have a nice day!


Subject: Re: Paranoid much? I am at times

Forum: Paranoid much? I am at times
Hi Rosine,

I totally know what you mean! My wife and I watch ID almost every day! Our favorite show is Firensic Files. We always joke about poisoning each other or taking out an extra life insurance policy. "Here, drink this! Don't ask questions!" If I found out my wife was a serial killer, I would still love her, but I would turn her in right away. If I didn't, she would probably kill me before too long. If she's willing to kill random strangers, I wouldn't be that hard to kill because I can be pretty annoying.

Sometimes I wonder about some of the students I work with. I actually worked with a client at a drug/alcohol treatment center who described in morbid detail how he wanted to kill me. Crazy stuff happens. As much as I love these shows, I really hope am never on any of them!

Have a nice day!


Subject: Re: Whats your Favorite Disney movie?

Forum: Whats your Favorite Disney movie?
Hi Bri,

This is such a simple yet great topic! My top 3 favorite Disney movies are Robin Hood (with the cartoon animals), The Jungle Book, and Dumbo. I love the songs in all of these movies, and these are the movies I would watch over and over as a kid!



Subject: Re: How do you help someone who's hurting?

Forum: How do you help someone who's hurting?
Hi Courtney,

Wow, I can only imagine that would be such a challenging issue to deal with. This type of hurt goes deeper than what you can help. I don't know if he's seen a therapist or counselor, but that could help. He would have to choose that though of course.

Like Erin and Mariah stated above, I think your role is to be supportive and to create opportunities for him to share and you to listen. Be there for him through the pain.

Your boyfriend working through a healing process for these hurts is very important. Our hurts and reactions to those hurts influence how we relate to the world.
All that being said, I hope you have a meaningful Mother's Day and that your boyfriend knows he's surrounded by people who love him.


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