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Subject: What are 3 things you have to do every day?

Forum: What are 3 things you have to do every day?
Though I cant say I like it, I still have to:
1 - get up at 5am;
2 - deal with metro atlanta traffic for 39 miles one way to work and again going home;

And a task I dont mind:
3 - get some exercise, first take the dog for a walk and then get in my workout.

So how about you ... What are 3 things you have to do every day, whether you like it or not?

Subject: Re: What Company Benefits Are Most Important To You?

Forum: What Company Benefits Are Most Important To You?
Several years ago I took a new position at a lower salary because I felt the other benefits outweighed the loss in the pay check. See, the job was 30 miles closer to home, there is lots of opportunity for teleworking, office hours are extremely flexible, the health insurance is partially company funded, the opportunity for advancement looked promising, the lady I was replacing was retiring at 70 so I knew the company would probably not lay me off as my age increased (and that's important when you are nearing the end of your working years), and other employees told nothing but good stories about how good the company was to them when their children or parents were sick or needed attention. Yes, pay is important, but sometimes there are things that matter at least as much. Job security and knowing the company you work for values your relationships outside of work are extremely important to me. And after 4 years, I have found that my co-workers are my second family. We are all very close and help each other out and care about each others families. I would say the pay cut was well worth it for the sense of peace I have when I head out the door each day.

Subject: Re: When the going gets tough...

Forum: When the going gets tough...
I too have been fortunate enough to have a very good support network. My family and extended family is the greatest because I know they will always be there for me no matter what. So I am able to make plans and set goals and go after my hearts desires. I know that if I fail or plans change in mid-stream, my family and friends will help me pick up the pieces and make a new plan and help me be off and running again. This has served me well as I have had many successes and quite a few 'learning experiences' through my life and I am still going strong because I know I have their love and support through anything I set out to do.

Subject: Re: Are you late or on time?

Forum: Are you late or on time?
I cannot stand to be late. I hate to have anyone waiting on me. And if its a class or meeting, I hate to disrupt everything as I come in late and get settle in. So I do everything in my power to arrive early. This helps me in many ways. First I dont stress about being late and missing something or disrupting something already in progress. Also by arriving a little early, I can take a few minutes to relax and maybe make a few calls or answer emails / texts, or check in with my girls to see how they're day is going. But I never show up and expect someone to see / entertain me more than about 10 minutes early. I have a friend who shows up 30 min to an hour prior to our planned time every time we do something.

Subject: Re: Would you have such patience? IN Target Story

Forum: Would you have such patience? IN Target Story
Having been in the customer service industries for years I have been in all of these positions at one time or another. I was the lady holding up the line counting my change and hoping / praying that I had enough to cover the few things I needed. I have been the cashier helping someone who was holding up the line because they needed a little extra assistance. ANd I was the one standing in the line after a long hard day with more still to come and wishing everyone would just hurry up so I could get on my way. I can tell you, when I was the one holding up the line I was extremely appreciative of the assistance and understanding from the cashier and from other customers in line with me. WHen I was the cashier giving someone a little extra TLC and assistance, I promised the next customers the same undivided / individual attention when it was their turn. And when I was the worn out mom running one last errand before heading home to a night full of mommy duties, I stopped and thought 'remember when that was you and then I was able to give a smile and a 'no hurry' to those ahead of me.

We really dont know anyone else's story so we should step back and remember 'There But For The Grace Of God Go i". Be patient and kind, it may be us needing the extra attention one day.

Subject: Super Bowl

Forum: Super Bowl
Well it's playoff time in the NFL and only a couple of weeks until the big game - Super Bowl 50.

I recently read an article about the Super Bowl becoming a Pay-per-View event like most of the boxing match ups. I love my sports but the way the NFL is going these days I'm just about done with them anyway so I probably wouldnt pay to see their 'main event'.

How about you ... Will you be watching the Super Bowl this year? If the Super Bowl was pay-per-view would you pay to see it?

Subject: Re: What is the most controversial book you read?

Forum: What is the most controversial book you read?
1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell

My daughter and niece were assigned thee for the English Lit class. They wanted to discuss some parts of them and since I hadnt read them in years I re-read them so we could talk about their issues and concerns and observations.

Others I have re-read in the last few years:

A Clockwork Orange
The Catcher in the Rye
The Grapes of Wrath

Loved all of them. If it is banned or very controversial I am probably going to read it just to see what all the hype is about. I prefer to make my own decisions about whether something is good or bad or a waste of my time. I dont want someone else censoring what I do.

Subject: Re: Buying to return.

Forum: Buying to return.
that feels so dishonest to me that I could never do it. I know people who do and I dont judge them, but I personally could not do it. I am not that fashion conscious that I feel I need those higher end items in my life so I probably wouldnt buy them even if money were no object. I certainly wont buy then for show and then return them. I have a friend who is the world's worst about this though. She loves nice things and wants to be all showy all the time so she often buys something uses or wears it once and then returns it.

Subject: Re: Do you think voting should be mandatory?

Forum: Do you think voting should be mandatory?
NO voting should not be mandatory. I mean you can make people vote, but you cannot make them do the research or even care about the issues or the candidate's agendas. To make voting mandatory would only lead to people ust going in and making whatever came to mind without really have any idea who or what they were voting for or what the consequences might be.

Subject: Re: Lasts....

Forum: Lasts....
Thanks so much to everyone for your comments and well wishes. I enjoyed reading your lasts. And no this will not be the last you see of me.

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