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Subject: Looking for advice.

Forum: Looking for advice.

I need some advice from you all. The video will go into more detail if you choose to watch. However; I need advice on how to find last minute actresses and actors, other than the ways I have been trying (stated in the video.) I also need to find a way to de-stress myself (other than the ways listed in the video.) Please help, before I loose more hair.

Subject: Videos that make you mad.

Forum: Videos that make you mad.

What kind of video bugs you most or makes you mad online and why?

Maybe Vines? Some are funny, but others are pointless.

Or even parodies to your favorite songs because the only connection they have are the music beat.

Watch the video for my answer.

Subject: What do you like most?

Forum: What do you like most?

Hopefully you watch the video because I enjoy making them, plus the song in the background is amazing.

I thought I would lift everyone's spirit if others decide to reply by letting you know what others like most about you. What do I mean by this? Well, you list three things that you like most about yourself and others who reply will tell you what one they like most out of those three. So, no matter what you're being liked for being you. The catch is it has to be something "different" and by that I mean something like, I like the type of music I listen to (then list the type you like.) Or, how you enjoy telling jokes, even though they are never funny, but that's what makes others laugh cause' you're so bad at it. I'm not looking for your simple, I'm a kind person, or I'm always friendly. Hopefully you understand what I mean.

What I'm hoping to get out of this forum is that everyone replies back to everyone's reply. Mine, yours, the person before and after you, depending on how many comment this forum gets. The forum is for a pick me up mostly.

The three things I like most about myself is stated in the video. Remember you can only choose one of the three.


Subject: Re: Favorite features

Forum: Favorite features

Almost ran out of time in my video. Both my top three's are answered in the video and incase anyone is wondering what song is in the background, You and I by Ingrid Michaelson. Happy Friday everyone!

Subject: Re: What makes you different from most people?

Forum: What makes you different from most people?

What is going on backwards Eric and everyone else who replies. Have a happy Friday!

Subject: Re: Group Projects:Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

Forum: Group Projects:Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

I have a strong feel on this topic. The video only explains about 10% of my view on this discussion.

Subject: Re: Who has been the kindest to you in your life?

Forum: Who has been the kindest to you in your life?

Video cut off before I could say peace. I debated on weather to re-do it or not, but decided I need to stop being obsessed with certain things and kept it the way it was.

I really like the topic you have here and I love remembering the kind person who changed my life.

Subject: Re: Things you will do again!

Forum: Things you will do again!

Wonderful forum, having us thinking on the bright side and bringing back positive memories I am sure. Or why would we do the things we've done again? I hope you enjoy the video with my answers in full detail, but they are listed below as well. Wasn't sure what kind of music theme to go with for this topic so I chose LEAN ON ME since I like to think of myself as a person who you can lean on when you need. Enjoy the video.
1. Helping the homeless.
2. Tell everyone I love, that I love them.
3. Photography.
4. Filming.
5. Improve on my skill.

Subject: Re: Hair colors

Forum: Hair colors

I am a huge fan of "off" hair colors. I've had my hair dyed many different colors and many different mixes at once of those colors. The video answers the questions you asked. Everyone I know who I haven't seen since the end of last year, when they see me now they can't help but ask, "where's the color in your hair?" or "what happened to your hair?"

Originally I kept dying my hair because I noticed after the first time, people would compliment my hair instead of make fun of my weight. I found it was a way to focus their attention on something else. I liked the compliments more than the picking, so I continued to dye my hair. Now it's just a thing I do. Not now, but the video explains that as well.

Subject: Movie Soundtracks.

Forum: Movie Soundtracks.

What are your three favorite movie soundtrack?

Enjoy the video with some of the songs from my three favorites which are; Guardians of the Galaxy, Coyote Ugly, and Edge of Tomorrow.

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