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Subject: Re: Whatcha Thinking?

Forum: Whatcha Thinking?
I'm not thinking about a whole lot.

I'm debating on whether to shower tonight or tomorrow morning before work. Because I was going to work out.... but then got on my laptop. Oops.

And if I work out now, I'll eat after, and then my boyfriend will be calling me cause he's in California for work right now.

And then I'll wait till the morning to shower I suppose. But I have some paint in my hair that I'm not really sure how to get out. I should probably look that up.

Also. I think I might have broken my finger, but probably not cause I can still bend it. I have a few deep cuts in it though and probably damaged some nerves.

And I should buy cucumbers.

My boyfriend is coming home from Cali tomorrow, and I miss him lots so I'm pretty excited for that.

So that's your little sneak peak into my thoughts. Have a great evening!

Subject: What do you think of this Harvard Study?

Forum: What do you think of this Harvard Study?
So I've been closely following the news with all the recent developments in the Black Lives Matter movement, as I'm sure many of you have. And amongst my news articles, I found this:


You can google it and find several other sources that back this up if you would like.

Do you agree with the conclusions of the study?

What are your thoughts on this article and all the recent riots and protests?

I don't want to start a mini-war on here by any means so please be courteous with your responses. :)


Subject: Re: NO, It's Taboo!

Forum: NO, It's Taboo!
I don't know if I would say that cutting yourself should be "taboo," but I don't think it's a good thing, and it should definitely never be encouraged. There are much healthier ways to deal with emotions and emotional disorders than to cause yourself physical harm! It breaks my heart to know that people feel like the only way to escape emotional hurt is through physical hurt.
However, I do think sex in public should be taboo. That's just so unsanitary. I don't want to sit on a bench that someone's bodily fluids escaped onto during one of their recent hook ups. Much less a child sitting on it, and putting it's hands all over it and sticking em in their mouth later... ew.

Subject: Re: Will You Live to Be 100 Years Old?

Forum: Will You Live to Be 100 Years Old?
I don't know if I would want to live to be 100. That being said, I'm quite young and still fearing the onset of weak joints, poor memory, and the inability to do the things that I enjoy... Perhaps as I get older, my opinion will change.

What is the key to living to 100? I would say being lucky. Some of the really really old people I've met have been kind and soft-hearted, and others seem to be alive just because they're too stubborn to die. My great grandma lived to be 98 even though she smoked for quite a bit of her life. Living a healthy life style certainly increases your expected lifespan, but in the end, I think it all boils down to God's plan for your life -- or how lucky you are if luck is what you'd rather believe in.


Subject: Re: What Do You Think of the $10,0000 Limit

Forum: What Do You Think of the $10,0000 Limit

So I started on CollegeNet before that $10,00 limit was put in place like a few others here.

Before the limit was put in place, it ended up being a competition for the last three places in the list of scholarship winners. The same people won every week, and they all voted for each other. They weren't cheating or anything, they were just all veterans who knew each other quite well.

So while the limit may seem a little bit annoying, especially to those who weren't around before it was put into place, it really helps all the new people who come in. I see that everyone who has commented on this post is a scholarship winner, and that's just not how it would've been before the limit was introduced.

It is a bit of a bummer to only be able to get $10,000, especially when that's not even half of your tuition for one year, but in the end, your financial decisions are yours to make, and an extra $10,000 is a huge blessing.

Michaela :)

Subject: Re: What does it take to make love last?

Forum: What does it take to make love last?
Hey Meg! :)

I'm new to love! I've been in a relationship with my amazing boyfriend for about 9 months. I had one real relationship before this that lasted 6 months before he broke it off. I wish I could say I have a lesson learned to share from that relationship, but it mostly left me confused.

The things I have learned so far though (keep in mind that I'm 18 so I'm definitely not the wisest old soul):

1. Communication is key. Talk. Talk about everything. If he/she upset you, tell him/her. Don't let things fester.

2. Not every day is a good day. Some days, he'll make you feel like a princess and he'll be so incredibly lovable. Other days, you'll want to kick him in the head. Love means being there and treating him right even when you want to kick him in the head.

3. Forgiveness and apologies are crucial. Apologize when you screwed up. Forgive him when he did. That's pretty much that.

You never realize how selfish you are till you're married. That being said, I'm not married. I just hear people say that a lot. :)

Subject: Re: Who do you live with?

Forum: Who do you live with?
Hi Pike!

So I've got kind of a weird situation. I think I'm a hobo...? I live at college with my roommate and a couple hundred people in the hall.during classes. Right now, cause it's winter break, I'm living with my boyfriend and his family. Over the summer, I think I'm moving in with some family friends who live nearby. They're actually the family that introduced me to my now boyfriend. So yup. I think I'm a hobo at the moment, at least in the sense that I lack a place of permanent residence. I don't even have a car. I'm very lucky to have lots of people that care for me though. :) I thank God for that.

Subject: Re: Do You Like To Shop?

Forum: Do You Like To Shop?
Haha. I actually hate shopping. I don't mind shopping for presents for others, but for myself? No thank you. I'll try on a cute shirt or something and look at thhe pricetag and be like "Seven dollars??? I could buy a Chipotle burrito with that kind of money!!" So then I go buy myself a burrito. You'd think not liking to shop would be great, but I can hardly bring myself to spend money on anything. A winter coat? Oh I dont need a coat... It's only 18 degrees. I'll just wear two sweatshirts. I won't even take myself shopping if I have giftcards. Hehe. It's a real problem. I did buy a wintercoat though! It was 60% off and I had a giftcard... and my friend made me. I'm getting better :)

Subject: Re: Should parent involve their adult children in ....

Forum: Should parent involve their adult children in ....
Hi Rosine!

This is a matter that's pretty near and dear to me. My parents got divorced when I was 8 years old, and it was awful. I went from hiding from them fighting to hearing them constantly put eachother down when I spent time with them. I love my parents, but I can't spend time with them. Even now, I'm spending breaks living an hour and a half away from them at my boyfriend's parents' house. So no. Children should not be involved in their parents' fights. It tore me apart when I was young. It still hurts now.

In other families, the couple will light-heartedly squabble about getting the dishes done or taking the trash out. Sometimes their kids get involved in that, and I think that's fine. But big arguments need to not involve the children. And bringing things that happened decades ago into an argument is never healthy. It shows a lack of forgiveness which will cause problems in any relationship.

I hope you have a marvelous day also!

Subject: Re: Hello Collegenet, Introduce yourselves to me!

Forum: Hello Collegenet, Introduce yourselves to me!
Hey Paige!

My name's Michaela. I attend a small private university in the cornfields of Ohio. I'm a mechanical engineering major, one of the fantastic few female engineers. (The guys are fantastic too! My boyfriend is a computer engineer so I have to say that ;) ). But anywho, I could not write policy. Kudos to you! I'm a complete nerd and am rather happy just running numbers all day. I also love chemistry and am thinking about a career in chemical engineering.

In my freetime -- which is few and far between-- I play intermural sports, color and draw, and play videogames. I love soccer and art and Mario Kart. I have quite the range of interests. Hehe. Well, that's a little bit about me. I look forawrd to getting to know you more!

Michaela :)

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