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Subject: Re: Calling All Book-Worms:Share Your Fave Books

Forum: Calling All Book-Worms:Share Your Fave Books

I absolutely love the Harry Potter series! Typically I gravitate towards fictional books about other worlds and powers. There are a few non-fiction books I enjoy, but fantasy has always been my favorite. The series I recently finished was a 15 part series (unfinished) and it's about multiple worlds. The series is called Web of Hearts and Souls. My life was consumed by these books and they were constantly on my mind. The idea of magic and other worlds is intriguing to me and allows me to escape my present issues. My life is mundane and monotonous, the idea of there being other worlds out there is nice to imagine.

Hope you have a good day!

Subject: Have you Read/Written Fan-Fiction?

Forum: Have you Read/Written Fan-Fiction?
Good afternoon CNET!

We've all fallen in love with a novel or a film at one time or another. Although a book or movie is over it doesn't always mean the story has to end. I've read/written fan fiction through out the years based on movies, novels, and even a band. I have found that fan-fiction is an easy way to write if you're having writer's block because the characters are already set up for you. I enjoy fan fiction because it allows you to share the story that you've conjured in your mind. There have been numerous fan-fictions that I have read that are better than the original as well!

Have you read or written fan-fiction before?

Do you enjoy the idea of fan-fiction?

Are you brave enough to tell us what fan-fiction you have read or written?

Hope you're all having a good day and hope the semester is treating you well!

Subject: Criminal Profiling: Useful or Harmful

Forum: Criminal Profiling: Useful or Harmful
There was an argument/discussion during my lecture today. Criminal profiling is gaining interest from society due to numerous television shows. I'll admit that one of my guilty pleasures is Criminal Minds, although I know that it doesn't resemble reality.

Criminal Profiling is an investigative tool used by law enforcement agencies to identify likely suspects and analyze patterns that may predict future offenses and/or victims.

The question was: Are offender profiles useful for police investigations?

Do you believe that profiling is helpful or harmful during investigations. I have my stance on this subject being a 4th year Criminology student. I'm curious what all of you believe.

Subject: Re: who are you voting for ?

Forum: who are you voting for ?
This election has been a mess between the primaries and the candidates. My vote went to Bernie Sanders because he is the one I agree with the most. He seems to care more than the others at bettering America for everybody. I'm also a very liberal college student who likes the ideas that Bernie has on education. Although it is looking like Bernie may lose, I'm hoping he somehow wins.

Subject: Re: Scholarships; Decision making

Forum: Scholarships; Decision making
Hey Abbiey,

I find myself with the same thought and it's lead me to not attempting for scholarships anymore. While I was deciding to study abroad and trying to earn scholarships, I was very disheartened. There were hours spent filling out fifty or more applications and I was only awarded one, it was from CollegeNet for writing. I'm soon returning from my semester abroad and I'm debating whether to try for scholarships again or not. It can be really hard to put time and effort into something you never get a reward from, but I guess that's life. One day it will pay off when we finally do receive a scholarship. It will be worth it. :)

Subject: Re: Online Classes

Forum: Online Classes
I have taken several semesters fully online. Online classes can be nice because they allow you the freedom of traveling and doing assignments on your own time. The issue that I have is there is often busy work and long readings that must be done. The professors need to know if you're doing the work, so they will assign small assignments that require you to read. They aren't difficult, but you need to make sure to stay on top of the homework.

They are difficult for me because I procrastinate and I also am unable to learn from reading. Rarely do I get much from an online class, but that isn't the case for everybody. I'm sure you will do amazing and you'll enjoy the freedom the courses give you.

Subject: Re: Too Much of a Workload?

Forum: Too Much of a Workload?
Thank you for your input, it's greatly appreciated. Writing is something that I thoroughly enjoy but can sometimes have issues beginning the paper. Our honors program is fairly easy where you just have to write an extra paper each semester and maintain a B in your major courses. I may take the directed study in the Spring when I have less research courses.

Subject: Too Much of a Workload?

Forum: Too Much of a Workload?
Hello Cnet,

It's been quite some time since I've been logged on. Hope everybody has been doing well. I'm having a dilemma and want your opinions and advice.

I'm approaching one of the last few semesters of my uni experience. I'll have three left after the Spring, due to the fact I'm slightly behind in hours. I've scheduled my courses and a directed study, which are all required courses. Along with scheduling these courses I have also been invited to join the Honors program, which I did. Next semester will require numerous research papers, roughly five I believe. Do you think this is too hard of courses to take all at once along with joining Honors?

One course is Research Methods and the Directed Study is a 30 page essay. The other three essays will be 12-15 pages. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed.

Subject: Re: What are you most scared of?

Forum: What are you most scared of?
Hello Niomie,

The fear of not making a difference is one of my fears as well along with wasting my life.

Fear is something that crosses my mind frequently. Often I feel as if I'm afraid of everything in the world, but that isn't true. The biggest fear I have stems from change and the idea of everything being temporary. This has become an issue the older I become. Graduation is slowly creeping towards me, soon enough I will be tossed from my routine of university. I've decided to study abroad this semester and I have now found my place in this foreign country, the idea of leaving breaks my heart.

Everyday I remind myself that the only thing permanent in this life is change. Knowing that everything is temporary is both terrifying and freeing.

Subject: Re: Do you go to concerts?

Forum: Do you go to concerts?
Hello Tobias,

I've been to only three concerts. One was George Strait and the other two were One Direction. There was such a difference between the two as you can imagine. I'm a huge One Direction fan and their concerts are amazing. The energy you feel in the crowd and happiness coming from the boys is unreal. The whole concert feels surreal to me and I would go to many more concerts if I could afford it. There aren't too many other artists that I would want to see live other than Taylor Swift possibly. I want my concerts to feel like a giant party and leave full of amazing memories.

Hope you enjoy your concert! :)

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