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Subject: Re: Boy or Girl?

Forum: Boy or Girl?
Hiya ESKAY, I guess because of the way I was raised and how my whole family dynamic is I want a boy first. I think young boys are much more loving and clingy to their mothers than girls. I want to teach my boy to take care of his younger siblings as well and make him the big brother role model for the others to follow and t be kind and sweet. I just have a preference for little boys, not that I would be disappointed if a get a little girl first which would also be phenomenal. But just to have a baby boy first would be so cute as well. My mother had four kids and we came in order it was boy, girl, boy, girl. My brother and I a a year apart and my younger siblings are a bit more spaced out. maybe a 4 year difference between them and between my little brother and I a 2 year difference. I'd like it to be in that order because we all look up to our older brother and I would like it to be the same with my children in the future as well :). Great topic by the way. keep posting!

Subject: Re: Which do you prefer, sunrises or sunsets?

Forum: Which do you prefer, sunrises or sunsets?
hey dedee!
definetly evening sunsets. I love the purplish and pinkish hues and I always take a picture of whenever I see a beautiful sunset. Don't get me wrong I also love sunrises but the way the sun sets and whisks away behind the cloud and beyond eyes view hidden beyond the world, it takes my breath and that also gives me a sense of happiness and knowing that the day is done and the sooner start of a new and beautiful day that lies a head. Not only that, but I also love hearing the birds and animals during sunset. Right before the sun hides away you hear the birds chattering with each other and getting cuddled up into their nests. On my block I have 4 pine trees lined up in a row next to my house. Mind you their the only pine trees in the area so I consider myself lucky because they're unique and the greenest trees around. Plus, all the birds sleep in the pine trees instead of the others, I have no clue as to why. But when sitting on my balcony I like to listen to them chatter with each other, its really adorable to watch and it's all throughout the sunset so it gives the scenery its own music/sound to it. I guess thats why I prefer sunsets to sunrises. the whole thing is just really warming inside :) Great post, loved the topic.

Subject: Re: Age Ain't Nothing But A Number....

Forum: Age Ain't Nothing But A Number....
Hi!, and age shouldn't matter if you truly care about each other. It's usually the thought of fearing what the next person has to say on your relationship and their opinion. But it's not always the way they may think it is. If you're happy and he's happy than that's really all that matters. It usually isn't the fact that you may be older than him or the other way around. But it's the people around you who critique and say that the relationship wouldn't be healthy based on the age difference that causes the relationship to go awry and fall apart. Age really is just a number. I mean haha Angelina Jolie is 39 and Brad Pitt is 51 and they're making it work :) STAY HAPPY

Subject: Coping with loss?

Forum: Coping with loss?
We've all been there and we all know what it feels like to lose a loved one. A pet. A dear friend.

Two nights ago I lost my uncle, He had surgery to remove tumors found in his brain and lungs. After those two surgeries and constant chemotherapy, it left him a small weak and thin man and he was barely recognizable. I nearly cried in front of him when I saw him, but he didn't lose his charisma and his strong spirit and it was nice to see that even after it all he was pushing forward. But, his body couldn't take it and he passed away two nights ago with his family around him. I don't know how to cope or even give advice on how to cope. I listen to music and sing. Think about memories as a child being more surrounded with the family when I lived in DC. But it's hard and it's just impossible to imagine that that person is truly gone. But it's really comforting to know that he was loved and no longer has to suffer. God has a plan for all of us I guess... How do you guys cope with the loss of someone dear?

Subject: Re: Where and how do you buy your clothes?

Forum: Where and how do you buy your clothes?
i love clothing shopping. I don't particularly like the sterotype that all women enjoy shopping or considering that that's our favorite pasttime but I enjoy seeing new styles of clothing and what is affordable at certain times so that I can get rid of ripped or overused clothing.
My favorite store is banana republic. I love their mature style.Being 19 I feel it makes me look mature and adult like instead of wearing other forms of clothing that are more hipster like and have people consider me just a teen. I feel empowerment through what I wear and banana helps me feel better about myself and my appearance.

i do buy clothes online if a see a sale from them but its not very common unless I know the particular size I need for the article of clothing I want.

I don't like spending alot of money on myself so I usually wait to see if there is a sale for banana or gap clothing> my limit is usually 100 and I spend on just what I need 2 pieces of clothing at a time so I'm balanced out on my other payments.

best deal I found actually wasnt for me. It was when I bought clothing for my boyfriend before valentines day. It was 60% off on sale items and 40% on regular priced items. I ended up buying him a jacket and two shirts from banana and sending it to Tallahassee along with a couple of other gifts in order to surprise him. in total they whole order of things including shipment cost me 120. so it wasn't bad for a special valentines present

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Forum: Changes to
I was really hoping to be able to pay off extra needed funds for school. Still waiting on getting accepted into FSU and I'm hoping that I will be. Trying my best to work as many hours as possible to pay off my summer classes this summer before the two week deadline in april , plus the assistance of cnet here will help tremendously. But seeing this limit is really disappointing as well because school costs more that 10k and to get a degree will take alot more money but I guess it's fair. yes, people before have earned well over 20k-30k but its just trying to pay off for their school and their degrees. It was only what they knew they needed to do and they probably busted their butts to get the money they earned. But for now , this will do until we all reach that limit and seek out other ways to pay off for school. Other people need a chance to earn money as well and although alittle disappointing, it will be helpful for everyone to get a winning shot at some extra money.
I'm so grateful to Cnet for even exisitng and helping me out will school , I hope to keep working hard and staying on here for as long as possible to get me through some of my college. the extra push is much appreciated, Thankyou Cnet administrators. :) and Hopefully all the veterans stick around some times to catch up with old and maybe new buddies.

Subject: Re: $10K In Earnings and Voter Status Milestone Party

Forum: $10K In Earnings and Voter Status Milestone Party
Hi elle. it's great how you'r taken the change in a great and upbeat way. I'm new here so i'm no where near 10k. I fell out of the habit of posting here because scjool caught up with me. But i'm back and really enjoying talking to other people on just about anything. I'm a bit asocial and i'm working on opening up and speaking to others on different interestng topics of just anything!.
and so answer the question

1) weirdesr quirk- I guess it would be the noises I make when i'm disappointed and mad. I sound like a child and my bofriend has told me so when we speak on the phone. I grunt and say "mm" when i'm mad and just groan when i'm disappointed. It's really funny because he mimics me.
2) most useless class i've ever taken would be... math for college readiness. That class was way too easy and I wasn't really taught anything I didn't already know so it was a bit wasteful.
3) Most useful class i've taken would be my humanities class. I'm learning so manythings about my culture about history about everything that i never knew to think of before. I feel like my mindset has expanded so much in learning about art, architecture, music, and even our changes in style and transformation of society norms and accepted views. I have a really awesome teacher as well.
4) anoraks definitely, they're stylish as well
5)I do with my nike running shoes my boyfriend bought me. I find it to be special and I want to take care of them since he's never bought me shoes before. and its for the problem in my right leg that doesn't let me run so it's extra special to me. anything else i don't untie.

Thanks for the questions. they were fun to answer and look at everyone else's responses

Subject: Re: Scholarships ? Did you guys get it?

Forum: Scholarships ? Did you guys get it?
Good Morning Jared,
Thank you so much. I've been really stressing about it because I have a deadline in two weeks to pay for my summer classes and if I don't they'll be dropped. Alittle unfair but there's nothing I can do but take out loans. Thats my final option if anything. I was so lost and I thought there was something wrong with my info ,thinking we would get the emails right away. I'm glad it's just a week though to wait. Sandy was very helpful and told me what was going on. Thank you so much once again. I really appreciate it :)

Subject: Scholarships ? Did you guys get it?

Forum: Scholarships ? Did you guys get it?
Hey guys! Question. The disbursement period has opened up . But has anyone received the email to actually fill out the forms? I've never received anything from cnet before so I wanted to know when we would get the link to the email. Anyone?

Subject: Re: Is fat really the worst thing we can be?

Forum: Is fat really the worst thing we can be?
society is too focused on physical appearance, we all revolve around being healthy and slim, beign in the fashion and aso appearing as famous celebrities appear physically. Not only does media make us so driven to be slim and beautiful, but also with through clothing and advertisement such as the victoria secret models who are really think but considered sexy to everyone around. People have different boyd types and their own essential body weight to function. Not everyone is the same and shouldn't be judged based on whether they're too big or large. Beauty if what you feel for others and what you enjoy about them, not with what you see towards them . Through this, we have lost a bit of our humanity through judging other on their physical characteristics instead of seeing them for their real beauty. being fat or not is ust a code of rule people like to live by and are obssessed with, it really doesn't describe us to be dirty or unable to care for our own bodies.

really awesome topic choice, this is a big revolving factor in society.

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