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Subject: Re: No Time, No Money, No Nothin' (My first intro)

Forum: No Time, No Money, No Nothin' (My first intro)
Don't know if this forum is dead yet, if not, wonderful!

my email is

Facebook me, im not on there a ton - Alex Gelsthorpe

Subject: Re: No Time, No Money, No Nothin' (My first intro)

Forum: No Time, No Money, No Nothin' (My first intro)

Rosine, you are another one that is working your ass off. You are always on here and always respectful and honest. Would love to see your big afro, i promise im not the kind to touch it and ask questions about it. I like the honest description of yourself, you seem lovely, i don't think you were going for this but i find it quite poetic. Nice to see you on my forum, thank you so much for the support.


Thanks for putting me in your thoughts somewhere, and also thanks about the writing flattery. Glad to know we have been on the same page, im sure things will get better but man is it a bit of a dark time. Im looking in the scope of social work as well! I just want to help others, thats all, in my small rippling way. With my small wings.

Thank you for being here on this forum, i don't think ive seen you enough by accident. Good to know you.

Subject: Re: No Time, No Money, No Nothin' (My first intro)

Forum: No Time, No Money, No Nothin' (My first intro)

Thank you for the appreciation.

I really love what you find in helping others, it reminds me of a teacher i would visit after a certain class when i attended college for a minute. Our human connection was very strong and i feel that she needed it as much as i did, as much as i learned from her, i learned more from our little talks. Congrats on the 4.0, you are really doing it, im sure we will see eachother more on here.


I know you more than most on here, you have interested me greatly, you stick to your guns and help discussions become compelling. Always down to tumble with you a little on world issues and religion. You have been constant and you ask questions that i dont think about when it comes to my arguments, which is extremely important to me in people, you think well and you dont sympathize with what you don't believe in. You don't sway easily and i love it.

I really hope you keep on here as much as possible, sorry to hear you are leaving it for awhile, i know youll be back. I hope that things start working out for you money wise as well, do what you have to do, i respect you nonetheless.

First, of course im sorry to hear about your loss, hope you are feeling better about it now and have stabilized.

and WOW and congrats for your job offer!! That is amazing my friend! I hope you keep heading the way you are headed and get to achieve what you want with this life, it sounds like you are well on your way.



I can't accept. Yes, i feel overwhelmed and feeling a little helpless. Yes, it's a horrifying bit of food, the most horrifying i have ever had in my apartment, and to tell the truth, im really a health nut most of the time, so, yeah, nestle instant coffee.

You are magic though.

Thank you. So very much.

Made my heart drop over here.
Much Love.

Glad to get to know you, happy that you and your husband have found a better life in Florida, happy you found better jobs. Things will go your way, you have a kind soul and a kind heart.

Thank you for the motivation and empathy, let's be friends.

Also, i don't feel that my reply does justice to how nice you made me feel.

Subject: Re: No Time, No Money, No Nothin' (My first intro)

Forum: No Time, No Money, No Nothin' (My first intro)

Thank you very much for shouting back at my shoutout, it was just recently i realized i never see this site without your name somewhere on it, i know there are others, but it came to mind. The struggle has been real with you as well, and i respect you and admire you for being able to do this while having kids to feed, great job with life my friend, you deserve more than shoutouts on CNet

It does create a distorting effect, also a chameleon effect. You never know, i could be acting for votes right? I once met a young guy, addicted to heroin in the street, he walked with me and we talked openly and honestly about his situation and life in general. I had to pull him back from stealing copper wire from a warehouse, his life was dark and blue, he had lost himself. I refused to let him walk away without him promising me he would go straight to get help, i told him of his own darting eyes, his paranoia and mistrust. I gave him twenty to get on the train knowing that he could very well just get more heroin with it. He became friends with me on facebook, turns out he is quite the poetic soul and i see his life get better every day from a distance, i dont know if that twenty was what got him there and i dont say that it was me, but im glad i did it and im glad i met him.

Social work is the direction i want to head, as you are.

Looks like you are a poetic soul as well.

Thank you so much for the tips. I will be reading these links and taking your advice to heart.

i try my best to release judgement, what caused those effects?

@Miss Michaela

Yes, I also have one or two that keep my feet grounded. Keep planning outside of your budget range, you'll get it. Im sorry about your little sister, ive been through this with myself and friends, calling other states for ambulances for friends who i feared took their own. Depression is hard, think of it as a broken hand, they can't just fix the bones, especially on their own.

My parents are struggling too, and i love them very much. I only wish to one day be able to pay them back everything they have ever given me, even though i know they wouldnt want to accept it, they are prideful people just like me.

Subject: Re: Extroverts vs. Introverts

Forum: Extroverts vs. Introverts

I am most def a introvert. In so many ways, it's not something i have to think about, nor is it something that other people who meet me in real life have to think about.

Subject: Re: No Time, No Money, No Nothin' (My first intro)

Forum: No Time, No Money, No Nothin' (My first intro)

^my first hello to CNET

Subject: No Time, No Money, No Nothin' (My first intro)

Forum: No Time, No Money, No Nothin' (My first intro)
So, hey friends, i don't know if we've ever communicated outside of discussion questions and such, but I'm Alex. I'm feeling pretty bad about not posting as often as others, it looks as though i'm not passionate about this stuff when i disappear for days or weeks at a time...

Time, i don't have it, always working, always late, always waiting. Waiting for the next paycheck, waiting for an answer to money for college, waiting for a real conversation with a real person outside of co-workers and well, co-workers. . .

Money, a sad experience today, you know what my shopping bag i was walking home with earlier had in it?

Instant Nestle coffee
A can of tuna
Vegetable oil butter

That's it, that's all I have in my kitchen, that was the rest of my money, i have .82 cents in my bank account, I have a paycheck that isn't coming until next Friday, and my rent was due one the 12th. My internet was shut off for a week, but i paid half of the bill and now i'm here.

Such pity party, wow.

Enough, all i'm saying is I've been finding it hard to keep up on here, not gonna lie, and i hope to gain some understanding and brother/sisterhood amongst you, let you know what's up.

I guess now is as good as time as any to finally introduce myself to CollegeNet appropriately, instead of just jumping in with my opinions and waiting for votes to appear. I think I'll add a video underneath this instead of typing out my hello. Please, say hello back, give me your intro, let me know how im doing, and if you are newer than me, we're on the same level.

Subject: Re: Are You a People-Pleaser?

Forum: Are You a People-Pleaser?
A therapist, that actually wasn't my personal one, once told me that I am constantly falling on swords to make others happy.

I feel that I am a people pleaser, and it's really awful sometimes. The one time you finally get out of being a people pleaser after everyone has known you as one for so long is the time when all hell can break loose. If you are constantly making people feel happy, and then you decide to instead get what's yours, you can be seen as a manipulator or liar.

I feel being a people pleaser can be dangerous because you are constantly living for other people's desires, this can be a serious mask and a serious hinderance on your soul. I don't think that you should throw someone under a bus to get what you want, but if what you want is truth and necessity for your heart and soul, then you may have to hurt someone or not make them feel as happy as you usually do.

It can really hurt when the people you please all of the time and go out of your way for constantly strike at you for trying to fulfill your instinct and true desires. It ends up being a kind of "well, when in the hell am i going to get what i want? I've been doing all of this for you, where's mine?" - but, i believe, if you really want something and it's meaningful to you, you gotta do what you gotta do, don't ask "where's mine?" go get it and stop bending for others all of the time.

Subject: Re: When did/will you start to feel like a real adult?

Forum: When did/will you start to feel like a real adult?

This question made me ramble a bit

I feel that i started to feel like a real adult when bad things started to happen, when money became an issue and that first bill became overdue.

I have felt like i had arrived at the adult feeling many times in my life, but i always look back at it and roll my eyes when the next time i feel like a real adult rolls around. I probably won't be a real adult until I have children, when I am to take care of someone who survives and is sculpted off of the way that i live.

Subject: Re: Why do you deserve a scholarship?

Forum: Why do you deserve a scholarship?
College has always been confusing to me; i don't know the system, I never did do well in classroom environments, I found myself more interested in reading the book of my choice, in discovering, on my own, the knowledge the world has, picking and choosing from the infinite amounts of information.

I'm paying for college out of pocket, it's all on me, i have a weird pride thing about not taking out any student loans. I realize that this may be deemed unrealistic and it might have to happen in order for me to achieve what i need to achieve.

I look around, walking from job to job, hazy after my 12 hour shifts working at nothing for a paycheck to feed my stomach and survive. I work hard, and find it hard to play anymore, too worried about the rent. And, how could i possibly spend money on going out and buying new things when i need to, somehow, walk through the halls of higher education.

Hey life, i just want to help people. My dream is to take them all in, one at a time, and fix their lives step by step. I want to be able to know how to help in the most direct and easy way, forging paths for others. I want to reach out my privileged hands and shake everyone into a more peaceful existence, i want to show them that yes, they are important. I want to learn how to give others the power of self actualization. I want to learn how to put others on a path that will eventually lead to a better world for all of us.

I know and am fully aware, unlike so many, that blocks from me there is violence and killing. There are cycles of poverty and lost educations and lost opportunities. There are people out there that are alone, nowhere to call home because nobody ever told them where home is. They don't know, they just don't know.

I want to be a light in this world, nothing else is important to me other than helping those in need. They are out there, eyes dreaming of better lives, lost in purgatory with no support and no understanding of what support is. They are going through trashcans and robbing liquor stores, they have signs and are standing by your car window knocking. They are shaking their cups, driving people mad as they walk to to their families and friends and couches, laptops and stereo systems. They are trembling in the rain and snow, smoking cigarette butts they found in the cracks of the sidewalks. Standing in line, waiting for shelter, being turned away, ignored, non existent, without love, without chance, they need Me.

This candidate's